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Toni & Guy Frizz Smoothing Curl Shampoo

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3 Reviews

Brand: Toni & Guy / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: Smoothes,

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    3 Reviews
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      30.08.2013 22:58
      Very helpful
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      A nice shampoo, but not worth the money when other cheaper brands work just as well.

      When it comes to shampoo and conditioners I normally buy what I consider to be mid-range (i.e. not 'value' brands, but not premium brands), and although I have a favourite I am not brand loyal and try out different ones. Brands such as John Freida and Toni and Guy generally fall above my budget.

      === Price and Availability ===

      This shampoo is generally easy to find in shops such as Boots, Superdrug and larger supermarkets. With an RRP of £5.40 for a 250ml bottle it is a bit more than I would like to pay for shampoo. After a quick Google it is available for £3.50 on Fragrance Direct for the 250ml size.

      I had a 75ml bottle which came as part of a hair care set that I got for Christmas, so I didn't purchase the shampoo myself.

      === Usage ===

      Despite getting the hair care set for Christmas, I only recently used the product when on holiday - I like to take smaller sized bottles with me (for one thing it's less weight in the suitcase) when I travel.

      You use this shampoo the same way as any other. I found that I needed about two 50p sized blobs of this shampoo in order to wash my medium length hair properly - a little more than I would normally use. The shampoo doesn't lather up particularly well, so I was initially worried I wasn't using enough. It is easy to wash out, but no easier than most other brands. The shampoo is almost clear in colour, has a good consistency - neither too runny or too thick. Scent wise, nothing to sing home about, but a nice fresh scent.

      As I had the matching conditioner as part of the same set, I would then use this on my hair afterwards.

      === Results ===

      Knowing that Toni and Guy are generally more expensive than brands I normally buy and that the brand has such a reputation I think I expected some sort of miracle with my hair. Don't get my wrong, I didn't get bad results, I just didn't get amazing results either. Leaving my hair to dry naturally (which I normally do) my hair did dry to leave nice (ish) curls with no other products added. For the curls to last any real length of time though I did have to add other products. Maybe I was expecting too much, after all my hair did feel soft and smooth after using the product. This is the same result I get from my current favourite shampoo - V05 'give me moisture'. Same results, yet V05 is considerably cheaper, and often on offer. For example, at time of writing (August 2013) I believe the 250ml bottle is on offer for 98p (in Superdrug), and has a full price of £1.99. Even full price considerably cheaper than the RRP of £5.40 for this Toni and Guy shampoo.

      === Summary ===

      This wasn't a bad shampoo, and matched my current favourite in terms of final results. But I can get the same results for a much lower cost. I would also have preferred it if it lathered up better.


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        24.10.2011 13:45
        Very helpful




        Toni and Guy is a hair salon and hair care brand. They offer daily essential products such as shampoo, conditioner and hair spray and also hair treatment products.

        {Curl Range}

        Toni and Guy offer a range dedicated to curly, wavy and frizzy hair types. There is a conditioner, shampoo, spray and treatment cream in this range. This review discusses the Frizz Smoothing Curl Shampoo.

        This shampoo is designed to smooth dry, frizzy hair. Toni and Guy claim it will eliminate tangles, hydrate and soften the hair. It will also give shine and generally make frizzy or curly hair more manageable. It should be lathered up, rinsed and if required, followed up by a conditioner.


        The shampoo is presented in a tall, circular bottle with a pump dispenser at the top. The bottle is a shiny white colour with pink and black writing. The bottle isn't transparent so there is no way of judging how much is left. The shampoo claims are present on the bottle, it can be recycled and should be discarded after 24months.


        The shampoo is in a 250ml bottle. Current prices :

        *www.toniandguy.com - £5.29 on a 3 for 2 offer
        *www.amazon.co.uk - £2.99
        *www.fragrancedirect.co.uk - £3.50

        {My Thoughts}

        I love a bargain and I rarely walk past a Boots clearance section without mooching! A few months ago I spotted a shelf with various Toni and Guy products and I bought a few different things. I bought 2 bottles of this shampoo priced at 60p each. This is very cheap for a salon brand! I've used both bottles up over the past month. I wash my hair every 2-3days.

        My hair is thick, dry and wavy with added frizz! I can handle the waves but the frizz I hate as it makes me look like a big furball! Although this is also aimed at curly hair, the main emphasis is on wavy and frizzy hair. I though this would be ideal for me. I have really long hair so tend to go through more shampoo than average. The bottle is quite stylish and I like the idea of a pump dispenser. It works fine and is easy to dispense shampoo.

