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Tresemme Remoisturising Conditioner

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Brand: Tresemme / Type: Conditioner / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    2 Reviews
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      26.08.2012 14:03
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      A disappointing product from TREsemme that didn't suit my hair

      I have combination hair, with dry ends and roots that go greasy quickly. I usually use hair products aimed at "normal" hair, because they seem to give the best overall results. A few months ago, I saw that TREsemme's Remoisturising conditioner on special offer at my local convenience store for £2.99 for the large 900ml bottle. [The usual price is is £4.69 there.] I have heard mixed reviews of the brands products but I thought this promotion would give me a good opportunity to try something for myself. The fact that this conditioner was aimed at all hair types was also appealing to me, for the reason mentioned above.

      TREsemme market all their products as salon quality, and say that they were formerly exclusively available to hairdressers. On the back of my bottle there is a chart showing how deeply conditining this product is compared to others in the range. This comes under light conditioning, which suits me as I use intensive treatments on a regular basis and I am really looking for a conditoner that will leave my hair in good condition between uses. The bottle also states that the conditioner will remoisturise your hair, leaving it in "optimum condition", aided by vitamin B5 and aloe. After use, your locks will be shiny, manageable, and detangled. Sounds perfect!

      I wish with hindsight that I had tried one of the smaller 500ml bottles, even though the larger work out at better value. This is because I underestimated how awkward a 900ml size bottle is to use. It feels heavy when you have lift it full and it is quite fat too, so it doesn't feel comfortable to hold especially with wet hands. This is a relatively minor problem though, and can be overcome by buying the smaller size. Apart from that, the bottle looks quite basic, with little decoration. I suppose they were going for an understated look!

      The conditioner itself is thick and creamy in texture which makes it feel good quality. It has a gentle scent, that is slightly fruity but not overpowering. I like it, and the fact that I can smell it on my hair into the next day, in a subtle way. It may prove a bit mild if you like stronger fragranced hair care though. The nice smell and texture combine to make a conditioner that feels nice to use. It also feels light on the hair, despite being thick in consistency. It is recommended that you leave the conditioner in place for 2-3 minutes before rinsing, so I decided to leave it for the maximum time in order to reap the most benefit. Rinsing does not take too much effort. As I do so, I usually gentle tease out any tangles, but there was very few to be found when I used this conditioner. My hair felt immediately smoother too.

      Unfortunately, I did not notice that my hair looked very conditioned generally once it was dry. I would expect even a light conditioner to leave my hair looking a little better than before. This one didn't make my hair look any healthier at all, and it certainly did not feel any less dry at the ends. This was disappointing in a product described as "remoisturising". I used the product every day, until half the bottle was gone, at which point I felt I needed to switch to a better product. I also missed the softness that I can usually expect to experience in my hair after conditioning. My hair looked duller with repeated use too, although this took some time to be apparent. If you don't use the product daily, it may not be so much of a problem.

      Overall, I liked the experience of using the conditioner, as well as it's scent, but I do not rate it all as a conditioner. I know it isn't supposed to be a deep conditioning product, but stilll think that it should deliver more at the price. I won't personally buy it again, even if I see it on offer. Should you wish to try it for yourself, you will find it available in most shampoo stockists, as well as the supermarkets.

      [This review also appears on Ciao under my user name.]


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        01.03.2011 08:24
        Very helpful



        A top quality conditioner from Tresemme

        Whilst I have a few favourites with shampoos and conditioners I frequently buy alternative brands, particularly when I see something on offer. My latest purchase was around November of last year when I saw in Tesco a huge display stand selling Tresemme hair products and as far as I can recall it was buy two for £4. As the bottles contained 900 ml of product I promptly placed both a shampoo and conditioner into my trolley and this review discusses my experience of using Cleanse and Replenish Condition and I have to say that I was surprised that it was necessary to make a product suggestion to Dooyoo, as I was of the opinion that this would have been quite popular.


