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Toni & Guy Model.Me Jamelia Affinity Serum

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Brand: Toni & Guy / Cremes / Type: Hair Serum / What it does: Smoothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      01.03.2009 21:01
      Very helpful



      I'm a Model.Me fanatic!

      I have really coarse, dry hair which is prone to split ends and frizz. (Good job I'd not trying to write a description of myself for a dating website!) The truth is I really hate my hair and I'm always looking out for miracle products that might transform my hair into the silky smooth tresses of a model. I always use a serum after washing my hair and usually add a tiny bit to dry hair too, just to smooth away any frizz that has escaped! Without serum my hair is totally unmanageable but, even with it, my hair isn't as glossy and smooth as I'd like it to be -sigh!

      When I spotted the Toni & Guy Model.Me range on sale at a bargain price in Home Bargains, I went a bit mad and bought pretty much everything in the range that seemed suitable for my hair type. Amongst my stash of goodies was this Jamelia Affinity Serum for which I paid £1.59 (RRP is £6.99). All of the Model.Me products are endorsed by one of three top models - Helena Christensen, Erin O'Connor and Jamelia. This serum, obviously, is part of the Jamelia range which, although designed to appeal to women with Afro hair, should be suitable for anybody with particularly dry hair as well.

      All of the items in the range come in the same style of packaging which is a square white plastic bottle encased in a card sleeve which lists the ingredients and gives a bit more information about the miracles that the stuff is supposed to work. I like the fact that the bottles all co-ordinate, particularly as it looks like an expensive range, but the square shape isn't all that practical really as you try to grip it and dispense the serum using the pump dispenser.

      I tried this for the first time after using shampoo and conditioner from the Model.Me Helena range (which did already work wonders on my frizzy mop!) I added just a tiny bit of serum to my freshly washed locks and was immediately struck by the gorgeous fragrance of coconut! Lovely! It wasn't overpowering once I'd smoothed it through my hair but it was still noticeable even a few hours later so be warned if you don't like the smell of coconuts. (The smell does wear off after a while though and isn't detectable the day after washing my hair.)

      The serum seemed a bit thicker than my usual brand (John Frieda Frizz Ease) and I was wary about adding too much, particularly as this serum was marketed at people with Afro hair. The small amount that I added didn't make my hair seem greasy at all and it just smoothed down my hair ready for blow-drying. After blow-drying, my hair was much softer, smoother and glossier than usual. The claim on the box is that it '..is specially formulated to calm your hair, leaving it smooth and glossy. A blend of silicones control and add shine, whilst smoothing your hair, minimising the appearance of split ends and making blow drying easier.' I have to admit that the stuff seemed to do everything that it promised! It certainly left my hair smooth and glossy and added much-needed shine. Since the first use, I've tried this in conjunction with other shampoos and conditioners and the serum really does seem to make a genuine difference to the visible condition of my hair.
      I've also used a tiny bit of this serum on my dry hair in the mornings with successful results. I just smooth a bit through before tying my hair up for work and it calms the odd bit of frizz that has risen its head. Just be careful because this really is a thick serum and it is easy to add just that bit too much. Take it from somebody who knows! Oops!

      The only drawback to this serum is the price. Although I only paid £1.59 for a 150ml bottle at Home Bargains, it is currently on sale in Boots.com at £6.84. Yes, this is a really effective serum but I would still think twice about paying that much for it. Luckily I've stocked up on a few bottles of the stuff while I've got a cheap supply and that should last me for a long time as you only need a tiny amount per application. If you spot this stuff going cheap, stock up and buy the rest of the range too- I did!


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        31.10.2008 01:15
        Very helpful



        A must buy for anyone!

        I don't get on with serums one bit. I never have and to prove that point I write very few reviews on this type of product though try with them I really do. My hair can feel and appear quite dry at times and I do think adding a little /greasy liquid can help, though a lot of products are just far too greasy for the majority of us and if you have combination hair like mine which has greasy, shiny roots within an hour of washing it and the rest being a bit brittle and frizzy then purchasing hair products can be shall we say difficult to say the least?!?

        Now although I purchase a lot of hair care products I do buy them cheaply and always look out for bargains. I never pay over a couple of quid for anything purely because I own so many products already I simply can't justify it to myself. Like when I purchased this serum I already owned five other serums that I don't use as it is!

