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Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray

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7 Reviews
  • doesnt dry hair out
  • textured hair
  • Didn't give the amount of waves I had hoped for
  • didnt achieve full waves
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    7 Reviews
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      16.03.2015 22:06
      Very helpful


      • "doesnt dry hair out"
      • "textured hair"
      • "smells great"


      • "didnt achieve full waves"

      great product for adding texture to hair

      I recently purchased this sea salt spray as I have heard god things about them and their ability to create a tousled, beachy look.

      What is it?
      Toni and Guy Sea Salt Texturising spray from the Casual range.
      It claims to create texture and natural movement with light hold. The two main ingredients in this product are water and salt.
      It is available in Boots and costs around £7.19 for 200ml or £2.19 for 75ml.
      It comes in a spray top bottle and the small one is ideal to pop in your handbag.

      How to use it.
      Spray it directly onto dry hair and tousle and style through to create tousled waves. I use my fingers to style this spray into my hair and it seems to work well.

      Does it work?
      My first impressions of this product were good. Its easy to use and smells nice, its not too overpowering and the smell actually stays on your hair and can last a good few hours.
      It doesnt leave hair sticky like some sea salt sprays do, and it doesnt dry your hair out leaving it feeling like straw either.
      On my thick long hair it did give me texture which was good but it didnt give me beachy waves, however i wasnt expecting miracles as my hair is so thick.

      Overall this product worked on my hair to an extent, it did create texture and gave me a very slight tousled look but didnt give me full waves, this may be due to my hair type. It was a good product though, it smelt great and didnt leave hair sticky or feeling full of product.


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      24.07.2014 09:03
      Very helpful


      • "Smells nice"
      • "Adds texture "


      • "Didn't give the amount of waves I had hoped for "

      Adds texture but won't give you massive waves

      I am in two minds when it comes to Toni & Guy hair products as some of the ones that I have tried have been amazing while others have been terrible and not worth the money.
      The sea salt texturizing spray is one of those things that I bought thinking that I would love the way it made my hair look as I always like the way my hair looks when I am on a beach holiday as I like that slightly wild and wavy look that the sea gives it.
      The spray is supposed to give light hold with natural movement and create texture. You use it either on dry or slightly damp hair. I found that it worked better when hair was slightly damp. I followed the direction by spraying it from the roots to the tips and then using my fingers to run it through my hair in hopes of getting a fabulously tousled look.
      I wouldn’t say that I got that fabulously tousled look but it did feel like it thickened my hair and gave it some soft waves. When I say waves they were very subtle but they were definitely there. I was hoping for a more pronounced effect but I suppose my hair wasn’t wavy enough naturally to get the big waves that I was looking for. It did help create a more causal beach look but the texture it gave didn’t look messy and I didn’t feel untidy with this in my hair. I wore it out more than a few times and always felt that my hair looked tidy with just some added texture and slight waves.
      It also stopped my hair from frizzing which is always an added bonus with any hair product. I also really liked the smell as it was really fresh and clean smelling in my hair.
      It also didn’t make my hair look greasy which is a huge bug bear of mine when it comes to hair care products. I want to be able to use something that doesn’t make my hair look as though I have dunked it in chip fat and this didn’t add any grease to my hair.
      This sells for 7.49 but like most things that I buy it was on offer at the time and Boot’s often have the Toni & Guy range on special offer so it can usually be bought cheaper. This was ok but I think it would be better on someone who had thicker and wavier hair as the effect would be much more pronounced and evident. On straight hair is will add some texture but it won’t create those fabulous waves you see on some people.


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      30.12.2013 17:27
      Very helpful



      A great product, perfect for a daytime look that appears effortless and natural

      Just before Christmas I found myself shopping for a lot of presents for other people from Boots. I always think that most people like smellies and so found them the easier option to be honest!

      As I was looking round and spending so much on other people I decided that I'd grab a few things for myself whilst I was at it, it was the party season after-all and I really am a Toni & Guy product fan and I really do have unruly hair I wanted to make look nice!

      The Packaging:

      This comes in a sage green plastic bottle with pump action push button dispenser to the top of that and over that a little safety cap sits. On the front of the bottle and in mainly white writing we are told that it is Toni&Guy 'Casual', London Salon Salon EST 1963 Sea Salt Texturising Spray & Texture & Body and that is it 200ml, 6.8 US Fl Oz in size and the on the back of the bottle other information given includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, the ingredients used are within it are given, we are told that from once opened to use it up within 12 months and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly stated. Its a nice looking, unisex in appearance bottle this one though you can't see when you running out!

