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Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo with Vitamin E

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Brand: Tresemme / Damaged Hair / Type: Hair Shampoo / Subcategory: Moisturiser / Brittle, Damaged Hair / What it does: Moisturizes, Enriches,

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    3 Reviews
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      07.01.2014 13:54
      Very helpful



      Softens hair well and good price.

      When I was out shopping and spotted this shampoo on special offer I decided to give it a go. I have bought the shampoo before in the past and found I liked it so when on offer it was an offer not to miss since it was half the usual price and a bargain.

      The shampoo comes inside a tall plastic bottle with the name very clearly on the front and which can be easily spotted on a shelf. At the top of the bottle it has a push down opener which is easy to press and then press back into position again after using the shampoo.

      The shampoo flows well from the bottle and dispenses really well. It is a rich consistency and doesn't drip from the bottle while pouring it onto the hands. It has a soft texture and quite a creamy feel to it. It is white in colour and has a nice fragrance to it being a perfume scent which is a really nice one. It is a highly scented smell and quite a strong one. In my opinion this one is a little stronger scent than some other branded shampoos and it is one I like the smell of quite a lot.

      It is designed for damaged or dry hair. I colour my hair so I need to use a shampoo which is going to give it some moisture to stop it from becoming dry and this shampoo works a treat for giving my hair the moisture it needs to keep it in a good condition. It claims to instantly lock in the moisture. I find with this one it does a very good job of locking in the moisture because I can actually get away with using a conditioner, although it is very rare I don't use a conditioner but I can at least use this shampoo if I don't want to use one on a day when I may like to just use a shampoo.

      Used without a conditioner it does leave my hair in a good condition and fairly soft. My hair does have a slight shine to it but it isn't a glossy appearance that I am used to when I use a conditioner. But I would still say my hair is shiny enough for a day when maybe I am not going out for the day and I am not too worried if my hair has a nice glossy appearance. My hubby loves this shampoo for washing his hair and his hair does look quite nice considering he never uses a hair conditioner product on his hair.

      I have washed my little grandchildren's hair with it and it has left their hair looking nice in appearance and super soft. So I would say this one is suitable for all the family to use and is a very good family shampoo.

      It also contains vitamin E which helps restore vibrancy and softness to dry, damaged hair and targets the driest parts of the hair and helps to hydrate it to leave it in a super condition.

      I find you only need to use a small amount to create a good lather on the hair and foam. The bubbles don't drip from the hair all the time I am washing it and sometimes I have left the foam on my hair until I have showered and then rinsed it away and it has happily sat on my hair all the time it takes me to have my shower. While washing the hair it does feel luxurious and as the name indicates luxurious is a name I would definitely describe this one as being because it does feel that way while washing the hair and is different to some other brands which claim to be luxurious. This one certainly does feel like a real treat while washing the hair. It also rinses well from the hair in no time at all.

      After rinsing and towel drying my hair I can easily brush it without it tangling etc. I have long hair at the moment and find my brush is very easy to brush through my hair without it becoming all tangled.

      When I have washed my hair without using a conditioner I have found it doesn't leave my hair all lanky or weighted down at all. Which is pleasing because I do find some other brands do sometimes leave my hair feeling heavy and lanky but this doesn't happen when I use this shampoo.

      I can smell the fragrance on my hair after it has been dried and I can smell it later the same day I have washed my hair so I would say the fragrance definitely has staying power on the hair.

      For a 500ml bottle I paid just £1.74 for it on special offer from Tesco and it was half the usual price so a good bargain. I think it is well worth the usual price in my opinion and even better value for money buying it for half price. It is a bargain price on offer in my opinion and not to be missed buying it if spotted on offer. The quality is really good too.

      I love this shampoo and I will most certainly continue to buy it in the future because it is more than suitable for my long hair and one all of my family can use too.

      I highly do recommend this one for anyone looking for a shampoo which soften the hair well and leaves it with a good shine to it. I don't think you will be disappointed with this shampoo.

      I give this one 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        08.10.2013 17:45
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Fabulous, does the job and works for all. Also, cheap for quantity. Wow!

