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Toni & Guy Model.Me Jamelia High Gloss Blow Dry Liquid

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Brand: Toni & Guy / Type: / Type: Hair Gloss / What it does: Protects / Suitable for: dry hair

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    2 Reviews
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      21.08.2010 00:06
      Very helpful



      My hair looks fab

      Now when it comes to any kind of straightening products for my hair I usually will go for anything Lee Stafford to be honest because I know that it works for me. however whilst browsing the shelves of my local Home Bargains shop I came across this Toni and Guy Blow Dry Liquid with a picture of Jamelia on for 89p!!! for a 150ml bottle with a 24m life. Well I don't normally buy Toni and Guy actually I have never purchased Toni and Guy products before this but I know they have a good reputation so I felt this was a bargain.

      The product itself is designed for use on wet hair before blow drying there is no guidelines on the back of the bottle for how much to use. I would say a pea size squirt is plenty as it comes out like serum I don't use serum in a large quantities, so I didn't think I needed to use this in a great quantity either. It is a pump action rather than a spray, so I pump the liquid into my hands then rub through my hair especially at the ends which for me seem to be drier than the rest of my hair. The liquid comes out looking pearly white. The product to me smells like 'flex' conditioner that's the thick yellow one, I used to use it years ago don't know if it's still sold today but that's what it reminded me of it is sort of a light coconut smell. It does not smell over powering or chemical in anyway which is great.

      As soon as I put this product on my hair my hair feels softer and easier to comb through even though I use conditioner my hair still sometimes feels knotty after washing. Know comes the drying I don't really have a special way of blow drying I just blast the air at my head and brush at the same time either with a brush or with my fingers. Anyway which ever way I do it my hair is left looking great it reduces the frizz I am usually left with after blow drying which is fab. The thing I like about this is it helps my styling before going out because I normally find that if I wash my hair then straighten it before going out then my hair never quite looks smooth, however using this before straightening means my hair looks shiny and smooth.

      Overall I recommend this product it smells great and the smell also lasts for hours after drying. It leaves my hair feeling smooth and looking shiny which is what I want and for 89p it was definitely a bargain one to look out for!


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      03.11.2008 18:56
      Very helpful



      Only for dry hair!

      As a hair straightening addict why an earth would I purchase a Blow drying Liquid? Simple actually lol It was cheap and also I bought everything within the Tony&Guy, 'Model.Me' range while I could! I didn't even pay attention of what I was buying in all honesty and didn't know what half the stuff even was till on the bus ride home I rooted through my Boots carrier bags! I was more concerned with making my purchases each to £5.00 a time so I'd get a free No7/Ruby@Millie gift voucher and also I had points on my card and stuff so got free items! I'm a fugal shopper but it'd be marvelous if I actually bought stuff I needed or wanted from time to time! lol Never mind I thought when I saw it on the bus I'm sure I can put it into some use and even if I couldn't the first thing I like about the products were their packaging so at least they'd look lovely on my dressing table if for no reason!

      Now before I start my review properly as I'm just in mad rambling stage I must tell you to clarify that Model.Me is a range within a range. The range it Toni&Guy and this is just a branch of that. Seeing these products on the shelves they look very different from the distinctive funky look of the overtly branded Toni&Guy produce, with these beauties not only would it not cross your mind at first glance who they were made me as the packaging is so simple and elegant but even when you grab hold of the products they are not heavily branded all over them which I really like as for me these are not show products it is about the functionality of them.

      The range is fronted by three women. Each of the women has a range within this range. Sounds complicated and it really isn't. All the products regardless of the women they represent appear exactly the same and the only difference is the cardboard sleeve that fits over the majority of the square pots or oblong bottles which has the photograph of the woman it belongs to on it and says the name of the person. So the women are Erin (Model, Helena Christensen (Model) and Jamelia (Singer and Model). All have shampoo's and conditioner's and from there, there are mix and match products available. so Helena's range is mainly about the repairing approach to hair and soft natural movement, where as Erin's range is about shine and definition with products to aid sharp lines and funky styles with a bling and Jamelia's range is about hydration, shine and straightening hair (with Afro hair in mind but not exclusively). As I said you can mix and match the products but a word to the wise here before we
      go any further.. These products are so good that I personally find (even with naughty hair like mine) that I tend to need only one product on my hair at a time particularly with Jamelia's range which I will come on to in a minute but say I use a shampoo and conditioner I really don't need anything else to style my wavy hair straight. I can use some Vitamin Protection Spray (Helena's) but then nothing else is needed and that how I find this range. I need very little product of anything I've tried on my hair and I really don't need to overload my hair with too many products. I do mix and match things and at the moment I'm using Jamelia's shampoo and condioner followed by this product or using Erin's shampoo an Conditioner followed by a small blob of Helena's movement balm and nothing else. It's all about mixing and matching or not in some cases and yes you don't have to exclusively use Toni&Guy products if you don't want to. There of course are no rules after all it's your hair!

