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Toni & Guy Model.Me Jamelia Enriching Shampoo

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Brand: Toni & Guy / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: Enriches,

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    2 Reviews
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      25.02.2009 13:30
      Very helpful



      Stick to the singing Jamelia and leave the haircare to the experts

      It may not be a scientifically proven fact but one of my quirky oddities is my strong belief that changing my brand of shampoo and conditioner on a semi-regular basis really does help to improve the condition of my hair. As soon as my current brand begins to become ineffective, I find myself scouring the shelves of Boots and various other shops in search of a new shampoo and conditioner. Following a particularly bad hair day a few weeks ago, I made one such trip where I stumbled across the Model.Me haircare range.

      Produced in conjunction with Tony and Guy, Model.Me is a range of 'designer' haircare products which attract 'designer' prices. In Boots, you can pick up the shampoo and conditioner for £4.88 each. If you're a bit more frugal, as I am, you can make some savings and source the products for around £1.50 each and I've seen the range on sale in both TJ Hughes and Home Bargains in recent weeks. There are three ranges of products within the Model.Me repertoire, each of which is endorsed by a different celeb. Supermodel Helena Christensen is the face (and hair) of the rehydrating range, Marks and Spencer lovely Erin O'Connor has a range that promotes illuminating hair and making it glossy whilst singer Jamelia has a range specially formulated for Afro and textured hair.

      Now I may not look like a girl of African descent with my pasty pallor, but if you were unfortunate enough to wake up next to me first thing in the morning, you'd understand why I plumped for Jamelia's enriching shampoo and conditioner in the hope of taming my wild curly frizz. Now is probably a good time to mention that the celebrity endorsement of these haircare products had absolutely no influence on my purchase Instead it was the knockdown prices, sleek packaging and the hope of finding a miracle in a bottle to make my curls look sleek and princessy rather than frazzled and tramplike.

      For those reading who like their beauty products to make an impact in the bathroom, the Model.Me range is sleek and inobtrusive. The Jamelia Enriching Shampoo comes in a rectangular white bottle with a pump action for dispensing the shampoo. The simple white packaging looks elegant and combines well with my endless pink bottle and tubs of Soap and Glory miracle workers.

      Using the shampoo is no different from any other so I don't think I need to give you a lesson in shampooing your hair. On the plus side, the pump action dispenser makes it easy to dispense without accidentally pouring half the bottle's contents into your hand. The shampoo itself is a creamy white colour with a consistency that resembles a conditioner more than a shampoo. As far as smell is concerned, it doesn't have a strong aroma at all and the little scent I can pick up resembles the posh shampoos in a hairdressers salon so lacks and floral or feminine odour.

      When washing my hair, I find the shampoo doesn't lather up as much as other shampoos which I was initially disappointed with. Having used it for some weeks now though I am used to this and have overcome the urge to keep applying more shampoo in the hope of creating more bubbles. Instead of creating a bubbly froth, the shampoo lather has a creamy texture and I can only assume this is the hydrating ingredients doing their job. Since there isn't a mass of bubbles, rinsing the shampoo is also a quick and painless procedure and, whilst I would never dare to refuse my hair the pleasures of a conditioner, my hair instantly feels softer and more manageable before commencing the conditioning stage.

      In case you're intrigued by the list of ingredients, I won't be listing them all here. But the Jamelia Hydrating Shampoo does include Pro Vitamin B5, as immortalized by the Pantene range of haircare products. Since more and more shampoos and conditioners seem to be bragging about the inclusion of B5, I can only conclude that it must have some magical properties that help to moisturize my hair and make it softer and more manageable. That's certainly what this shampoo has done for me.

      Perhaps my only gripe with this shampoo is that it doesn't add any gloss or shine to my hair, despite its promises that the cationic agents will create smooth and glossy hair. I do have a huge selection of styling products though and always turn to my Avon Mirror Shine hairspray to give my hair the added shine it needs but it would be nice if this shampoo was able to deliver on that promise. As for whether I'll continue to use this, I certainly will until the bottle runs out. Then I'll probably start my hunt for another shampoo that gives me the sleek, shiny and glossy locks I yearn for. That's not to say this is a bad shampoo, simply one that hasn't blown me away and I certainly won't be investing in it at the full price of £4.88.


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        06.11.2008 15:45
        Very helpful



        A marvelous shampoo once you determine if you need it!

        The one thing I never buy is shampoo. That sounds awful but do let me explain that statement clearly! I live with my folks and my Mother buys all that sort of thing and plonks it in the bathroom. Sure I purchase my own shower and bath products and things like that but my Mother constantly moans at me for littering up said bathroom with too many pots of this and bottles of that and to be fair although she never buys premium brand shampoo's and conditioner's she does buy them suitable for our hair types and gets decent enough stuff (that's always on offer so we get it once and never again type of thing lol). I spend out that much money on toiletries and cosmetics in general as it is and I only ever buy shampoo and conditioner for myself if it's such a good buy I can't pass it up or that I'm staying away from home or something overnight that I'm happy to save in this area lol.

