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TommyGuns Climate Control Styling Spray

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Brand: TommyGuns / Sprays / Type: Styling Spray / Subcategory: Styling Sprays

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2009 23:54
      Very helpful



      A must for my hair to take to the gym with me!

      I bought this product in Boots for a reason. I point this out because usually I have no reason for any of my purchases as I'm a shop-o-holic.... it's that simple! However of late my hair has gone mental! I've always had problematic hair, prone to frizz and to much bounce, greasy roots, waves and kiss curls and dry and/or split ends but of late I have been working out in the gym for hours a day cos love it! What I don't love though is looking awful! I can cope having a naked face that's free of make-up if my skin doesn't look bad. I can cope with sweating and looking soaked through providing I don't stink.

      My hair though is difficult to keep looking ok at the best of times! Being jaw length it's at that stage where shoving it in a pony tail is rather difficult because it's just not quite long enough to hold and if I can do it my hair is so thin it falls out of the band. Course wearing my hair down it gets sweaty, sticks on my face and not only only that (if that's not bad enough!) it goes to frizz even if I straighten it out a bit before going to said gym! Ok maybe I shouldn't care about what I look like but at the minute my life revolves around my beloved gym more than anywhere else and I'm still a woman and there are some right fitties in there! Ok I admit I have my eye on someone.... lol...nuff said!

      So I bought this styling spray basically to put my hair into some sort of style and hoped it would hold it at least. Also the climate control promise had me hooked. I don't half get hot in there and then I go outside to cool off for a couple of minutes and my hair is really not looking it's best at all!

      The Packaging....

      150ml clear square plastic bottle with a cream label on the front and one on the back and it has a black plastic pump action dispenser to the top of it and a clear lid that pops over that. On the front label I'm told in turquoise and black writing that it is Tommyguns Climate Control Styling Spray 'With Jojoba Oil for enhanced shine & Witch Hazel for enhanced smoothness & softness' and that this is the ultimate holding & protecting styling spray giving shape, body & volume. Protecting against all climates - rain or shine and that it is ideal for all hair types long or short 'Be ready whatever the weather'. On the back label there is a bar-code on there and the size and recycle symbols are displayed and I'm told to pull back the label for style, tips and directions. On that label ingredients are listed, as are contact details for Pear Tree Beauty Ltd (the manufacturer of the product) and I'm given directions for use. It's a nice bottle and I like being able to see the slightly oily looking pale gold liquid through the bottle.

      Directions for Use....

      A must after conditioning your hair. Carefully towel dry & mist the styling spray into roots & ends. Comb through before styling.

      Achieving & keeping your style is part of this products magic.

      Me Using It....

      To be honest getting used to using this product was a bit of a trial and tribulation for me! It took me an age to get used to it but now I have...I simply love it!

      So I use it as directed. I wash my hair and then I towel dry it and use it on combed/brushed through hair. I spray it arms lengths gently spraying a mist over hair. This is easy to do as it evenly sprays out this rather odd smelling sticky liquid. That's right it's odd smelling and sticky and this is the reason it took me ages to get used to using it.

      So the smell of this is horrible to be blunt but it does lose that smell once you use it thankfully. It's like an odd, old fashioned flower smell and I hate it to be perfectly honest with you! Once I've applied it all over my hair to make sure it is really evenly distributed I gently comb it through my hair which isn't all that easy to do now because although my hair doesn't feel dry it is hard due to the stickiness of it.

      I then gently blow dry my hair and of course at this point, if you wish to and can then style your hair from this point. I don't do this because my wavy hair needs to be straightened so I then do that once my hair is completely dry with my Ghd's.

      Again this isn't easy to do. Hair isn't as soft and smooth as usual although don't get me completely wrong it isn't gummy it just really has a texture to it. So I straighten my hair which this doesn't help to do or anything and once it's done alot of that stickiness is gone along with the smell. I simply style my hair the way I want it, which takes a little longer than usual but once done....

      ....It's amazing. Ok it's a bit like using hairspray on wet hair! Not great in that respect and the smell is simply horrid however although hair isn't made easier to style with this product once you've done it hair is left feeling strong, is highly glossy and ever so easy to keep in style and as promised once that's done hair stays that way, and appears natural because like I say by the time you've finished styling the hair it isn't left tacky or gummed up although you can feel a very slight residue on the hair.

      As promised though wind, rain and sun (or ten ton of sweat) does not disrupt this from working at it's optimum capabilities threatening to spoil your hair do. I am able to straighten my hair and pin it back without hairspray or anything else and no frizz appears as do no fly-aways or anything!


      A tricky to use product but it is usable.... you have to have a little patience with it! This can hold the trickiest hair in place (believe me) and the other night I use this to create a curly do that looking rather amazing! For me now this is really a must buy product for the gym if no where else. I want to train and still look reasonably ok and this gives me that. Hair that isn't a flying about, looks glossy and frizz free. I really like it but do appreciate it won't be everyone's cup of tea!

      I paid £6.49 for my bottle in Boots (available in most larger stores) but do look around online for this to get a bargain if interested!


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