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Toni & Guy Brunette Shimmer Mist

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Brand: Toni & Guy / Shimmer Mist / Type: Hair Mist

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2012 20:59
      Very helpful



      Just a glitter spray

      My blonde highlights were looking very dull & faded & were in need of a pick me up. I spotted the Toni & Guy shimmer mist in Boots & thought that it could be just the thing I needed.
      The spray is available for blondes & brunettes. It comes in a silver 200ml can & claims to add texture, shine & lift colour as well as creating volume. My hair is fine & can always do with more volume & also being very dry was also in need of some shine. The first thing I noticed about the spray is that it has a little ball inside like a spray paint can. The can needs to be shaken well & then from a distance of around 15cm sprayed evenly in a sweeping motion throughout hair. It dries almost immediately.

      The results...
      Not impressed, rather than adding texture & volume the spray flattened my hair & seemed to make it drier, there was also little shine & the colour only lifted slightly. I sprayed some onto white paper & discovered that it's little more than a clear hair spray infused with tiny particles of gold glitter. This spray is just a refined version of those tacky glitter party hairsprays & most definately not worth the £7.15 which it is currently selling for in Boots.


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      04.09.2011 18:32
      Very helpful



      ok when on offer

      Toni & Guy is a hair salon company. The company also offer a wide range of retail products which can be used at home. The Toni & Guy range includes various sprays, shampoos and treatments for a wide range of hair types and colours.


      One range of hair care products offered by Toni & Guy, is the Brunette range. This range currently includes a shampoo, conditioner, styler spray and also the shimmer mist. This review discusses my use of the Toni & Guy Brunette Shimmer Mist.

      This Shimmer Mist is suitable for those with brunette hair. It is also part of the colour enhancer range of products.The shimmer mist is a muti purpose product which claims to do a few different things.

      *Adds volume - acts as a finishing spray to boost hair and add texture.
      *Shine -leaves hair shiny
      *Lifts colour - its unique formula claims to "charge" the colour within your hair leaving a shimmery appearance behind

      ~Design and Directions For Use~

      The shimmer mist is housed within a cyclindrical, pressurised can. The can is an off white colour with brown writing across the front and back. The can is able to be recycled. The can is finished off with a slot on, frosted white lid. The mist is dispensed via an aerosol type spray top.

      Care should be taken when using this mist. It is flammable, it can stain and of course shouldn't be sprayed near the face. It should be kept away from children and used in a well ventilated area. To use, give the can a good shake and hold 15cm from the hair. Spray around the hair in sweeping motions.


      Boots offer this spray in a 200ml can priced at £7.14. There is an offer on throughout the range which allows you to buy 2 products for £6.00 which is a considerable saving. Alternatively visit the official website www.toniandguy.com where this will cost you £6.99 and is on a 3 for 2 offer.

      ~My Thoughts~

      When it comes to my hair, I wash and condition it, dye it and brush it! I don't tend to do any fancy styles with it as to be honest, it isn't my favourite feature and is difficult to manage at the best of times. Anyway, I do like a bargain and around 2months ago, I spotted various Toni & Guy goodies in the Boots clearance section. I treated myself to a few and not only did they come through at less than £1.00 each, I got them on a 3 for 2 offer!

      I bought the shimmer mist and paid the tiny some of 87p for my 200ml can. I also bought the conditioner in the same range. My hair is naturally dark brown though over the years, I have coloured it lots and mainly opt for a deep red or brunette type shade. My last 2 hair dying experiences have left my hair a gorgeous brunette shade with hints of red which I really liked despite never resembling the intense colour of the hair dye box! Anyway, on occasions where I want my hair to shine a little (nights out etc), I use my Toni & Guy Shimmer Mist.

      ~Spritz n Shine~

      The can is convenient. Its chunky nature allows for easy gripping and I can comfortably hold the can whilst pressing down on the spray top. Giving the can a shake, is far from quiet as a little thing inside rattles. The spray top works well and ensuring I am in an airy room away from my son, food etc, I can get started. I have used this spray when I have my hair up in a hair band and also after straightening it and tend to use it a bit like a traditional hair spray.

      On pressing the spray top, a cloudy mist of spray is released and is powerfully scented. It has a chemical, hair spray scent about it which can be a bit too much. The mist sprays out clear though a spritz in the lid confirms that it settles with a tinted, brown/red shade after a while hence the staining warning! This mist really does have a few different uses and one of the reasons why I really like it. Regardless of how long ago my hair was dyed, this mist performs extremely well.

      If I have my hair up, I spray around my hair, concentrating on the sides where stray hairs seem to fall down. The mist acts as a decent hair spray alternative as I discovered when I touched it to smooth down the stray hairs. It feels sticky which isn't pleasant. The mist feels ok on my hair. It certainly doesn't weigh it down nor does it feel so light like a mist should feel. If wearing my hair straight, I tend to brush it through whilst straightening and spritz all over. I give my hair a quick fluff up with my hands and this really adds some body and substance to my lifeless, limp hair. It feels full of life most of the night and every strand tends to stay in place.

      The scent of hair spray is present but doesn't smell cheap or overdone whilst this mist is in my hair. The main benefit of this mist is the colour enhancing abilities and it does perform reasonably well. I wouldn't say that it intensifies my colour to a freshly dyed appearance and it certainly doesn't. What it does do, is boost the colour already preasant and enhance it. The brunette and red tones in my hair come through stronger, fresher and appear brighter. Whilst I don't really see much shimmering going on, I do notice a healthy shine to my hairs overall appearance.


      I have used my can quite a few times since purchasing it and am happy with the results. It may be expensive but the almost tinted, colour boost it offers my hair is great. It feels ok in my hair and doesn't dry it out further though I couldn't use this every day through fear of a build up. I tend to brush it out at the end of the day before washing my hair the next day and this works fine for me.

      I find a little mist goes a long way and my can will last several applications more. I don't think I would purchase it at over £7.00 a can but the current offer of 2 for £6.00 is very tempting. Overall a high quality, salon type product which my hair appreciates. I haven't used this with the matching products nor is there any need to as it performs well independantly.

      Thanks for reading :)


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