      The Packaging....

      150ml white plastic recyclable square bottle with matching square lid that makes it oblong in shape when all put together. Pull the lid off and you have a rather robust white plastic push button dispenser. On the bottle in lilac and silver writing I'm told It's Toni&Guy, Model.Me 'Jamelia' High Gloss Blow Dry Liquid which transforms your hair for controlled styling and at the bottom the size is listed (as I've stated already. On the back of the bottle all very neatly are listed the directions for use, warnings and contact details for Model.Me. The cardboard sleeve is lilac in colour and on the front has a lovely photograph of Jamelia sporting beautiful, sleek and shiny hair. I'm then told in lilac and white writing that it's Toni&Guy, Model.Me 'Jamelia', High Gloss Blow Dry Liquid that transforms your hair for controlled styling and then finally on the bottom the size is once again stated. On the back of the sleeve I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, warnings and ingredients. On the base of the sleeve the recycle symbol is on there along with a bar-code and contact details for Model.Me are given. All in all it's nice packaging that is informative and simple whilst still remaining elegant and sophisticated.

      About The Product....According To Jamelia....

      As a singer and model, my hair's got to look fabulous at all times. As a woman & mother, I also want it to be luxurious and together with the scientific and Afro hair-care knowledge of Toni&Guy, I've created a premium collection of Model.Me products that look, feel and work brilliantly.

      My High Gloss Blow Dry Liquid gives just the right amount of hold an great shine. It contains a moisturising heat protecting complex to protect your hair and prevent dulling from heat assisted styling appliances.

      To Use...

      Apply evenly to wet hair before blow drying.

      Using It....

      Well all you need is one small pump of this liquid and I mean a really small amount indeed. It's pearly white in colour and shiny and has the most wonderful coconut type of fragrance with a nice sweet undertone within it that makes it smell expensive and not in your face or too strong. The small amount you have on your hands is best spread between your palms and then spread onto towel dried and combed/brushed through hair.

      It evenly coats the hair and I always comb/brush it through again just to make sure it's well distributed. What you have is incredibly soft hair to the touch that actually feels silky even when hair is still damp. Hair feels healthier, smells divine and feels like you have a really nice leave-in conditioner through the hair without feeling heavy or sticky.

      Drying it it simple and I have a couple of methods. My favourite being to sort of rough dry it and style my hair with fingers/brush comb the best I can. Personally I like my hair straight and I'm sure if you were steady of hand and well practised , yes you could style just using this product with a big styling brush alone. It tames down frizz amazingly well (about 50%) just with drying. It's none sticky or clammy and hair remains feeling wonderfully natural with a very slight control and fly-aways are diminished. The above method I find is fine for creating a tidy look and makes my hair great for putting it in up styles. Hair feels wonderful to the touch and is incredibly shiny and healthy feeling it really is like owning new hair I always think!

      Another way of using this is just to simply rough dry the hair. With this method you can create a smooth and soft look and less frizz and flyaways but you can create some life in the hair as well because it isn't a heavy a lotion. So me I tip my head over, dry through roughly and whack my straighteners over it. Straighteners glide through the hair with ease, no need for any other products and less time is needed for creating a beautiful look that stays put.


      Brilliant if all you do to your hair is blow dry and I mean really amazing. I wish I was better at styling my own hair. Hair is so much smoother and natural looking and talk about hydration it's unreal and perfect for dried out hair! Gorgeous without being at all oily and it doesn't get oily even in humidity. My hair being this soft took some getting used to because coupled with the shine I was convinced my hair was too oily but it really isn't great. Even the following day my oil prone roots are not poking through.

      The smell on the hair stays put for hours in a really nice way and the effects once achieved stay that way as I said already. Once all my styling is done and as I say I normally use hair straighteners my hair is very almost frizz free and hair does feel a little controlled.

      With up do's though my fine hair does need some hairspray as my hair just falls out of whatever is holding it up. My hair doesn't appear fine but does feel it and that I'm sure it's because of that feel of shine and smoothness but I can control my hair with a little of some other product.

      A word of warning would be that all of Jamelias products are rich and powerful. If you don't have Afro hair which is the type of hair these are mainly directed at then you do need to be very careful what you use and the amount. For me this is a gentle and easy product to use but I do have dry hair. If you don't have dry hair then this would I imagine be too greasy as you can feel that in the lotion it contains some kind of oil which is why it's so spreadable and hydrating.

      So recommended for very dry hair and if you blow dry and own dry hair marvelous! I personally wouldn't go out of my way to buy this simply because my blow drying technique is so shabby but if you can or have short and/or simple to style hair, while this is on offer I'd give it a go. I like the product very much and shall persevere with it! Even my mum keeps asking why my hair looks so beautiful and healthy! Now that's a result lol

      Currently on sale in Boots priced at £2.99 for a limited time with the usual price tag of £5.99.


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      Protect your hair from heat damage and get the right amount of hold for your hair style /

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