      Using It:

      I have naturally wavy hair (wit alot, I do mean alot as well.... of frizz!) and a few curls dotted about randomly. You can use this on damp or dry hair and although I have used this several times on damp hair and let my hair dry naturally or blow dried it I prefer the results I get when I have used this on my dry hair.

      According to the information on the back of the bottle this is meant to give texture and movement to the hair with a light hold but does it?......

      I actually really like this spray! All I do is spray it over my dry hair (usually) and it has a sort of clean and what I would think of as a light ocean sort of scent to it, it really is unisex this one in its scent in my opinion! It sprays on a fine mist and then I simply run my fingers through my hair. It dries fast, smells great and really what it does is just defines my waves and curls and the effects last for hours.I love the way it helps to control my frizz and is simply so quick and effective to use.

      It does make my hair feel like it has texture and natural movement too however the one negative for me is that this product really does dull down my natural shine but hey this is meant to give my hair a beach bum look and actually it kind of does!

      I didn't think I'd like this one as much as I do to be honest and it was a bit of a punt of a purchase on my part just cos I wanted to try out some new products out but it really is rather good. I love the fresh scent, love my waves and curls looking more defined and that this just makes my hair look good, shame about my loss of shine to my hair though which I pride myself on so I wouldn't use this of an evening out with my new fella or my mates but yep for a daytime look it really is good!

      I bought mine in Boots and it cost me £7.19 which does sound a lot but a little of it does go a really long way and sometimes it is on offer.....use Google to find it cheaper if possible!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        09.05.2013 19:52
        Very helpful



        I wouldn't recommend this

        On occasion I tend to read the odd beauty blog just for hints and tips on what products are out there, what's worth trying, how to use them and whatever else they have on there. I've been looking for a good hair product for a while to give my fine and boringly straight hair some texture. After stumbling upon this on a blog I decided to purchase it and see if it lives up to the hype! I've never tried any other Toni and Guy products before purely because of the price, but if this did as it claims I thought it would be worth it.

        ~WHAT IS IT?~
        It's a Sea Salt Texturising spray for your hair from Toni and Guy. It's from their 'Casual' range of styling products which gives a massive hint towards the look that you'll be aiming to achieve with this product. Sea salt sprays are meant to give you that beach hair, effortless 'sexy' look (that is if you're able to pull it off, haha). Soft but messy waves has always been a popular look but is often hard to get with heated curling tongues or straighteners unless you have already wavy or big natural hair. Toni and Guy claim that this product "creates texture and natural movement with light hold". Having long and fine hair myself, I thought this sounded like the perfect product to add some texture.

        You have a choice between two sizes of the bottles:
        200ml at £7.19
        75ml at £2.19
        I bought the 75ml bottle as £7.19 would be quite a lot of money down the drain if I didn't actually like the product, and thought it would be best to test it out first. Mine was bought from Boots in store, but it is also on their online shop, from Toni and Guy online and probably elsewhere in other drug stores, supermarkets or hairdressers.

        ~THE BOTTLE~
        The bottle for this Sea Salt spray is a lovely blue/green type colour and looks quite stylish (like something you'd buy from a hair salon) with white text on the front saying the brand name, what it is and 'casual' down the side to show which Toni and Guy range this belongs to. Obviously by the name, it is a spray pump that you use to get the product out of the bottle. I found this worked well and sprayed a nice even amount onto my hair each time, and it hasn't broken at all yet (like most spray bottles)...I hope I haven't spoken too soon!

        The pump spray gives out a decent amount of the clear water-like liquid and a few sprays covers your hair nicely. The directions say to use it on dry hair, which I did after I had washed and dried it to achieve the best results, but it can also be used on damp hair. It has a lovely fresh, maybe a little bit of a sweet scent to it which I really like, I think it makes my hair smell really clean. After spraying it on all parts of my hair, I ran my fingers through making sure it had reached every part and left it 10 minutes before waiting for any results.

        I found that it didn't create any waves at all in my hair. It made it feel slightly thicker than it usually would however it didn't do as it claimed. For the price that they charge it didn't live up to my expectations. Although it did smell nice, and the liquid didn't leave any residue on my hair or make it feel greasy, I really was looking for something more from this product. I found that about an hour after applying it to my hair it just felt back to normal again and you wouldn't even be able to tell that I'd applied anything to it. At £7.19 for a 200ml bottle this isn't the kind of product that you can afford to keep applying every hour of the day either.

