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Toni & Guy Model.Me Helena Movement Balm

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Brand: Toni & Guy / Texture: Fluid / Type: Hair Balm / What it does: regenerates / Quality Standard: Organic

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      09.11.2008 01:08
      Very helpful



      One of my top ten must haves!

      Do you ever get caught up in the moment of seeing what can only be deemed as a bargain price-wise in a store and end up buying stuff and only when you get home and are recovering from your frenzied buying state and getting a bit of a come down looking at what you've purchased with amazement...thinking why though and god how much have I spent?

      Well that's me. The majority of my life. In fact welcome to my world lol Only this doesn't usually when I get home. No I get so excited that on the bus on the way home from town I empty out the contents of my bags and examine my purchases usually with horror thinking why oh why and where am I going to put it all.

      A couple of weeks ago I came into contact with this range for the first time. If anyone has been reading my reviews of late they will now know I'm a Boots addict. I'm also a bargain addict. Although I wouldn't say I'm a Toni&Guy addict as such when I see a range within a range (Model.Me) is that said range, reduced to less than half price I do what any self respecting modern, bargain hunting shopaholic would do on a rainy Wednesday afternoon....

      Buy one of everything on offer whether I needed it or not of course! In my mind even if the stuff I bought was rubbish least the pots and bottles would look look elegant on my dressing table and who'd know I spent literally pennies on stuff like this? Looking at the range I own now makes me feel well posh and ladylike! Now as I said I bought this at less than half price so I paid £1.37. Since then the price, although still advertised as an offer that is temporary is £2.75 although the website is saying that it is now back to the full price of £5.49 a tub. Saying that I saw it just yesterday at £2.75 a tub. So ladies hurry. Prices look like they are about to rise on this fabulous item and this fabulous range in general!

      About The Product....

      Ok so the brand is Toni&Guy. These are Model.Me products and this range is like the understated little sister of the effervescent older sibling that sort of basks quietly in the shade of the Toni&Guy range. Where as Toni&Guy is a noticeable big brand, usually heavy branded and in noticeable packaging the Model.Me range is about simplicity. It is not heavily branded or in your face in any way shape or form. Usually situated next to the Toni&Guy products most of us are familiar with although this range was so heavily discounted that the shelves were full and women seemed to be missing the bargains. The packaging is simple. It's all white, well thought out, functional and understated. It's what drew me to the product, I just like the sophistication of it all.

      Now Model.Me is based around 3 women. So to clarify Model.Me a range within Toni&Guy and then Helena Christensen (Model), Erin (Model) and Jamelia (Singer & Model) all have a bunch of products in their honour that apparently they have all been involved of the making of. All the packaging of the products look the same and of course you can mix and match all the products on offer to your hearts content. Sure they all smell different but what's happened is that these 3 women's hair types actually represent the broad spectrum of most women's hair. So all 3 women have a shampoo and a conditioner in their range and then they all have different products from there on. So Erin's products are one's such as styling paste and styling glue. Her range is about shape, definition and texture. Then Jamelia owns Afro hair so her range is about hydrating and smoothing hair with blow dry lotion and a serum and that type of thing. Helena's range is about protecting and caring for the hair with vitamin protection spray and radiant styling spray and the likes. There''s plenty to choose from.

      The range that interested me the most was Helena's to be honest. Who doesn't want naturally bouncy, soft and natural hair like hers. So one of my purchases was this movement balm.

      The Packaging...

      Well all you get with this is the pot. Unlike other products from this range that I have reviewed this doesn't come with a cardboard sleeve over it and all you end up with is a sleek white square tub that is recyclable and 85ml in size. The lid twists on and of easily and the whole thing has a really nice smooth and solid, robust feel to it. I just love the packaging of this range so much!

      On the front of the pot in lilac and silver writing I'm told it's Toni&Guy, Model.Me 'Helena', Movement Balm and then in smaller writing I'm told it creates sensual movement for softer styles. The rest of the tub is plain and then on the base there is a lilac label that in small black writing tells me a warning (about avoiding contact with the eyes), there is a bar-code, the size is stated and the recycle symbol is shown. Now out of all the Model.Me products I have bought and reviewed (so far) this gives the least information. Yes my tub looks nice but there are no contact details on here for Model.Me (as there are on other products) and there are no instructions. At all.

      Looking on the Boots website itself again no information on using the product. All Boots says is....

      'Toni & Guy Model.Me Helena Movement Balm creates shiny waves with natural bounce. Organic Olive Oil moisturises your hair by restoring natural oils so that it emanates shine'. Further information reads 'Toni & Guy Model.Me Helena Movement Balm is part of the Toni & Guy Model.Me Helena range which is an exclusive collection of Helena's favourite products infused with a delicious unique fragrance and backed by the technical expertise of Toni&Guy. Products that you can trust to care for your hair. Naturally Beautiful.

      Toni & Guy Model.Me Helena Movement Balm contains intelligent conditioners to target dry areas and humectants protect from heat damage for healthier waves'.

