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Tresemme 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray

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3 Reviews

Brand: Tresemme / spray - volumising / Type: Body Spray

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    3 Reviews
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      26.03.2012 11:09
      Very helpful



      Adds a touch of vitality to hair but it's no miracle worker

      I came across this whilst browsing hair care products in Boots last year. I wanted something to create some style and life to my just-cut hair, and having used Tresemme before, I felt confident that it would be at least reasonably good at doing what it claims. Whilst I can't say this has been a miracle worker at holding a style, it's definitely been useful in giving my hair a healthier look.

      Tresemme are known for being 'used by professionals', with the advertising tagline of 'professional, affordable'. I'd say they're a very popular brand with a reputable image, creating products that are effective, modern and reasonably priced. Their ever-expanding range puts them at the top of hair care brands that can be found in most pharmacies, health and beauty online stores and supermarkets.

      This comes in a rather funky canister with a black and pink design. It's got a pink see through lid and push-down applicator nozzle. The front of the can tells us this is new, 'salon inspired' and has a '360 degrees actuator'. It's a finishing spray designed for 'lasting hold and bounce', so it's an option for when you want something to create a style.

      It's easy to use as the push-down spray isn't too hard to push down, unlike some I've used where I've felt like it would require the finger strength of 10 people to use it! A strong spray comes out just finely enough to provide good coverage without overdoing it. To use, shake the can well and hold 10-12 inches away from your hair then spray evenly. To get the best results and greater volume, spray between layers at the hair root. It's also recommended, strangely enough, to use alongside Tresemme's 24 hour body styling products. I find it works regardless of what shampoo you use, but having not tried it alongside theirs, I can't comment on if it would actually work better. The '360 degree salon inspired actuator' refers to the fact that you should be able to spray this from any angle and still get a constant, evenly spread spray.

      This has quite a sweet scent that's pretty and fairly feminine, which I really like on my hair. When used on dry hair to style, it seems to add a slight shine as well as a nice fragrance. I've found that, on my now shoulder length hair, it does add some 'bounce' and volume, mostly when I lift up sections of hair and spray at the roots. If I straighten my hair first and then spray, it helps to hold the style, but I wouldn't say it's strong enough to hold out a choppy style. I think that this is probably better suited for a softer style, to add a more natural shape and boost. It does seem to have a fairly long lasting effect, but again, I wouldn't necessarily say it would last you the 24 hours.

      Overall, I would recommend this for the certain styles. If you want something to add a little bit of bounce to a natural, soft look, then this is a reasonable option. It's easy to use and smells pretty, but it's not a miracle fix to hold a more demanding style or create a huge amount of bounce to hair.

      225ml sells for around £5.39 (Boots) though can often be found on offer.


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      19.10.2011 16:46
      Very helpful



      24 Hour Body Finishing Spray!

      I came across this spray in my local boots store and it grabbed my attention as it was on offer with other Tresemme products. I have quite flat hair and I'm always looking for new products to help give it some volume and oomph!

      **** THE SPRAY***
      The spray come in a black can, with some pink colour on it. The can holds 225ml of spray and has a pink lid which just pulls off. The can is a slightly different shape to other spray's and has a slight curve to it, which makes it easier to grip and hold when spraying. I think the can itself is probably bigger than other standard hair sprays. The spray claims to give long lasting hold and bounce to your style with volume control. I have tried other volumising hair-sprays and I haven't yet found any which have done a really good job, so I was very eager to try this one.

      I purchased this from boots, when it was on offer for 2 products for £6.00. The can on it's own without any offers will cost you approximately £5.39 from Boots. You can also find this range in Superdrug and maybe some supermarkets as well.

      When you have finished styling your hair, shake the can well and hold 10-12 inches away from your head. Spray evenly over your hair. To build extra volume spray the product in between layers at the roots of your hair. The spray is specially designed so you can spray from all angles including upside down and the spray will still work.

      I sometimes tend to tip my head upside down and then give an even spray of this across my hair. I then spray some of this into the roots and between the layers as suggested. The spray itself doesn't smell to much of chemicals and isn't too strong, how-ever still be sure to use this in a well ventilated area! The spray comes out very easily with little force on the spray button. Th can is easy to hold due to the curved, shaped can.