        I adore Boots. I spend most of my life in there and with plenty of time on my hands I have the time to mooch around to my hearts content really looking for the brilliant bargain buys and that's when I came across this range. I had seen it before in the past but also known it for it's high price (in my opinion). I have tried some Toni&Guy shampoo and conditioner in the past which I really loved but being at around £6.00 a product although I really rated it, it just seemed alot of money to part with and I really do hammer shampoo's and conditioners!

        This Model.Me range is part of the Toni&Guy range. Toni&Guy packaging is rather funky and distinctive and this differs to the point you can hardly tell it's Toni&Guy at all. It's an understated and elegant range in it's approach and not plastered in saying it's Toni&Guy. All the products on offer are in white and square pots or oblong bottles and very elegant looking indeed. The range revolves around three famous women. One being Erin (a model who although I say is famous I don't personally know her being perfectly honest lol), Helena Christensen (model) and Jamelia (singer and model). All three women have a range within this range and all three hair types these ladies possess pretty much covers everything us normal women could need for our hair. As I said all products have the same packaging but belong to a different woman who's face adorns the cardboard sleeve that goes with her corresponding product. So all women have a shampoo and conditioner assigned to them and from there each woman has different products on offer. Me, I pretty much bought everything within the entire range!

        It's fair to say that I was caught up in the buying spirit of things (nothing unusual there though!). This product is normally £6.99 a bottle but now on offer at £3.49 a bottle. I however got my bottle at £1.75 and in fact all all my purchases were cheaper than the now advertised prices and all I can think is that they've put prices up somewhat but you can still get them half price and even at full price I'd buy this product and I'm sure I shall do in the future at some point.

        The Packaging....

        It's a 150ml square white plastic, bottle and the lid is also a square that completely clicks onto the base of where the product is stored and therefore the product/bottle is an oblong shape. Take the lid off it you have a rather long white plastic push button dispenser which is quite solid and robust. On the front of the base in lilac and silver writing I'm told it's 'Tony&Guy Model.Me 'Jamelia', Affinity Serum (creates silky smooth hair) and then the size is state (as I've listed already). On the back I'm told directions for use, warnings and contact details for Model.me. I really love the packaging. As I stated earlier it looks rather simple but elegant and also very professional and expensive looking.

        Over the bottle there is of course the cardboard sleeve I mentioned earlier and in this case it's all in a lilac colour apart from the front. On the front there is a photograph of a rather lovely Jamelia with gorgeous, sleek, shiny hair (of course lol) and then in lilac and white writing I'm told exactly what I'm told on the bottle as to what it is and who it's by etc. On the back I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use once again, warnings and ingredients are listed. On the bottom of the sleeve there is a bar-code and contact details for Model.Me are once again given and finally the recycle symbol is on there.

        About The Product... By Jamelia....

        As a singer and model, my hair's got to look fabulous at all times. As a woman & mother, I also want it to be luxurious and together with the scientific expertise and Afro-care knowledge of Toni&Guy, I've created a premium collection of Model.Me products that look, feel, an work brilliantly.

        My affinity serum is specially formulated to calm you hair, leaving it smooth and glossy. A blend of silicone's control and add shine, whilst smoothing your hair, minimising the appearance of split ends and making blow drying easier.

        Directions For Use....

        Apply to wet or dry hair and simply style as required.

        My Opinion....

        Wow wow and more wows! I love it. Have you ever asked for a link on this site for products you simply want to scream and shout about and make people sit up and listen about? Well that's me, here with you now! I'm sat here tapping away at the keyboard with steam coming out of it cos this range is something I want to convince you to try.

        Let me say firstly I'm on about this fabulous range in general and not only this product. Jamelia calls this a premium collection? Who am I to argue? This is without a doubt the best hair care collection I have ever tried! I'm so impressed I cant purvey it properly and I don't know where to start and so impressed am I that no longer will I touch my beloved Lee Stafford products when I have a big night out they are now relegated to everyday use as these are what I'm using. When you've tried this range I'm sure like me you'll appreciate the simplicity, smell and results of this unadulterated luxurious brand so much so you'll feel driven to kick out most of the other hair products you own because this is wonderful to use and makes everything else you use feel cheap and nasty!