      Hmm well yep we still at a loss from both Model.Me and Boots who sold me the product on how to use it. Also nowhere did it say this was for 'wavy' hair on the product so you wouldn't know who it was aimed at. I'm telling you this in case you have wavy hair and are interested of course. Me I didn't know this till writing the review of course so I'm...well I'm shocked.

      Please read on it'll become clearer why! Also before I forget I have looked online for information on how to use this product including Toni&Guy.com and unless I'm going batty I can't find any information there either. So it's down to common sense me thinks!...oh dear!

      Using It....

      Well because there is little information on this product, well to be more accurate none I've been using it as I think it should be used. I wash and condition my hair, towel dry it gently and brush/comb it through before getting to work with this product. The 'lotion' itself is white and opaque. It's pourable as it's quite runny but it isn't at the same time like water. It's none sticky and when you put a little in your hands and rub it through ready to distribute it through your hair not only does it feel fabulously soft like an amazingly expensive hand cream the smell is simply divine. Now describing the smell is really difficult! It's quite fragrant but has a very natural smell to it and it's none distinctive. Model.Me says that this product contains Olive Oil and this is definitely the theme. Natural, fuss free and none stinking I love the fresh, unisex whiff this has to it.

      You really don't need much of this but the amount you use is of course up to you as always because using this product you can't go wrong anyway. I use about the size of a 10p on my below shoulder length hair and as I say I spread it through my palms first and gently smooth down my hair. It spreads and absorbs really easily and you can feel where it's hit and where it hasn't because hair feels like it has a really amazing hair conditioner in it. I then simply comb/brush it through to make sure all my hair is coated. Very simple process this is.

      Now if you leave it to dry naturally no results are visual really. Hair feels soft but unstyled. It may feel in nice condition but my frizz pings into action and it's just no good on my hair really.

      My impression with this though is that it is a styling product and because it does contain heat protection is meant to be used with heated appliances. I use this product and this product alone as I have no reason to need to use anything else and simple to use? It gets a hundred out of five from me as this is off the radar good!

      I simply blow dry my hair, with fingers, brush/comb or I simply rough dry it. Just through doing that I can style my hair in the main. I personally wouldn't want to wear my hair wavy as I stated earlier but I could if I really wanted to. This creates soft volume and life. It's anti flattening, not at all heavy, none sticky and it very slightly is controlling and in a really natural way. Bye bye frizz. Bye bye fly-aways and bye bye split,dry ends. Hello to glossy bouncy hair. Hello to hair I can't stop touching. It feels as smooth and soft as it appears and the smell is so nice I get comments on it all the time. The smell isn't in your face but it does stay fresh, light and clean.

      Although happy with all of those results of course I do use by Ghd's. I'm not going to argue but in my view Ghd's are the best, most powerful hair straighteners made for public consumption at the moment. Being the Daddy sometimes Ghd's really flatten some of the body I've put into my hair because all they care about it straightening my hair to their best of their ability.

      Not with this product though. My Ghd's are in love with this. Although my Ghd's are burning up they glide through this product like a dream. Each strand of hair feels protected when I touch it after straightening it. My hair feels like silk. My hair looks like spun silk and my mate Elaine said will you please stop stroking your hair! It's that good and even the following day I find that the results I've achieved with this product haven't made my greasy roots spit up their usual grease in defiance and my hair if I wanted to I could leave because it still looks good and healthy.


      I've rated all the products I've tried from this range very highly indeed. In fact I'm sure they've all got 5/5 (but for one) but this, for me is simply the best one and is definitely one I will repurchase time and time again even at the full price because it's just a delight in every respect to use and wear.

      With using this I do feel like I have a naturally beautiful product. It is what it is and that is a Movement Balm but that's just the tip of the iceberg with this tub of magic. Yes my hair is swingable. My long hair falls back into place and it's perfection to look at. I've looked at celebrities on the television and often wondered how come their hair is like that and my mop should sit in a bucket and clean floors because it's just unruly and wild no matter how much I spend on it or time and attention I give it. Well this gives me that beautiful look and when I've straightened my hair I don't just look a million dollars I truly feel it and go out knowing my hair is going to behave itself. Humidity doesn't bother this bad boy and it's in control at all times. I don't even have to comb my hair when I'm out anymore! My hair is shiny as hell when my hair contains this and that means I can ditch the spray on shines I've been buying of late and no hairspray is needed either. Hair feels soft and I mean really without that fluffy feel. Broken hairs etc vanish and it does all the above without making fine hair appear finer.

      Do I recommend this? Hell yes because anything that means our hair isn't ruling our lives for me is a must. Anyone could use this even us gals with prone to greasy roots and gals with dry hair would certainly benefit. It's a gem of a find this one and so very versatile to use. I'm happy to use my heated rollers or tongs after drying my hair instead of straighteners for a neat tousled look. I'm happy to leave my hair dry naturally just to get my hair feeling healthy but mostly as a straightening addict I never want to be without it for that silky look and shiny appearance that I've been on a quest on for years!

      Forget wasting money on stuff. Forget buying stuff because it's on offer or part of a deal. If you want an all round great product look no further! I'm in control now and my hair isn't! About time too!


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      Containing organic olive oil so you can emanate shiny waves with natural bounce /

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