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TommyGuns Miraculous Volumising Mousse

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2 Reviews

Brand: TommyGuns / Type: Hair Mousse / What it does: volumizeses,

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    2 Reviews
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      21.10.2012 01:54
      Very helpful



      My favourite!

      I suffer badly from baldness at the moment due to stress issues.
      My best mate Mel xxfoxyredxx saved the day when she gave me this to use to try and thicken my hair up! Ta babe it has worked wonders for me!


      Comes in a matalic silver spray bottle. The Tommy Guns logo is clearly seen at the side of the bottle. further information can be found on there web site www.tommyguns.com
      It contains ginseng and soy to enhance body shine and volume. has climate protection to keep your style in what ever the weather.

      I was my hair daily with shampoo and conditioner then i add this wonderful mousse focusing on the root and working my way to the tip. the beauty of it is that you don't need to use much of it at all, as a little does go a very long way.

      Simply shake the bottle well add a fifty pence ammount to the ball of your hand and use your finger tips to work through the roots to the tips of the hair. The smell reminds me of baby powder and I am so impressed that it doesn't make my hair sticky at all. You can use hair spray after using this if you wish however I find this plenty enough!

      Costs around £6.00 from boots.


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        14.07.2009 00:25
        Very helpful



        Wouldn't buy it again sadly!

        After trying Tommyguns Climate Control Styling Spray and actually liking it When I saw this product in my local Boots store priced at £6.49 I didn't even stop to think about the purchase much to be totally honest. I knew I had to get it!

        I am rather prone to 'flat hair'. Not naturally flat as such but what it is is that I actually have bouncy, wavy hair but it's hard to keep it natural and looking nice so more often than not I straighten my hair and no matter what styling products I use I usually end up draining the life out of my hair, hence the flat and fine look I achieve.

        This is why I really wanted to try this. I've tried many volumising products over the past few months and not been very satisfied with the results at all so I decided that as this was called 'miraculous'' it was begging to be tried out by me!

        The Packaging....

        150ml silver can with black push button pump to the top of it and over that a see-through black lid covers it. On the front there is a clear label and on that in black and cerise pink writing I'm told it is Tommyguns Miraculous Volumising Mousse 'With Ginseng & Soy proteins for enhanced volume, shine and body' and that it will help leave hair smooth & de-frizzed and that it has a special climate control humidity formulation which helps to protect your style whatever the weather and that it provides lasting hold. On the back of the can I'm given directions for use, ingredients are listed as are cautions and warnings, the size is stated as is the bar-code and finally contact details for Pear Tree Ltd (The manufacturers of Tommygun products) are listed. It's a nice looking, professional and classy looking can which is informative enough.

        Directions For Use....

        Shake can well prior to use. Work through palms & then apply through hair. Comb, style & dry.

        Me Using It....

        Well I use this mainly on clean damp hair prior to styling. It's really important to shake the can or you simply end up with not a very rich looking or feeling white mousse to use! So shake it up!

        The mousse comes out fast, is thick, slightly sticky to the touch and is beautifully fragranced (unisex) with a sort of coconut smell to it really. It's clean and crisp no matter what the fragrance is and that smell lingers on the hair all day long!

        You don't need a lot of this and I simply get a blob and gently smooth it through my hair making sure I cover the lot of it. The mousse penetrates into the hair quickly and disappears, I gently comb it through again and then I'm good to go and style!

        I always blow dry my hair roughly with this first (before I straighten). It's a wee bit sticky at first but as the hair dries it loses most of this feeling. When done hair does feel a little clammy but volumised...but only slightly. I don't think by very much at all although I couldn't say that it isn't at all if you get me!

        I then go on to straighten my hair with my Ghd's and that's it. Any volume I did achieve is gone and killed by my straighteners in one fail swoop! All I can say is that hair is left glossy and smooth and smelling great and that in the wind, rain and sunshine it doesn't go frizzy or owt but as for volume...certainly not for me!


        Doesn't give me volume sadly. Does give me nice, groomed hair though that stays in my chosen style. 0 out of 5 for volume but 5 out of 5 for healthy looking hair!


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