        Whilst there are dozens upon dozens of bottles from which to choose; the majority of which are brightly coloured, this conditioner is fairly basic in its' appearance and if I am perfectly honest I really would not have given it a second look had it not been available on such a good offer. The bottle is manufactured from a sturdy opaque plastic, which allows us to see the white product inside and in the upper section we are provided with the Tresemme logo where we are informed that professionals use the product. We are advised that the conditioner contains both pro-vitamin B5 and aloe and whilst I have noticed this on many of my hair products, in all honestly, I really do not know the effects from using a conditioner without these ingredients.

        There is considerable information on the reverse of the bottle where we are advised of Tresemme's philosophy and a few sentences explaining the effects of the pro-vitamin B5, which allegedly replenishes our hair leaving it shiny and manageable. As I have very long and thick hair it is essential that I use a good quality conditioner each time I step into the shower and wash my locks, particularly as they tend to tangle quite easily. I often experience problems with split ends, particularly as I frequently leave long gaps between visiting my hair stylist, as whilst most women enjoy the experience of a new hair do, I find it somewhat of a chore! I think this probably stems back to my late teens when I was looking forward to a hot date and decided to treat myself to a new hair do. However, I was faced with a "scissors happy" hairdresser who unfortunately, was more interested in the workmen outside her salon and my fringe was totally chopped away! Consequently, my hot date was not so hot, as I looked absolutely awful!


        I initially found the bottle a little difficult to manage when my hands were wet, particularly as when it was full it was fairly heavy. I am now three quarters of the way through my bottle where I have been alternating it with a few other brands with the exception of a Sunday when I use an intense conditioning treatment. The lid easily flips open and when I first purchased the bottle it was necessary to use two hands due to its' weight, but this is something I can now easily manage with just one, particularly as there is only a quarter remaining, so my other hand is free for me to dispense the conditioner onto my fingertips.

        The consistency of the white conditioner is perfect, as there is nothing I hate more than a runny conditioner, which runs straight through my fingers when dispensed. Whilst its' aroma is of a rather delicate perfume, unfortunately it doesn't remain for very long and as soon as it is applied to my hair it seems to totally vanish. We are provided with extensive directions for use, which to be honest with you, I had not even read until I started scrutinising the bottle for the purpose of this review. Tresemme recommend that the product be applied from the roots to the ends with the aid of a wide-tooth comb, but I tend to use my fingers so I can apply a little extra to the ends.

        As you are no doubt aware, to achieve the best results from your conditioning products you should leave on your hair for them to work their magic, so I always continue with showering my body and then rinse away, with Tresemme recommending the product be left for 2 - 3 minutes. The conditioner easily rinses from my hair without leaving any residue, but sadly, there is no remaining fragrance, which is something I most definitely expected from such a well-known brand. I always wrap a towel around my hair for ten minutes or so to enable it to absorb any excess moisture and then blow dry. I am extremely pleased with the quality of this conditioner, as it always leaves my hair feeling silky soft and smooth and in a manageable condition without feeling heavy.


        The conditioner should be used within 12 months of opening and the container can be recycled once empty. I did not suffer any adverse reactions when using this product.


        As you are no doubt aware, I do not believe in copying lengthy lists of ingredients into my reviews unless I feel there is something specific that could cause an adverse reaction. Furthermore, following a quick glance at the list contained on the reverse of the bottle it appears that there are well in excess of 50 different ingredients!


        As my bottle was purchased several months ago I have checked online to obtain an up-to-date price and would advise that at the time of writing (February 2011) you can purchase a 900 ml bottle from Tesco for £4.39. However, they have an offer running until 15 March 2011 where you are able to purchase three bottles for £10, which in my opinion is excellent value for money.

        Whilst this is an extremely high quality and very effective product I have removed one star due to its' lack of fragrance. However, Tresemme Cleanse and Replenish Conditioner comes with my full recommendation and I will continue to purchase when on offer.

        I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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