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Toni & Guy Model.Me Erin Quick Fix Dry Shampoo

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Brand: Toni & Guy / Type: Hair Shampoo / Suitable for: dry hair

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    2 Reviews
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      13.10.2009 13:03
      Very helpful



      quality dry shampoo

      As mentioned in previous reviews, I have very dry, curly hair, and while sometimes I can live with that, a lot of the time, I turn to my straightening irons for assistance, whether it be to straighten or curl my hair. Therefore, once I've styled it, I want to leave it alone, as it takes a while to do, but sooner or later I know I'll have to wash it again, and start the whole ghastly process all over again.
      Onto the scene comes the concept of dry shampoo - you don't need to wash your hair, just spray this on at the roots and your hair with be all clean again! Hmm, I thought, now there's an idea.
      So I went out and got this one, and it does indeed do what it says on the can! If I'm too rushed for a shower and blow-dry and style (which takes waaaay too long some days) then this is perfect! I just spray it on at the roots for a little while (not too long as I discovered that if you put too much on it's like talcum powder), give the top layer of my hair a quick re-style (if it needs it, which it sometimes doesn't) and I'm good to go!
      It doesn't smell amazing, which I was a little disappointed at, because lots of the other Toni and Guy hair products smell very good. However, although I try not to use it too much, as it really just is a quick fix and you shouldn't go too long between showers, but it is a good product, and it gets the job done.


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        01.11.2008 23:53
        Very helpful



        For sensible people this is great though I never said I was sensible did I? lol

        I am someone who washes my hair every single day of my life for my sins and if I'm going out for the evening I'll re wash it as well. All of us with common sense know that no matter how good a shampoo and conditioner deems to be it's not sensible to do this to your hair.

        I think my obsession with being generally clean comes from being a heavy smoker. I would wash my hair, live my day and in that time smoke about 30 cigarettes. Then a mate or a fella would say fancy coming out tonight and I'd think I must get rid of the smell of what I'd had already before continuing smoking more and becoming more rancid and I'd jump in the bath or the shower only to start the stinking process up again but I do think I needed said bath or shower particularly as when I was a bit on the skint side I would literally almost eat roll ups! (not quite but I'm sure you get my drift!).

        However since quitting smoking and having found this hair care range I'm now styling my hair beautifully and the results are lasting me a couple of days without feeling the need to re wash and style so often. With the help of these products (I bought most of the products in the range as they were much less than half price at the time I bought them), I have been achieving beautifully soft and shiny locks that I always dreamt of with barely any need for even a touch up. However I still want to freshen up my hair and with the richness and hydrating properties of some of the products I've been using lately from time to time I have suffered greasy roots so when I saw this I decided that it was a worth having a go as A) it was so cheap, at £1.37 a tin, but I must add it's back up in price in Boots to £2.74 a tin and that's still an offer price with the usual price tag of £5.49 and B) I've never tried a dry shampoo before and kept meaning to try Tropical Baliste. Whatever excuse I have it was on sale and that was that really lol The other thing I guess was with now quitting smoking I just feel cleaner and that I'm able to use this and am my hair is cleaner so I can!

        About The Range....

        Model.Me is a range of Toni&Guy products revolving around three women. Helena christensen (Model), Erin (Model), and Jamelia (Singer and Model). There are quite a few products within this range and they are all designed in the same shape and colour but each woman has different products and is involved (allegedly) in creating them. So each woman has a shampoo and conditioner in her honour and then from there styling products. So Helena's range are about caring and protecting hair, Jamelia's is about smoothing and hydrating (afro hair is particularly in mind) and Erin's is about sculpting, shaping, defining and shine. As I said earlier I pretty much now own everything that's on offer in the Model.me range due to recent sale.

        The Packaging....