        Anyone who has read the past few of my reviews will by now be aware that shopping in Boots the other day I noticed that they had a massive less than half price sale on Toni&Guy's 'Model.Me' range of hair care products. Now just to clarify the prices have now gone up to half price on this range and will eventually shoot back up to full price so this is normally £4.99 a bottle but now it's on sale at £2.49 a bottle (limited time) and I got it for £1.37! My only mistake was not clearing the shelves when I had the chance but oh isn't hindsight a marvelous thing eh?!

        Model.Me products are the understated little sister (in my view) of the Toni&Guy range. Where as the Toni&Guy stand is bright and a bit funky and most of us are instantly familiar with seeing the products this range is very different in it's approach. I really love the packaging of these products and that simplicity is what made me look at them in the first place with me thinking how they'd look so posh on my dressing table lol. So you have to look next to the Toni&Guy stand to realise what these are! It's surprising how many people were milling around and missing the offers on this stand and when I got to the cash-out the shop assistants all flocked off to look! lol

        The range of products revolves around three famous women. Helena Christensen (Model), Erin (Model), and Jamelia (Singer and Model). All three of these ladies have a range of products in their honour and they claim they have been involved in the making of their products. All the packaging is the same apart from the ladies photograph that adorns the cardboard sleeve that comes over the product. So all three ladies have a shampoo and conditioner in their line and then from that they have other products that are all different to each-others. So With Jamelia she has Afro Caribbean hair and her products are mainly hydrating so she has serum, blow drying spray and a pomade for finishing her style along with other things and Erin has styling putty and wax type things for her short hair and stuff that is designed for sculpting the hair and Helena's range is about creating soft movement and natural beauty with vitamin protection sprays and things like that. You can of course mix and match all the products available as you wish so that you can personally make a prescription of products to help your hair.

        My Hair....

        Is combination with different needs all over it. One minute my hair is greasy next it's very dry to the touch indeed. I suffer with thin hair that becomes limp but at the same time can appear so thick because of frizz, particularly in the mid section. My hair is dyed Jet Black and although I have a nice shine I do have to be very careful with shine enhancing products because the shine can be so blinging that my hair looks greasy even when it isn't and shine sprays really make my roots spit up the grease so that I could fry an egg on my head if needed. It's difficult hair at best and even when I've styled it (usually straight) about an hour later frizz pings up all over the show, flyways...well....fly and a big cows lick curls up where I have a fringe and shouldn't have a fringe (I blame the hairdresser for that mistake!). My hair can achieve nice looks but it's just hard gripping hold of them and making nice results stay put for more than five minutes!

        Which was what made me buy these products in the first place. Ok the biggest sway was the price I will not tell you a lie but I was actually browsing for miracle products when I saw these. Who doesn't want to look like these totally sorted, together beautiful ladies eh?

        I do believe a good shampoo and conditioner can make or break a good hairstyle. I know if I've used a not so good shampoo that I haven't got the best base in the world to work with. Sometimes even by using a conditioner you can't seem to rehydrate your hair and of course you can't get rid of that greasy, limp feeling either through styling alone. So where as I said I don't normally purchase shampoo on this occasion I did. Two different bottles in the range to be precise (Jamelia and Erin's) lol.

        The Packaging....

        250ml white plastic oblong recyclable bottle type of container. It's very sleek and tall as the lid is a large square that houses the robust plastic dispenser underneath that you push. On the front I'm told in silver and lilac writing that it's Toni&Guy 'Jamelia', Enriching Shampoo that 'brings energy and natural shine to your hair'. The size (250ml) is written on the bottom of the bottle. On the back I'm told a bit about the product, about the shampoo, directions for use, warnings (like keep it out of eyes! lol), and contact details for Model.Me. I like the way the information is laid out neatly and the whole packaging looks very unfussy and well presented.

        The Cardboard sleeve that goes over the product that pulls off contains the same information as the bottle really. It's lilac in colour and has a photograph of a stunning looking (if not slightly smug lol) Jamelia on the front who possesses gorgeous hair! I'm told on the front once again and this in time in lilac and white writing what it is, who it's by and the size yet again is stated. On the back I'm once again told a bit about the product, about the shampoo, directions for use, warnings, ingredients (which are not stated on the bottle) and contact details for Model.Me are once again on there. On the bottom of the sleeve (the base) the recycle symbol can be seen and there is a black and white bar-code.

        About The Product.... According To Jamelia....

