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Toni & Guy Model.Me Helena Hydrating Conditioner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Toni & Guy / Type: Conditioner / What it does: Hydrates,

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    2 Reviews
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      26.04.2009 00:00
      Very helpful



      Failed to do what it promised

      I usually like Toni & Guy products, so when my daughter bought me some Toni & Guy Model. Me Helena Hydrating Conditioner, I was looking forward to trying it out.

      The conditioner (there is also a shampoo and other styling products in the same range) is endorsed by Helena Christensen, and is part of a range of styling products by Toni & Guy, using Helena, Jamelia and Erin O'Connor to advertise and endorse the range.

      It comes in a white square shape bottle, with square top. When you remove the top there is a pump dispenser, which makes it easy to use. I like the idea of the pump dispenser as I hate shampoo and conditioner bottles where you have to unscrew the top, as I usually end up dropping it in the shower, so that gets a plus from me.

      I used the Model. Me Helena shampoo first which I thought was ok and after rinsing my hair I was ready to use the conditioner.

      I have long hair which can get greasy at the roots but dry at the ends, so I thought this super hydrating conditioner would leave my hair feeling moisturised and silky soft.
      It states on the back of the bottle the conditioner 'Uniquely diffuses through the hair, individually moisturising each strand. It's catatonic conditioning agents target dry areas, whilst Organic Olive Oil helps restore the natural oils, giving you smooth, soft and easily manageable hair.'

      I followed the directions, spreading the conditioner evenly through my hair. the conditioner has a heavy floral fragrance, which is not unpleasant, but definately not a fragrance I would enthuse about. I have used much better fragranced conditioners, but each to their own. Some may really like it.

      I found when applying it to my hair, it immediately felt different to all other conditioners I have used. It had a 'dry' feel to it, and I found myself using quite a lot of it - much more than I normally use - to make my hair feel smooth and moisturised.
      As I began rinsing it off, my hair still didn't feel all that smooth, and in fact it felt as if I had not used any conditioner!

      My hair felt tangled when i combed it and felt dry. I then began to blow dry my hair and to be honest I did not like the feel of my hair at all. It still felt dry and certainly not moisturised or hydrated!

      I was very disappointed by this conditioner and will not be using it again. I think it was around £4.50 a bottle from Boots, but when I was in Home Bargains the other day I noticed they are selling it in there at only £1.59! So quite a bargain if you like it! Or maybe that is why they are selling it there at such a cheap price because it's not very good?

      Maybe there are some who are using it and think it is really good. I suppose it depends on your hair type, but I certainly found it didn't live up to my expectations when I used it, and certainly did not moisturise and leave my hair looking healthier, as it claims to do on the front of the bottle.
      The only good thing about it for me, was the handy pump dispenser.

      If you like this conditioner then get yourself to Home Bargains and stock up!
      Me, I'll stick with Pantene!


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        19.02.2009 23:30
        Very helpful



        Thanking Helena for this one x

        Helena super hydrating conditioner is part of a selection of haircare products in the Toni & Guy Model. Me range. All of the Model.Me products are endorsed by one of three top models - Helena Christensen, Erin O'Connor and Jamelia (although I'd say she was better known as a singer rather than a model.) Each model has a very different hair type and the products are supposed to work together to provide the perfect haircare routine for that type of hair. The products include basics like shampoo and conditioner alongside specific styling products, treatments and balms.

        When I spotted this particular conditioner at a bargain price in my local Home & Bargain store, I could barely contain my excitement. I had a huge grin on my face as I swept a pile of Model.Me products into my basket and rushed to the till. Why was I so excited? Well, only a few weeks before I'd read some glowing reviews on different products from within this range and had actually been on the look out for them since then. Even better was the fact that I remembered these to be quite expensive and each item was selling for only £1.59 (rather than the RRP of £4.99 each) so I pretty much bought one of each product from both the Helena and Jamelia ranges. My hair is naturally curly and is very coarse and thick with dry split ends so I figured I must fall somewhere between Helena and Jamelia's hairtypes. I'm always on the hunt for the miracle product that will transform my hair into a supermodel's tresses and this particular conditioner seemed to almost guarantee that, as far as I was concerned. So, did it live up to my very high expectations?

        - Packaging
        I don't usually spend much time describing (or considering) packaging as I'm usually much more concerned about what it contains. This time, the packaging is particularly noteworthy. The conditioner comes in a 250ml bottle with one of those irritating pump action dispenser lids - similar to those on handwash bottles. (I find them irritating because I can never seem to get them to pop up for that vital first use and find myself wrestling with the lid for half an hour!) The white plastic bottle is actually covered in a card sleeve showing Helena Christensen looking very glam and some information about the product on the back of the sleeve. As each item in the range has the same sleeve design, they do make a very stylish addition to my bathroom shelf and make me feel like quite a girly girl with all my expensive-looking hair products on display!

        - Fragrance
        The first thing I noticed, when I'd finally persuaded the pump to open and release some conditioner, was just how lovely this smelt. The sleeve says that the fragrance is 'delicious' and I certainly won't disagree with that. It also says that it's a 'unique fragrance'. Well, to me it distinctly smells of roses and, more specifically, turkish delight! It's perhaps not quite unique then, but I haven't smelt this sort of fragrance on any other hair products and it is lovely. It's a really strong scent without being too overpowering. The smell has stayed in my hair for up to three days between washes and is still clearly detectable, even though I've used other products on top. Even my husband commented on the smell of my hair after I used it for the first time, which is pretty much unknown.

        I've used this conditioner both after my usual cheapo shampoo (Tresemme) and after the matching Helena shampoo (which also has the same gorgeous fragrance.) Both times, the conditioner just glided onto my hair easily and washed out without any hassle. The conditoner is quite a thick creamy texture - in fact, it is almost like applying a moisturiser onto your hair as it is not as runny as most conditioners. The blurb says that is '..uniquely diffuses through the hair, individually moisturising each strand.' It doesn't need to be left in the hair for any length of time so it's just a matter of smoothing evenly through the hair and rinsing.

        I am so impressed by the effectiveness of this conditioner. As I've said, I've used it both alongside the matching shampoo and with a cheaper type and both times, after conditioning, my hair has felt so soft and smooth that I can't help touching it and messing with it. Usually, my hair just reverts back to type after drying it, unless I go through the whole rigmarole of straightening my hair afterwards. With this conditioner, even after blowdrying, my hair feels so much softer and sleeker than normal. Strangely, given Helena's famous curly locks, the conditioner seems to tame and actually reduce my curls, leaving me with much straighter looking, sleek hair (which I would love to have naturally.) The morning after, I can still clearly tell the difference in the condition of my hair and it is so much easier to brush and style. My hairbrush just seems to glide through my hair which is very different from my usual battle with the knots and tangles! The smell that I described earlier is still very much in evidence, constantly reminding me of my lovely conditioner, even aside from my silky smooth hair.

        -Where to buy
        As stated, I picked mine up in Home & Bargains for a bargain price. I price-checked online when I got home (to gloat about my bargain buys) and found it on sale at Boots.com for £4.88 per bottle. I've just checked again and it doesn't seem to be on sale there at the minute although other products from the Model.Me range are still available.

        If you do spot this for sale anywhere else, please let me know as I'll be stocking up on this in future! If you find it for a bargain price, I'd recommend you buy loads but, even at the full RRP, I would still buy this conditioner again now I've seen the amazing effects for myself.


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