      The spray definately gave me noticable lift and volume, espicially in the roots where I sprayed the product. My hair didn't feel or look sticky or stiff. I was really pleased with the way it gave volume to my flat hair. I went out to the local pub for a few drinks and the volume stayed in my hair all night. Quite often I find that products give my hair volume but then a few hours later it'll look flat again. With this spray it definately wasn't the case.

      ***THE DAY AFTER***
      I did brush my hair before going to bed, to try and brush most of the product out to avoid knotty hair in the morning. This brushed out easily and there wasn't any white, flakey bits or residue after brushing. In the morning my hair didn't feel dry or knotty. I was expecting it to maybe feel as though it needed a wash but it didn't at all. I was really pleased at this, as quite often I find after using hair-spray or some products that my hair needs washing the following day.

      I'm really pleased with this product and will definately buying it again. I think I may have finally found an answer to giving my flat hair some volume, without it feeling sticky or looking stiff. This is well worth buying when the product is on offer, as it's quite expensive to buy. This is more expensive when comparing them to other brands, but I don't mind this, because the products actually does what it states on the can. This is one of my favourite/best buy's for my hair. Highly recommended!

      (Review may also appear on ciao)


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      10.12.2010 23:36
      Very helpful



      A worthwhile buy!

      Tresemme Say..


      - This product with Volume Control Complex gives your hair lasting body and bounce that won't ever fall flat in the middle of your day.

      - Luxuriously soft and touchable, this spray will never leave you with a sticky mess - even if you get caught in a rainstorm.

      - This lightweight formula leaves your hair ultra-shiny and manageable.

      HOW TO USE:

      1. Start of with 24 Hour Body Shampoo and 24 Hour Body Conditioner to prep your hair for gorgeous volume.

      2. Style your hair with 24 Hour Body styling products to lock in body when you are heat styling.

      3. Hold 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray 10-12 inches away from your head and mist all over your hair evenly (with the 360 spray nozzle, you can spray from any angle!) to create long-lasting hold and beautiful shine.


      1. USE

      I first stumbled across this product whilst staying with a friend, and realising I'd left my usual hairspray at home I asked to borrow some of hers. To be honest, I really struggled to use it - the nozzle was so hard that I had to use both hands in order to get enough pressure to get anything out! This meant that I couldn't get an even coverage over my hair as the angle wouldn't allow! I have seen a couple of other reviews online saying the same thing but I have to say I bought a bottle of my own (hoping that hers was just faulty) and have had no trouble since! I also see on the bottle I had in front of me that it says NEW Salon inspired 360 degree actuator. It elaborates on the back of the bottle to say that this means you can apply the spray from any angle while maintaining an even and consistent spray. Therefore I imagine they have rectified the previous problem - and the only thing I would say about the spray is that i ALWAYS make sure the lid is put on securely as otherwise the spray dries up around the nozzle and makes it really difficult to spray next time! Although if this happens, stick a pin (or tweezers - anything sharpish) into the spray hole and it will clear and work perfectly again!

      Comes in a nice shapely aerosol can which is easy to use!

      2. FINISH

      As I said, I only used this as needed to borrow some at a friends. I would probably never have picked this up off the shelf as although it does say (in small writing) lasting hold and bounce, it is called Finishing Spray and not hairspray! For some reason, this is too much for my brain to cope with and it was not entirely obvious to me what it does! However, having used it I cannot recommend it highly enough!

      I personally use a curling mousse before the finishing spray as although curly, my hair needs a little encouragement. I then finish it off with this finishing spray which not only helps hold the curls but does add some volume to my hair. For extra volume, I can recommend spraying between the layers of your hair.

      It smells really lovely, although can be a bit suffocating if sprayed in confined spaces (as with all hairspray) but is lightweight and doesn't cause your hair to go crispy or hard. It can also be brushed out if you want to restyle your hair, it won't leave a residue or anything.

      3. BUYING

      Can be bought in most supermarkets or shops such as Superdrug or Boots. I always keep an eye out for offers, and buy a couple at a time as saves on money. Currently in Boots (online at least) for £5.28, but 2 for £6 which is virtually BOGOF! Reasonably good life given I use it every day - and with BOGOF offers - you can't go wrong!


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