        {Give Me A Wave Toni!}

        The shampoo has a transparent and clear. It has a strong yet inoffensive scent which simply reminds me of being in a hair dressers. It is fresh yet quite sweet and is nice enough. The shampoo is of a thin, runny consistency. My hair is very awkward whether I was it over the bath or in the shower. It seems to reject water and I could stand there for ages soaking it for it to still feel dryish!

        The first time I used this I thoroughly soaked my hair and dispensed a blob of this shampoo. It barely reacted with my hair no matter how much I massaged it in. I was dubious of the quality of this shampoo and still am 2 bottles later. I need 10 (yes you read that right) pumps from this bottle to give my hair a good wash. The shampoo doesn't create a brilliant lather and I need a lather to confirm my hair is being washed properly!

        It creates a light coating of bubbles but simple doesn't feel right. I massage it onto my scalp as I suffer with dryness there and attempt to coat the rest of my hair in some shampoo. It doesn't rinse well. I am constantly feeling a heaviness on my hair after using this shampoo and my hair although it feels clean, lacks any moisture. I follow up with any conditioner I have to smooth the dryness. The scent lingers on my hair which is nice.

        I used this once without a conditioner and never again! My hair felt awful - weird to the touch like I had been out in a baking sun all day and it had suffered heat damage! Using a conditioner improved the effects. I would say it reduced a small amount of frizz in my hair but it didn't make it more manageable and the shine was non existant.


        I used this shampoo on average 3 times a week for 6weeks. I managed to get 18 washes from 2 bottles which I do not consider very cost effective in the slightest. I am glad I didn't pay full price as it is rubbish! I used both bottles as I hate wastage but I wouldn't buy again. I cannot recommend it. Perhaps those with finer hair could get better results but if you have dry, thick hair don't bother with this one.

        Thanks for reading x


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          23.01.2010 13:42
          Very helpful



          Pricey but the results are worth it

          I first came into possession of this shampoo by accident - it was part of a hair care set that was half price and was the only such set that sounded suitable for my shoulder length curly hair. I had never had any experience of any Toni and Guy products but had been pleased by the results that I had got from another premium brand that I thought I'd give it a go.

          The bottle is silver with pink writing and contains 250ml of shampoo. Although it does look suitably classy in your bathroom I do have a couple of minor issues with the bottle - firstly it's tall, narrow and very smooth so easy to knock over and slightly awkward to deal with with wet hands. Secondly, and this may just be peculiar to me, but I seem to expect the conditioner to be in the silver bottle (rather than the pink one it is in) and so I keep on going for the conditioner first (said it was a minor issue but it does take time reading which bottle is which).

          The shampoo is dispensed via a pump mechanism, works smoothly and distributes the shampoo gradually. As I haven't yet made the way through a whole bottle I can't say whether this pump will mean difficulties in getting the last drops out of the bottle, but if it does I think a slight loss of shampoo is worth it as the pump stops spillages if the bottle is knocked over and prevents too much shampoo blurting into your palm.

          The shampoo is clear and has an inoffensive scent. I've een trying to think of a description for it but clean and non floral or fruity is the best I can do. I find that all I need is a 50 pence sized dollop for my hair. It works through the hair easily however it doesn't lather up very much which is a bit annoying but doesn't seem to have any effect on the final result. It rinses out quickly and I then always follow it with the shampoo.

          And now the important bit how does it leave your hair? Well after leaving my hair to dry naturally I am left with smooth,defined ringlets as opposed to the fluffy twirls I usually get with non curly hair shampoo. This effect also lasts all day as after spending the day out with friends one commented on how curly and smooth my hair was looking - I hadn't used anything other than T&G shampoo and conditioner and natural drying.

          So this shampoo does deliver, doesn't smell bad and doesn't need a lot to work - what's the catch? Well with all premium shampoos it's the price at about £5.30 for a 250ml bottle this is somewhat expensive, but it is quite often subject to special offers so the pain on your purse is lessened a little.

          I really love how this shampoo leaves my hair, and I would probably use it everyday if I wore my hair loose to work as it makes it look like I've put in a lot more effort than I have. I think my days of flitting from one premium brand to the other are over - I've even started to try out some of the styling products in the range (unheard of previously as I'm a wash and go type of girl).

          Definitely worth a try for all you curly girlies.


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