        As a singer and model, my hair's got to look fabulous at all times. As a woman & mother, I also want it to be luxurious and together with the scientific expertise and Afro hair-care knowledge of Toni&Guy. I've created a premium collection of Model.Me products that look, feel, and work brilliantly.

        About The Shampoo....

        My Enriching shampoo revitalises whilst cationic agents condition and create smooth, glossy hair. Optimum levels of Pro Vitamin B5 help to moisturise and promote healthier hair.

        Directions For Use....

        Apply to wet hair, massage into a luxurious lather with your fingertips. Rinse really thoroughly and follow with Jamelia Enriching Conditioner.

        My Experience....

        Well I was very worried about using this to be honest. I never stopped to think how Jamelia is black and I'm not meaning we have very different hair types indeed. However my faith was renewed after reading the packaging and looking at the products on the Boots website. These products are not exclusively for Afro Caribbean hair as I first thought (well after realising lol) though Toni&Guy feel they are aimed in that direction of course and to people with very dry hair. Now a word to the wise before I get stuck in about this shampoo....

        ....Only buy this if you have very dry hair indeed. Don't just climb on the bandwagon of moaners who seem to love to say this about their hair simply cos you've got a few split ends! I mean really look at hair condition closely before purchasing this. Use this on hair that is really dry, frazzled out (through heated appliances etc) or frizzy hair or your going to over hydrate your hair badly (I will explain this in a bit). So if we have established your hair is dry and your sure? We'll continue with my review lol

        The shampoo itself is pearly white in colour with a slight shimmer. It smells heavily (with a lot of sweetness to it) like coconuts. I'm not talking a cheap and nasty coconut smell. I'm talking about a rich, expensive and natural fragrance that is just yummy. It really is classy on the smell front and a smell I get comments on all the time! The men in my life love it!

        Four pumps of this is well enough on wet hair and mine is past shoulder length. It feels instantly hydrated as soon as you apply it, lathers up really nicely and gives lots or rich, thick white bubbles whilst releasing the aroma to it's optimum. Hair feels smoother instantly, though a little clammy and little knots (if you have any) fall out under your fingers and hair feels clean as you wash it. It doesn't make hair or scalp tingle it just feels very rich and smooth during application and you know your using something of quality.

        Now you do have to make sure you rinse this out properly because it does hydrate the hair with a mixture of oils. Now it doesn't take a lot of rinsing out to make sure the shampoo is out but even when I think it's rinsed out I give it a bit longer under the shower to really make sure it is.

        What your left with is hair that is sleek, smooth and actually feels glossy to the touch. I have used this in an emergency with having no conditioner to hand and dried and styled my hair as usual and it has been more amazing looks wise than using a shampoo and conditioner by a different brand, that's how great this is.

        Now I feel when it's damp on the hair that I feel like I have a light serum spray on my hair which explains my previous statement about a slight clammy feeling. I feel like because of this I don't need any heavy styling products on my hair at all and I guess if you have even drier hair than mine you would build up the moisture levels more but for me this and the conditioner are more than enough.

        Now even though I feel like there is a bit of added oilyness to my hair this is disbursed loads with a hairdryer and further styling of my choice. The fragrance as I have said is marvelous and when you've finished styling and get on with your day (or night) the smell wafts about gently and isn't in your face or offensive. Hair isn't dragged down but there is a bit of weight to it which completely keeps frizz at bay and like I say this for me is achieved without other styling products as well and therefore my hair fels naturally controlled. The smoothness you can feel, rough bits of hair and flyaways all stay under control big time and there is a gloss on the hair that you can see and feel. The hair doesn't look greasy but there is some in there somewhere!

        However the feel of the shampoo takes a bit of getting used to. Like I said I can feel it on my hair hydrating it and after the first couple of uses I wasn't sure I liked it but now I absolutely love, adore and even respect it lol. I get compliments on my hair all the time after using this range, my hair is cleaner than usual and brighter, smoother and easier to handle. It doesn't upset my greasy roots even after a couple of days and although I usually wash my hair every day there are times (since quitting smoking) that my hair has looked and felt just as clean as the day before. So even if it has got grease in it as I suspect it does it doesn't get greasier over time.

        Now I said some people would feel this is far too hydrating for them. Well my Mother tried this out and moaned like hell. Her hair looked amazing but she wasn't keen on it and felt that even after using the shampoo her hair was over conditioned. So like I say it really isn't suitable for anyone!

        This is an amazing product on really, really dry hair and I'm sure amazing on afro hair in the main. If your hair isn't dry or afro then don't buy it, you have been warned it's that simple. Also with this I've used it a few times. My hair feels great and for now I've stopped using it and will wheel it out when and if it's needed!

        It's a complete hair rescue product, but for DRY HAIR only! lol


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