        If you're hair is like mine: long, straight and quite fine, I wouldn't recommend buying it as the results are poor. It may work better if you're hair is already slightly wavy/curly and you'd just like to make it a bit thicker and textured, or if you have shorter hair that isn't weighed down it might find it easier to create waves. I'm disappointed with this and wouldn't buy it again, and I'll probably think twice about buying anything from the Toni and Guy range again.


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        14.09.2012 17:33
        Very helpful



        Get the beach-bum look with this product.

        This is the third Toni and Guy product that I'm reviewing which I recieved in a 'Bzzkit' from a group called BzzAgent. As a member I recieve free products to test so I can then share my opinion of these products with friends on online. To be perfectly honest this is not a product I would have bought myself. I tried a different brand of sea salt spray a few years ago and found that it was not something I really needed. However, I was willing to try this kind of product again seeing as it was a freebie.

        This is called a Sea Salt Texturising Spray and it's part of the Toni and Guy 'Casual' styling range. The product is said to create "texture and natural movement with light hold". The specific look that sea salt sprays are supposed to give you is that 'fresh from the surf' look - an effortless, shaggy but sexy shape and style. As I mentioned, I would not ordinarily buy any sea salt spray since I already have hair that natually looks like surf-bum hair and I can achieve this look without much help from any products! I would therefore suggest that sea salt sprays work best on those with fine, straight long or short hair styles.

        The product comes in a snazzy looking green plastic bottle which is sized at 200ml or 6.8 US. Fl Oz. The bottle is marked with a large print saying 'Casual' so you know which kind of style you'd be getting from using this kind of product. Full ingredients are printed on the bottle as are contact information. There is also some helpful information about how to use the product to best effect and what you can do to finish off your look by using layering products from the Casual Styling collection.

        The bottle has a pump spray button on the top. Unfortunately my pump button malfunctioned on the first time I used it (had to reattach it) but I'm hoping this is just a one off. The spray comes out of the nozzle like fine rain and it's easy to direct it where you want. The product is a clear watery substance that has a very sweet, sugary scent. I expected it perhaps to smell like ocean water but it smells great but very girly. I have noticed that after using this if there is any product dripped around the lid it turns into a crusty salty substance which forms the top. It can also form around the nozzle so you may need to wipe it between uses.

        You can use this spray on either damp or dry hair. You should spray evenly and then use fingers to pull through the hair to create ragged waves. On dry hair this product takes quite some time to dry and when it does it makes hair look tousled, soft and frayed - like you've spent a summer at the beach perhaps. I'm not suggesting this product makes hair look rough or messy - it does give a light hold but it also creates that kind of tufty texture which looks unique. The key though is that this is a controlled 'messiness'! The product helps create a style that can only ever be called 'casual' so in my opinion this product would be great for younger women who perhaps have more time and opportnity to play with their hair.

        I have found that using this on certain unruly sections of my hair around the front can help to make the hair look more shaped, styled and less frizzed than usual so I expect I'll use this product from time to time. I would especially recommend this to those with straighter hair types though.

        You can currently get this product at chemists like Boots and it retails at £7.19.

        Check out the website for more information on the Toni and Guy range:


        This review also appears on Ciao!


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          31.08.2012 20:53
          Very helpful



          Toni & Guy: Sexy Beach Hair In An Instant

          Product: Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray
          Price: £4.75 for 200ml
          Purchased: I received this from Bzzagent to test but you can purchase this from Boots.

          **Why I received this product **

          I love skincare, hair care and beauty and I work as a blogger and PR consultant so I have to be critical of products to find the ones that really set the bar high. I joined Bzzagent because it gave me the opportunity to test out products for free but I could still tell them if I thought something should be tweaked or if something was poop.

          As a Bzz agent I regularly have to fill in surveys that tell them if I am a good fit for the products and brand and I'm guessing Bzz Agent could see just how much I love beauty because I was sent this lovely spray to try.

          **Why Sea salt spray**

          I have fine, slightly wavy and boring hair. I made it my mission this year to really try and upgrade my hair and my look in to something more professional but still fun. The main aim for me personally is being able to do my hair but it not taking an age, I tend to not be as high maintenance as some of my friends purely because I find products that work well and stick to them.