        **Tresemme moisture shampoo
        **My experience**
        Honestly, about 3 years ago I was a regular user of Tresemme shampoo and conditioner. I loved the fact it came across as a luxury brand that stylists used in salons. I used it 3-4 times per week and although I won't say it worked incredibly but it did the job of cleaning my hair. However, my hairdresser at the time started asking me what conditioner I was using and how I was using it. This was because my ends were splitting really badly and my hair was breaking away at the slightest touch. I told my hairdresser I used Tresemme and she instantly told me to stop using it as it actually dried out your hair. She said that salons stopped using it for this reason. I of course then stopped using it and went to a Pantene instead. However, thinking back to that time now I never really used to leave my conditioner on for very long and I didn't work it into my hair. So, I think that whole fiasco was down to human error - by me!!

        In early September this year however I reintroduced myself to this version of Tresemme to give it another trial. In comparison to a few years back I now ensure I wash my hair with the shampoo and then condition thoroughly. I even brush my hair through in the shower to ensure I moisturise every inch of my hair. I don't know but presume Tresemme in that 3 year gap have improved their formulae because my hair now feels incredibly smooth. It is easy to comb through after showering which was a real issue for me when using my previous shampoo of Pantene. My hair is pretty fine so knots really easily throughout the day. For example though now I can have messy knotty hair all day, sleep on it and then shower with Tresemme and it feels like that of a child. I find also for some reason I've now got this salon like shine to my hair after styling and it is full of volume. I don't know why my hairdresser told me to stop using originally but I know for certain now it is the best shampoo and conditioner combo I've ever used and I plan to keep using for as long as they sell it.

        I cannot comment on the Tresemme coloured range that they do as I use the moisture rich. Although, I have a mid-brown shoulder length hair which I dye (trying to grow out though) flashes of blonde in. The blonde effect is achieved through colouring with bleach which is so bad for your hair. However, I find the moisture rich shampoo and conditioner act like a lightening shampoo. The blonde had not gone that orangey colour it usually does after so many washes and the blonde areas feel as nourished as the rest of my hair. Also, my brown hair has almost lightened in areas. it's like I've had some highlights put in as new shades of brown are popping out. For this reason I would recommend to those with coloured or with natural hair as it works great with both of mine.

        The bottle is black for shampoo and white for conditioner. Although this seems obvious I find it great. With other shampoos and conditioners I've used I find myself grabbing a bottle in the shower only to realise I've picked up the wrong type at the time and have to route around again. The bottles Tresemme sell are also a really good large size. I know you can buy mini travel version but I purchase the full bottles for everyday use. The bottles are tall and not that wide making them easy to carry and store. they also hold a lot of their liquid. I find a typical large bottle (1.2L)can last me up to 4 months. The shampoo possibly even longer as I am one of those people who tends to use lots of conditioner compared to shampoo. Although, most people I know are like that.

        For the amount of shampoo and conditioner you receive the cost is pretty cheap. In Superdrug they sell the 900ml bottle of shampoo or conditioner for £4.99 each. This is smaller than the bottles I buy but still a good size which can last up to 3 months. personally I purchase my bottles in a set of two (1.2L) from either Makro or Costco. these are warehouse stores which cater for businesses. I use my mums cards for these shops so if your not a cardholder you can get hold of one but not really easily. I pay £8.99 + VAT for my 1.2L shampoo and conditioner in one set. Obviously this is really cheap compared with Superdrug but additionally I'm sure you could get a great deal online somewhere if you were looking at purchasing long term.

        **Family Friendly
        I live in a household with 7 other people. my parents and my 5 sibling. We are all different but yet all now use the Tresemme. it works for both females and males. I will add my brothers are labourers and not feminine males but they use it just as much as the girls. The fact the product is scentless (although leaves a fresh shampoo smell) appeals to all. I find my brothers in particular weren't fond of any kinds of shampoos which had a strong floral or fruity scent as they found that too feminine. But this product is perfect for all. Obviously the bottle in a 7 person household only lasts about a month but this is still fantastic. When we all used Pantene we found a single bottle lasted under a week. The cost of Pantene at that time was a good £2.98 a bottle so you can do the maths and find out that Tresemme is a real bargain in comparison.

