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Toni & Guy Model.Me Erin Illiuminating Conditioner

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Brand: Toni & Guy / Type: Conditioner / Hair type: normal hair / What it does: moisturizes

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    1 Review
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      23.11.2008 19:26
      Very helpful



      A great conditioner!

      If I ever buy a conditioner it's a rarity because my Mother buys all that sort of thing for anyone to use in our house and it's put in the bathroom. If I do purchase hair products though I always buy the matching conditioner to a shampoo of course and when I saw all these Toni&Guy Model.Me products (at the time) less than half price that to me was a bargain I simply couldn't miss out on and so I ended up buying almost one of everything that was on offer in Boots at the time! This however was very appealing to me who doesn't want glossy and shiny hair after-all!

      About The Range....

      The range revolves around three women. Helena Christensen (Model) Jamelia (Singer and Model) and Erin (Model). Jamelia has Afro hair and she styles her hair straight so her products are serums and liquids etc to style straight and add moisture and give lots of gloss. Erin's range is more about adding shine with her illuminating products (these) and sharp styling with puttys and mud styling things and Helena's range seems to me to be more about styling and enriching hair and giving hair care a natural approach. All the products, whichever woman's range you buy can be mixed and matched with your own products or within the range and all the bottles and pots look the same it's only the cardboard sleeves that look different and of course they can come off and can be thrown away!

      The Packaging....

      This conditioner comes in a white oblong bottle that is made of plastic and is recyclable. Underneath the square lid there is a pump action integrated dispenser which is steady, firm and strong and a button apposed to an arm thing that snaps off! On the front in light blue and silver writing I'm told it's Toni&Guy Model.Me Erin Illuminating Conditioner that 'Gives your hair a real boost'. Size is stated at the bottom as I've listed already. On the back I'm told a bit about the product, how to use it, warnings are listed, I'm given contact details for Model.Me. It comes with a cardboard throw away sleeve over the top that basically tells me all the same stuff as on the bottle and shows me a lovely photograph of Erin on the front (who possesses very shiny hair lol). It's lovely packaging as I told you already and very simple and elegant and isn't heavily branded and/or tacky.

      About The Product According To Erin (On The Bottle)....

      Working in the fashion industry has enabled me to be a part of the creative process, to push the boundaries, experiment with extreme styles, and explore the constantly evolving trends. My hair really is a huge part of who I am and my Model.Me fashion industry inspired products developed with the technical expertise of Toni&Guy mean anyone can achieve the boldest hairstyles with speed and ease.

      My Illuminating Conditioner re-energises the hair. Light and moisturising, it's suitable for fine to normal hair. Eases our tangles and leaves your hair feeling smooth and silky, whilst the resin formulation adds texture to volumise and thicken.

      Directions For Use....

      Apply to freshly washed hair. Spread evenly from root to tip and rinse thoroughly.

      My Experience....

      Well I use this of course as directed after shampooing my hair a couple of times and rinsing (with the matching shampoo to this or not, it actually doesn't matter). I gently ring out my hair with my hands the best I can and I use about 6 pumps of this on my shoulder length hair. I brush/comb my hair through if I want to before applying it or brush/comb it through when it's on or simply leave it and just apply it lol. 6 pumps really isn't very much product it just sounds alot but in reality the amount that comes out per pump is a very small amount indeed making this rather economical to use.

      The liquid itself is a cross between a liquid and a cream to me. It's pure white in colour and really does have body to it rather than a limp cream type of thing. The only off putting thing about 'Erin's' products to me is the smell of them. Out of the three ladies ranges within this range Erin's smell to her products is simply rather disappointing really compared to the other ladies stuff. It has a sort of citrus smell to it with an odd sweetness to it which makes it smell like toilet duck. Luckily the smell only seems to hang about when it's on the head and once rinsed off most of the smell vanishes so it isn't a massive problem, I can tolerate it I'm just not overly impressed that's all lol

      As for the conditioner. Well it spreads really easily. It's quite greasy to the touch but still remains very light in an odd way and as soon as the conditioner meets with the hair the hair drinks it in and the condioner absorbs meaning the conditioner vanishes.

      Now I leave it on my hair a minimum of a minute and rinse it (You can use this as an every day conditioner of course if you desire) and I've used this for a maximum of 15 minutes while having a long bath before a big night out and the results really are no different no matter which method you employ.

      While it's on the head nothing to report. It sits there conditioning your hair and it's as simple and straightforward as that. No tingles, nothing miraculous happens and then you simply rinse your hair out. Again nothing to report really. It rinses out easily and any knots or dry bits of hair go leaving it all tangle free. Your left with a satin feel to the hair that actually feels healthy to the touch and 'feels' shiny.

      Combing/brushing it damp isn't a problem of course and then you simply style as you want to.


      Lovely. Once hair is dried etc it feels very strong and healthy. It gently moisturises the hair seeming to know where needs a bit of extra hydration and I suffer with greasy roots and this really is so light in it's approach it doesn't disturb them in any way shape or form. My split ends and broken hairs get integrated into my style and the whole 'do' just looks more put together. The smell wears off and it is so light actually that if you do use styling products you lose any smell this had anyway.

      Does it give shiny hair? Yes in a really grown up satin smooth way and not a cheap fake looking way. It gives a really nice shimmer enhanced by the rich look of health this gives. As for thickening hair? Not my hair no no but I can style my hair after using this as it doesn't weight my hair down.

      This is a really nice lightweight conditioner to use. I personally use this for when I'm going on a date or a big night out as something a bit special really and to make the product last. It gives instant results rather than having to use it every day for so long before seeing results! It's great and I'm sure anyone could use this that wanted to!

      I got my bottle as I said in Boots and it's full price per bottle is £4.99 but for a limited time it's on offer for £2.49.

      (Adapted from other similar reviews on my own on here from the same product line, cos some of the information is the same).


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    • Product Details

      Light and moisturising, it's suitable for fine to normal hair /

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