          I had heard that sea salt spray is great if you have slightly wavy hair as it leaves your hair wavy but not frizzy and it's easy to apply leaving you with a newly tousled look but without the curlers, I had to try it out because I wanted to see if it was true.

          ** The product**

          Toni & Guy recently brought out a few new ranges and this product belongs to the casual range. The packaging looks very sleek and modern and is primarily a slate green colour. The bottle is a spray bottle which has a matte feel to it but the typography and branding has a glossy rubber feel which is very now (have you seen all of the matte with glossy/rubber sections in the Pinterest nail art boards) and it has a pull off cap which houses the spray section of the bottle.

          It also doesn't have a huge amount of fragrance which is nice, the scent is hard to describe but I would say it's the typical Toni & Guy hairdresser scent which could be fresh and floral.

          **How to use**

          The instructions say that you can create texture and natural movement with light hold just spray evenly on damp hair to dry hair and style with your fingers. I personally flipped my damp hair over so my hair was upside down and sprayed all over and then flipped my hair back doing the same and teased each section in to place which was easy peasy.


          I have used a few salt sprays over the years with the last ones being a Bumble & Bumble and Charles Worthington. I found the Toni & Guy one was the easiest to use because it really was just a case of spraying and teasing your hair in to a style. The Toni & Guy also didn't leave sticky sections like the Charles Worthington did and it didn't leave my hair feeling frazzled and dry like the Bumble & Bumble did.

          I also found that my fine hair did not end up going frizzy during the day like it normally does which was something that worried me prior to using the product; after all there is nothing worse than a head of frizz during a meeting.

          Overall I would highly recommend this product if like me you are looking for a product that leaves you with a nice style without taking all morning. Also if you have fine, flyaway or frizzy hair you have nothing to worry about as the Toni & Guy salt spray tackles these problems.

          I'm not sure how it would work on thicker hair however but the product does come in a smaller 75ml size so you can always purchase the smaller size before purchasing full sized.


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            23.08.2012 17:18
            Very helpful



            A salon quality product for giving hair the seaside look

            For most of my adult life I've had short hair and currently have it styled in a pixie cut which is very short, layered and slightly spiky and though it's one of the easiest styles I've ever had, it does benefit from a little help from hair products from time to time especially those which give it a bit of extra body and texture.

            Anyone who has ever visited the seaside will know all too well that a day at the coast with all that sea spray and onshores breezes usually results in hair becoming sticky with salt and taking on a tousled, slightly wavy and textured look. This Toni & Guy product aims to replicate that seaside hair minus the stickiness.

            Considering that the main ingredients for this product are 'aqua' or water if we're calling a spade a spade, and salt, this texturising spray doesn't come cheap and I suspect that most of the £7.19 that it costs is down to the fact that it carries the Toni & Guy brand name. The ingredients list does include other items such as oils and perfumes plus the usual incomprehensible scientific names some of which are parabens.

            The product comes in a 200 ml plastic spray bottle bearing the Toni & Guy logo and the spray works by capillary rather than an aerosol action. The bottle is recyclable and the product remains usable for 12 months though I suspect you'll finish the bottle long before the expiry date. I've had my current bottle for just under two months, using it daily and it's almost finished.

            The Toni & Guy brand has been around since the Sixties and the main London salon has been at the forefront of hair care for the last fifty years. They claim that this spray 'creates texture and natural movement with light hold' and I won't argue with that.

            Using the sea salt spray couldn't be easier and it can be used on either wet or dry hair. If using on wet hair, spray the product evenly and scrunch and finger dry using your hair dryer. If using on dry hair, apply in the same manner and then either finish off with the hair dryer or simply finger comb through. Whichever method you use and whether your hair is long or short, it helps to do this with your head down towards the floor to allow gravity to assist in the process and to give some root lift. The end result is casual styling with just enough body and hold to look natural and slightly windswept. I can only comment on its effectiveness on short hair, however, my daughter sometimes uses this on her long hair with great results.

            It's worth mentioning the scent of this product which is lovely and leaves hair smelling as though it's just received a professional salon treatment.

            Although my absolute favourite sea salt spray is that made by Fudge, this Toni & Guy spray is equally effective and comes in a very close second. It makes styling hair easy, gives great results and unlike many other hair lacquers and holding sprays it doesn't leave any residue in the hair. In my opinion, this is a 5 star product.


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