        **Product information
        I would like to let you all know about the back of the bottle as I think they print a really useful tools here. Obviously Tresemme make a huge range of shampoos for different hair needs. On the back of the bottle there is a chart printed. On this chart it tells you what your product will work best for your hair. It tells you on this product in particular that it is for moisturising and contains Vitamin E. For example though on the coloured version it states that it is for coloured hair etc. I think this is a good tool for someone a little confused about what they need of a shampoo. Say if someone found this version too rich they could look at the chart and find one that will work best for their hair troubles.

        Also, the product lists the chemicals in the ingredients list. if you are someone who likes au natural products then don't purchase! Like many shampoos there is a lot of daunting ingredients but personally I think if it does the job who cares what's in it.

        Overall as you can tell I cannot rave enough about the product. I got off to an originally bumpy start a few years ago but have now found my salvation. I do assume their formulae has developed over the years but regardless it does what it says on the bottle now. I would recommended to women, men, families whoever. However, maybe not young children as I think that is best left to Johnsons. I am rating this a 5/5 because honestly I find very little fault in it. Give it a go girls and guys!


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          07.07.2013 13:52
          Very helpful



          A good value shampoo but nothing special

          I have a few brands that I prefer when it comes to shampoo but I wouldn't say that I am loyal to them and I always keep my eyes peeled for a bargain. Tresemme is a brand that I have never really tried but recently, Superdrug ran a promotion where all the products were half price so I decided to give them a go.

          ===Price and availability===

          The shampoo appears to come in several different sized bottles, ranging from 100ml to 900ml and the RRP ranges from £1.50 to £5. I choose the 900ml bottle and paid less than £2.50 at the time which I think is excellent value. I have found that this brand is widely available in supermarkets, Amazon and high street chemists.

          Having curly hair which gets straightened quite a bit, my hair does look dry and dull so I brought this version (as well as the Keratin version) as I thought it would help give my hair that natural shine again.

          ===The bottle===

          The bottle cylindrical shaped and black, to the front is the product name and description written in white and blue lettering, I must say the bottle looks very boring (I am a bit of a sucker for pretty looking packaging) and should there not have been an offer at the time of purchasing, I don't think I would have bothered to purchase. The top of the bottle is topped with a lid which you depress on side to open the other which I find is really easy to open. Because I brought the 900ml bottle, it is quite large, luckily we have a shelf in out shower cubicle which it sits nicely on but I know without this, the bottle would have to sit on the shower cubicle floor.

          ===The shampoo===

          The shampoo is a nice white colour and it is quite a thick consistency, much more like a conditioner, it has a nice fragrance to it; sweet with a hint of floral and although it is quite subtle, I do find that several hours after using, I can still smell on my hair and also in the bathroom when I do back in.

          ===Using the product===

          Having shoulder length hair, I tend to use around a 50p sized amount of shampoo, it did seem to take a bit longer than normal to lather up. After using, I expected for my hair to feel a bit softer however my hair felt really tangled and coarse which I was a bit concerned about. I proceeded to wash again and the results were a bit better with my hair feeling smoother, but I wouldn't say any more than any regular brand, not aimed at giving extra moisture. Despite not working up a good lather, it did take up a little longer to rinse than other brands I have tried.

          Upon brushing, I couldn't really tell that much difference in my hair, but after styling in my normal way, I would definitely say that my hair did look in better condition; it had a nice sheen to it, unfortunately, it didn't feel as soft as I would have liked it to, in fact, it still felt a little coarse.

          I have been using the shampoo, along with the conditioner for over a month now and there is still quite a bit left in the bottle. Considering that both I and the other half wash our hair daily, this is working out excellent value for money.


          Overall, I have mixed feeling about this, the price is good, my hair does look shinier and although my hair feels soft, it doesn't feel as good as other brand make it and for that reason, I would give 3 out of 5 stars.

          Thanks for reading.


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      • Product Details

        TRESemme Moisture Rich Shampoo boosts moisture resiliency and strength for soft shiny healthy-looking hair /

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