        I was a bit concerned to be totally honest about using Jamelia's range. She is black and I am not making our hair types very different of course. Couple that with her saying on the packaging that this was made with Toni&Guy 'Afro' hair care specialists. Ok my hair can be a bit dry and frizzy I admit and yes I have split ends and fly-aways but do I need ten ton of oil slapped on my head? No is the answer of course and I assumed this product was going to give me a problem!

        Firstly lets discuss the actual product itself. I am incredibly impressed with the amount of product you get when you part with your cash. Remember this is a serum and usually when buying such a product you get quite a small tube. Not with this. You get loads and using this daily at the amount you need to evenly coat the longest/thickest of hair would last you about at least a year. All you need is literally one, maybe two pumps of which a very small amount comes out so the amount is very little per application making this even at £6.99 a bottle economical in my view..

        I use this on freshly washed and combed/brushed through hair which is still damp. The liquid is completely clear, smooth and is a cross between a gel and water in texture though it doesn't drip it isn't gloopy either. The striking thing about this is the smell! Coconuts and a bit of sweetness the fragrance is truly lovely and smells expensive and luxurious. Just dispensing this silky liquid into the hand is a nice experience and I find this product a joy to use on every level. It spreads easily onto the hair and doesn't feel one bit greasy and you just rub it through your hands first and really gently run your hands through your hair. Of course it's on your hands after you've applied it to your hair but you don't even have to wipe them off or wash them afterwards because skin absorbs it leaving no sticky residue feeling at all and hands feel moisturised as well!

        Once I've applied it to my hair I once again comb or brush it through not that I have any need to I just do it out of habit. I can feel that I've added softness to my hair in what feels a really natural way and I set about blow drying my hair as usual.

        I gently comb or brush my hair on a fairly hot heat teasing it straight because after all this is a smoothing product. The smell as I said is lovely and not too strong, there are no knots forming and hair is 50% straighter and smoother in my case with just the blow drying alone. I make sure my hair is completely dry and dry it is but still very hydrated and soft to the touch.


        Marvelous. Hair smells divine and stays that way for hours and people do comment on the fragrance. My hair is visibly smoother just after blow drying alone as I said but I whack my ghds on afterwards and not only do my straighteners glide through what I feel is a mirror shine mop of hair but it does it very fast indeed saving my electric and me from killing my hair with too much heat.

        The results are straight hair that feels and looks incredibly smooth and has a really natural feeling to it. My frizz is killed and stays killed even if I come into contact with humidity and this serum does this without the need for grease and doesn't weigh my hair down but controls fly-aways. My hair feels so glossy and the shine is flipping something else! You know the girls on the tv with perfect shiny locks? I achieve them! The shine is satin sheen shine looking and not one bit brassy or fake. Even the following day my hair after sleeping on it doesn't go greasy and holds most of it's style and no frizz comes back and me, I can get away with not washing it for two days after using this with minimal styling retouches if I wanted to and the smell is still slighty there and remains fresh!

        My hair can look perfect and that's only just something I'm getting to grips with lately since stumbling upon this amazing range. This is so simple to use. Knowing that it's a serum should stop you using too much and with all serums less is more and always remember you can add more product to your hair but you can't take it away. I've never made a mistake applying this and what's more even though I am prone to greasy roots I can caress my roots with this and I don't get greasy problems. I personally don't use it on dry hair but I'm sure I could if a problem such as frizz or flyaways popped up but for me once I've used this and created perfection anyway I don't have any problems that need fixing!

        Using it on afro or really dried out frizzy hair (worse than mine) dry I'm sure would be a fabulous treatment. I find that with this as well it's the only product I need on my hair, I don't even need hairspray once I have got my look perfected and another benefit is that I've been using this with the matching shampoo and conditioner from Jamelia's range and then I ran out of shampoo and conditioner and used some Alberto Balsam rubbish that was in my bathroom as I was took short and after using that my hair felt awful and dry. Well this, no matter what shampoo and conditioner you use will achieve amazing results. It fixes all ills! It works just as well and solves problems and I'm sorry ladies but this is truly a must buy and I heartily recommend this to you!


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        Specially formulated to calm your hair, leaving it smooth and glossy /

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