        200ml bright aluminium white cylinder tin with an aerosol sprayer. On the front of the tin I'm told in light blue and silver writing that it is Toni&Guy, Model.Me 'Erin', Quick Fix Dry Shampoo (Refreshes Your Style) and the size is stated (as I've told you already). On the back of the tin I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, cautions (as it's an aerosol), ingredients are listed, size is once again stated, recycle symbol is on there, contact details for Model.Me are given and finally there is bar-code. I really like the packaging of this product. The can is very classy looking being white and smooth to the touch and it's all very plain looking but with all the information on it you could possibly need and is suitable for a man or a woman to be seen buying it!

        About The Product.... According to Erin....

        Working in the fashion industry has enabled me to be a part of the creative process, to push boundaries, experiment with extreme styles, and explore the constantly evolving trends. My hair really is a huge part of who I am and my Model.Me fashion inspired products developed with the technical expertise of Toni&Guy, mean anyone can achieve the boldest hairstyles with speed and ease.

        My Quick Fix Dry Shampoo instantly refreshes your hair by removing excess oils and leaving it feeling full of body. With an odour neutralising ingredient to leave your hair smelling great, this true life saver is quick and convenient to use whatever you are.

        Directions For Use...

        Shake can vigorously before use. Hold approximately 30cm from hair and spray lightly and evenly then style as usual. Simple!

        My Experience Of Using The Product....

        So I used this for the first time without reading anything about it first and I shook it up and sprayed it over freshly combed hair. Well oh my word I almost died for real! On black hair I went patchy grey and like Santa! Mostly I looked like a kid who'd been playing with a pot of talcum powder and come off worse! This is where I learnt a valuable lesson! Read up about a product first before using it so I did that sat on the loo for next time so I knew what I'd be doing!

        It's important with this to follow the directions to the letter about holding the can 30cm or further away from the hair and spraying it and to really not use very much of it. I find the best way of using this is to simply use it where it's really needed to give the product something to work with/on and in my case I mainly spray it on to my roots with after a day or so of my hair not being washed and looking rather greasy, far too shiny and just ... well flat really.

        Spray too close to the head and you get my first experience with the product. It will come out far too fast and coat the hair thickly in powder. Spray at arms length and it's easy to evenly coat where you want it to go, just always bare in mind less is more. The fragrance is nice enough. Slightly floral and a bit sweet it actually smells like a talc in alot of ways but it rather faint and as time goes on the smell just vanishes into thin air.

        When on the hair brush/comb it through thoroughly and providing you haven't gone mad with the product and you have a powder effect rather than a damp stodgy, thick powder style as usual. Add more if you feel you need more and take your time to get it right. When done use your usual products or heated appliances.


        Mixed. Used in a light handed way yes you can get good results depending on your hair type of course. On my hair this works well on my greasy roots which are very greasy indeed. The results do depend of course on if you have other hair products on your hair or not and if my hair is free of hair products and I spray on this then it gets rid of grease for a few hours but if I have products in my hair such as serums etc then it helps for a matter of a about an hour and then I'm back to square one but either way this seems to really dampen down the appearance of grease on the hair without making hair go dull or lifeless. If in the hair properly you can't feel it and it's weightless so no dragging down of the hair or anything like that. You can forget it's there and it keeps hair hydrated and not dry.

        You do have to be incredibly careful using this and really do check in a good light that powder isn't visible once you think you've finished styling. I imagine if your not careful and have say blond hair and use too much of this on your hair, hair could look a greeny/grey and black hair like mine goes grey etc and it's too hard to brush it through and out if you make a mistake as I mentioned previously.

        Not my favourite product in this range at all but still not bad. The smell is rather disappointing and although it can work if I put the effort in I'm not the most careful person in the world and am prone to making mistakes so find it hard to use and I get a bit panicked at the thought of using this! Yes it can work and when it does it's great but when it goes wrong... you have to wash hair anyway so you've wasted your time!

        I can't compare this to any other dry shampoo's on the market but I would repurchase this for emergencies now I know how to use it but I will always be aware of the pitfalls!


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