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Toni & Guy Glamour Volume Plumping Whip

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Designed for hair to create all day body and bounce from the roots. Whilst expensive, it is easy to apply, smells great and doesn't leave hair looking greasy. However, it doesn't quite give the all day effect promised.

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2013 14:30
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      Toni&Guy Volume Plumping Whip

      The Product
      = = = = = = =
      The product is by Toni & Guy and is a plumping whip which creates all-day body and bounce from the roots, without fly aways. Although Toni & Guy have a large range of product it's not a range in which I buy many products from, mainly due to the price of the products. Also this range is a salon brand it can be purchased in stores such as Boots. The plumping whip comes in a cardboard box which is a beige/golden colour. You can clearly see that this product is made by Toni & Guy as it clearly states this on the front of the box. It also tells you that the product is a Volume Plumping Whip and gives your hair full body with movement. On the side of the box it tells you a little about the product and how to use it. There is also a barcode that you can scan using your phone for expert tips and styling advice. On the bottom of the box it gives you a list of ingredients and caution information stating to only use the product as directed. The box opens easily to reveal a small round pot which matches the colour of the box. Directions for use and caution information can be found on the tub. There isn't really any need to keep the box that the tub comes in so I popped this into my recycling bin. I unscrewed the lid to look at the plumping whip and was surprised that there wasn't a foil or plastic seal underneath the screw lid. The whip was white in colour and had a slight shine to it. The whip looked really smooth and it had a lovely, fresh scent to it. I touched the whip lightly with my finger so I could get an idea of what the texture was and it was very smooth and slightly silky between my fingers.

      = = = = = = = =
      I purchased a 90ml tub of this from my boots store for around £7.19, although I believe that this product was on offer with other Toni & Guy products when I purchased this, so I didn't actually end up paying full price for it. The product is a little pricey in comparison to other products, how-ever I had high hopes of it and had my fingers crossed that it was going to work as well as it sounded.

      Using the Product
      = = = = = = = = =
      To use the product simply work a walnut-sized amount of the whip through the roots of towel dried hair before heat styling with a barrel-brush to volumize the roots or diffuse to create all-day body without flyaways.

      I wrapped my hair in a towel for a good 5minutes before getting ready to apply the product to my hair. I unscrewed the lid and dipped my fingertips into the whip to get a walnut sized amount out as suggested on the tub. I then applied this to my hair working it through the roots to help give my hair some volume. The whip had a gorgeous, fresh smell to it and I found it really easy to apply. Rather than using a hair-dryer and big round brush I actually used my babyliss big hair styler to dry my hair, this would also give it some added volume as well. As I dried my hair using the styler I could smell the product in my hair which I really liked. After I had finished drying it using the styler I ran a brush through it to neaten it up and looked at the results in the mirror. I definitely had more volume in my hair, particularly at the roots and my hair looked healthy & shiny. My hair didn't look greasy or even look as though there was any product in it. My hair didn't feel weighed down and it had a lovely scent to it from using the whip. I did apply some hairspray to the roots to help keep my hair looking good for longer and to also help keep the volume in my hair as well. I left the house, with my hair feeling great. I had a lot more bounce and volume in my hair than normal and this gave me a little extra confidence and made me feel great.

      During the day I did look in the mirror a few times to check to see if the volume was still there and I was pleased to say that it was still there, although not as much as it had when I first left the house in the morning. A quick ruffle with my fingertips at the roots and some neatening up soon gave my hair some volume again which I was pleased with. (I'm yet to find a product that keeps volume in my hair all day long without having to ruffle the roots with my fingertips!). I did have to ruffle the roots of my hair a little with my finger-tips occasionally in order to put some volume back into my hair again as it did seem to fall flat a few times during the day. My hair was easy to brush before going to bed which was a relief as the previous product I used to give my hair some volume left my hair feeling really tangled and knotty. I was surprised that the following morning when brushing my hair it didn't feel too greasy and it didn't look greasy either. I simply added a little hair-spray to my hair after styling it to give my roots a boost of volume. I was pleased when this gave my roots some volume. Again I had to ruffle my roots a few times during the day to ensure the volume stayed in my hair. I wash my hair every 3 days anyway so I would be washing my hair the following morning. The product was easy to wash out of my hair.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = =
      When I purchased this product I had high hopes of it, especially it being a Toni&Guy product which is a good, quality salon brand and is also well known. The whip is rather pricey; how-ever I purchased it when it was offer along with the other products in this range which saved me a fair amount of money. I love the smell of the product and the fact that it's easy to apply to my hair. I think you definitely need to use a large barrel brush or big hair styler like I used in order to give your hair that extra volume and to ensure that the whip really does its job of giving your roots a boost. I was impressed that the whip didn't leave my hair feeling weighed down or looking greasy. I loved the fact that the smell of the product stayed in my hair even after it was dry and the smell was really nice and fresh smelling. The whip didn't make my hair knotty and even a day after using the product it didn't leave my hair greasy or with any residue in it. As with most products I have used I did have to ruffle the roots a little a few times during the day to ensure the volume stayed in it, how-ever not as much as I normally would with other products. I was impressed that the whip gave my flat, fine hair a good amount of volume at the roots and it didn't make my hair greasy. I would recommend this product to others if you want to give your hair a volume boost. I can't give the product the full five stars as the volume isn't as long lasting as I hoped it would be.

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