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Toni & Guy Model.Me Jamelia High Maintenance Pomade

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Brand: Toni & Guy / Type: Moulding Products

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    1 Review
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      09.11.2008 22:33
      Very helpful



      An amazing finishing product to keep you in control of your barnet!

      Pomade??? Ok I never realised I'd bought this in my shopping frenzy in Boots till I got home and peered into my bag of bargains! How many of us on here do that I wonder? lol I saw Toni&Guy Model.Me products on offer at less than half price and no matter what it was I grabbed one cos I just knew what a bargain I was getting! Bargain over-rode common sense and I've never bought anything I actually needed in my life!

      However I did wonder what possessed me with this particular product cos it suddenly struck me that pomade could be another name for pot of grease and what made me think that even more was Jamelia's hair type. She, being black has Afro hair. I don't. Yes my hair can be dry in places. Frizz, fly-aways and dried out straggly ends do plague me but not all the time and I do suffer greasy roots that go flat and shiny quite often so I need to be careful what products I use on my barnet cos quite often products don't fully suit 'combination' hair. Ok I was a bit worried but what softened the blow slightly was that I had paid £1.37 for my pot. A week later the price (still on offer) went up to £2.99 and now.. well the product is back up to it's usual first price of £5.99. So never mind I had an offer anyway!

      About The Range....

      Well this is a Toni&Guy product. This is like the older sister who in my mind is more sophisticated and elegant that the younger and noisy and generally more brash Toni&Guy products that most of us are more familiar with. This range is very sleek and smooth. Everything in the range comes in white plastic bottles or tubs and they all look exactly the same no matter who they are by...

      Who they are by? Yes cos three ladies have a range within this (Model.Me) range. Sounds complicated doesn't it? lol well it isn't. There are three ranges of products. One range is Helena Christensen (Model), another Erin (Model) and finally Jamelia (Singer and Model). So it works like this. Each lady has a shampoo and conditioner in her range and then from there there is a few products for her hair type. Each lady claims that she has had input into her products and with these products you can mix and match them (of course) as you wish but with the full range that is available all the products cover all of our hair types. So as an example Jamelia's range is about hydrating and smoothing dry hair with Serum, Blow Dry Liquid and of course this product (and a few more too). Erin has Styling Paste and Creative Styling Glue amongst other things to give definition and texture to hair and Helena's range focuses on protecting and nourishing the hair and giving it natural beauty with things like Vitamin Protection Spray and Movement Balm. As I said you can of course mix and match till you kind of make up a prescription for hair but saying that I've actually found that one product at a time is more than enough to control my unruly mop as all the products are so effective and rich and do what they promise to do!

      The Packaging....

      85ml white plastic tub with screw on/off lid. On the front I'm told in lilac and silver writing that this is Toni&Guy, Model.Me 'Jamelia', High Maintenance Pomade (Gives a chic smooth finish). On the bottom of the pot there is a lilac sticky label that once again tells me the size, gives me a warning (don't get it in your eyes?!), the recycle symbol is on there and finally there is a bar-code. There's the whole reason I love the packaging of these products. Simple, unfussy and understated. Love it! However no information is given on how to use it unlike so many other products in the range as most of them do come with information in the way of a cardboard sleeve and/or on the back of the bottle. However the pots (opposed to the bottles... don't have information adorning them).

      What Toni&Guy, Model.Me Say About Their Product.....

      Toni & Guy Model.Me Jamelia High Maintenance Pomade as humidity control is a perennial challenge for Afro hair, which is why this pomade has been formulated with a blend of oils to mould and sculpt graphic-led cuts while combating frizz.

      Toni & Guy Model.Me Jamelia High Maintenance Pomade is part of the Toni & Guy Model.Me Jamelia range which has been created together with the scientific expertise and Afro hair-care knowledge of Toni&Guy along with Jamelia who, as a singer and model, wants hair that looks fabulous at all times. As a woman & mother, she also want it to be luxurious, this premium collection of Model.Me products look, feel, and work brilliantly.

      Using It....

      Ok So after reading all that is said about the product by Model.Me this really does look like it's for people with Afro hair. Not put off though I decide I shall still use it and if I don't like it I'll have to bin it. It has to be worth a go after-all!

      The pomade itself itself is like a hard set jelly to the touch. You can dent the pale yellow (almost transparent) mixture with your fingers simply though. It isn't so hard it could break your fingers off it is moist and bouncy just not runny! The smell as are all of Jamelia's hair care products is really beautiful and to me the best fragrance out of all the ladies stuff. Rich and of coconut with alot of sweet to it this smells lovely and expensive and very well blended indeed.

      To use it I simply wipe my fingers over the pomade and on touch it melts gently. It does feel greasy and it melts quick obviously with body heat and the more you want the more you gently rub. I personally use this over my finished style so I need very little of it but it you wanted more you'd rub until the product sort of scums up a bit meaning you'd get more product on your hands to use. You could of course poke some out as well if you wanted/needed to.

      I then rub it gently through my hands and then down my style which is usually straightened with my hair straighteners and completely finished and this is in place of any fixing sprays, waxes or hairsprays or anything like that I'd normally use to keep my style in place. Of course you could use this on wavy or curly hair or in any way you desire as this is a really versatile product and isn't heavy.

      It spreads easily and evenly over the hair and is not one bit sticky. even when I have used this my hair I don't have to wash my hands if I don't want to, thought of course I do!


      Well after the ease of using it I didn't expect much from it but I was so wrong! This is simply really great and at the same seems to be very intelligent to my personal needs. It isn't as oily on the hair as it feels on the fingers. Hair drinks it up on contact and all you need to learn is how much to use. I can't tell you how much I use as I have nothing to compare it to but I always remember the saying you can add more but not take it away and this is very true but really I need so little of this that even if I used this everyday this pot would last me something like ten years! Seriously though you do need to watch where your storing it cos it will melt until liquid if it gets warm!

      This tames down frizzes, sculpts the hair and asks your hair very politely to stay in the shape and style as you styled it into. It does this in a very natural way and hair still manages to keep it's own natural movement and life. It doesn't feel heavy on the hair and once styled if you touch your hair your hands or body parts don't look or feel greasy which was a concern to me having long hair after-all and my hair brushing against my shoulders etc.

      It stops flyaways...flying. frizzes from popping up uninvited. It hydrates the hair gently and encourages flexibility, movement and shine. Yes shine! Lots of it my hair simply blings with a small amount of this on it. What's more the smell of this stays gently on your hair till you wash it out and at the same time really isn't an in your face smell! It's lush!

      It washes out easily always leaving no residue or a weighed down feeling. This I thought would be a pointless product. It really isn't. It's economical and value for money though if you have greasy hair, this I wouldn't recommend to you. I suffer with greasy roots and when styling my hair with this I do try to miss them out but if I do touch them it doesn't give me any problems but I do go out of my way not to do this so I don't give my hair a reason to kick off.

      For a product containing grease as in oil it's fabulous quality and easy to use. Recommended 100% for Afro hair by me. I can see why this is made for that hair type in mind. Curly, bleached or really dry brittle hair? Brilliant and on straggly/split ends this is fabulous too. This is a great little beauty product but I do say test a little in store before parting with your £5.99 first just to be sure and if you really are any of the hair types I mentioned then voila here's your solution! It's amazing and an amazing range!


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      Formulated with a blend of oils to mould and sculpt cuts while combatting frizz /

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