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Tresemme Salon Silk Serum

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5 Reviews

Brand: Tresemme / Cremes / Type: Hair Serum

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    5 Reviews
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      24.06.2013 13:47
      Very helpful



      A hair serum which gives smooth and frizz-free hair!

      I bought this serum because I just needed something to smooth my hair and get rid of the frizz. This was what was on offer at the time so I chose to buy it. This is available in boots, superdrug, supermarkets, etc and there are often special offers on Tresemme products making them better value for money as they're sometimes overpriced in my opinion.

      The packaging is quite simple, a clear plastic tube with the usual Tresemme design on. You press the top down to dispense some serum into your hand but I recommend to always start with just a little bit- even on my long hair I do not need much. The back of the bottle says to use it on damp hair but I have used it on both wet and dry hair and it has worked perfectly. You do need to use a bit less on dry hair to avoid a greasy look.

      This serum does what it says it's meant to, it does get rid of my frizz and it smooths my hair. The texture is quite light and not as sticky as some serums can be. It is easy to work with and glides through my hair leaving it smooth and sleek. The best part about this serum for me is that it isn't too heavy so it doesn't drag the curl out of my hair. Because it is light I can use it on the upper parts of my hair too without it looking greasy. For my hair and the results I want this serum suits me perfectly but if I were straightening my hair and wanted a long lasting sleek look or if my hair was very, very frizzy then I would probably choose a heavier, thicker serum that is going to give stronger effects. I have got great results from this serum in terms of smoothing my hair and getting rid of my frizz and also the effects do last, it manages frizz and keeps the hair smooth.

      I would recommend this serum because it does what it says it's meant to do. If your hair is extremely frizzy and needs serious smoothing then you may need a heavier one as this is a light consistency. It's not a miracle product but it does the job and I can't fault it. The bottle is quite good value for money as you don't need much and I find that there is plenty in the bottle (50ml). All in all this is a good value product which does exactly what it says on the bottle.


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      20.10.2011 15:42
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended

      Reason For Purchase:
      Why Tresemme? - I remember when the brand became popular the larger shampoo and conditioner bottle sizes initially got me interested and after trying a number of their products I was more than happy with the quality. My local Tesco stores frequently have a "buy any 3 Tresemme products for £10" so I utilise this offer every time it comes around.
      Why Salon Silk / Salon Smooth range? - My hair is long, fine and straight but prone to frizz especially at the ends so I choose products from this range to tame that problem.

      The product comes in a slim cylindrical 30mL container with a black label containing product information on the front and a 1 cm transparent strip down the back to allow you to see how much product you have left. On removal of the smooth edged black lid the pump dispenser works after a few pumps and is not sticky or difficult to use. The product comes out smoothly and in small quantities.

      Product Statement:
      On the front - "Smooth no frizz formula. Salon Smooth: smoothes frizz and flyaways. New with Argan Oil from Morocco."
      On the back - "This product contains Argan oil from Morocco known for its nourishing smoothing benefits. Calms frizz and instants smoothes, leaving hair soft and healthy looking with gorgeous shine. Helps to prevent split ends and protect the hair from heat styling for a frizz free finish."

      Price and Availability:
      As stated above I buy this during the 3 Tresemme products for £10 so effectively for me it's around £1.40 since I would buy the 900mL bottles of shampoo and conditioner at £4.30 each anyway.
      If you are buying it at full price in either Tesco's or Boot's however it's going to cost you in the region of £4 to £5.

      My Thoughts:
      The product is a clear liquid with a smooth and silky texture between the fingertips and has a chemical fruity smell. On the bottle is instructs you to apply this product to damp hair concentrating on the lengths and the ends and comb through with a wide toothed comb which is exactly how I apply it each time.

      My hair is fairly long (around mid way down my back) and I find that it takes around 3 pumps of the product to fully cover my hair. I apply each squirt individually working it well into my hair starting at the top and finishing with my last application really working it into the ends. While applying it, it continues to feel silky, does not clump or become sticky and it transfers over to my hair with very little left on my hands.

      After application I hate to waste any remaining serum on my hands so I dry my hair running my fingertips through it as it's drying to ensure transfer of all the product. On the bottle it mentions that "it can be used on dry hair to finish your style and ensure ends are super smooth." I personally have never done this so I can't comment on the effectiveness; I find that the ends of my hair are happy with the amount of product I apply while damp.

      When I'm finished drying my hair the slickness of my hands with the remaining product on them would be annoying so I wash and dry my hands and apply my favourite hand cream.

      After application and drying the entire length of my hair is smooth, shiny and flyaways are pretty much non existent. At the ends in particular the smoothing effect of the product is evident. Over time I have learned which areas of my hair require the most work with this serum which tend to be my ends and just how much I need to apply to get the smoothing effect I want - nothing is a substitute for a good trim though.

      I would certainly have to say that I have noticed a reduction in the number of split ends that I have so it does indeed seem to be preventative in this respect but I have found that effect with any serum I have used up until this point.

      I am currently on my third bottle of this serum during 1 year and have no intention of stopping using it. The last two times I have purchased the product it has contained Argan oil, initially when I purchased this product it did not contain this ingredient and also had slightly different packaging.

      I have to say that adding the Argan oil has made little difference to the effectiveness of the product or the overall effect on my hair. I honestly can't remember the price of the product before this ingredient was added.

      When I take my hair out into the elements the product seems to stand up to a number of challenges leaving me with sleek frizz free hair in many conditions. In Northern Ireland wind and rain are prominent all year round with cold winters and it stands up to those conditions. I brought this on holiday to Spain and found it very effective even in the summer Mediterranean sun.

      I have had no scalp or skin irritation as a result of using this product.

      The 30mL bottle with application every time I wash my hair (which is once a day every 1-2 days) lasts me around 2-3 months - which I honestly was quite surprised by!

      I think this product overall is a good buy. Expensive at it's full price but for me it lasts and is very effective at producing the effect I want. I honestly would pay full price for such a good hair serum.


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      03.10.2011 16:11
      Very helpful



      An impressive hair serum

      I have quite long hair which I have been patiently growing for over a year now and whilst I am determined not to go for an impromptu chop, I am having to look into some good quality hair products as even though it's trimmed regularly it isn't in the best of conditions.

      I am lucky to have naturally straight hair but because I colour it through highlighting I find the ends can become dry and flyaway and this causes the whole appearance to be a bit 'tatty'.

      In the past I have used the odd slick of serum to try and tame my unruly fly away ends and have been quite impressed with Avon's Advanced Techniques own make, having ordered some from my friend who is an Avon Rep I decided to stock up on this by well known brand Tresemme to 'put me on' until my Avon order arrived.

      The product is called Tresemme Salon Silk Serum and as I have just finished the bottle here is my opinion..

      *~*The packaging*~*

      The serum is presented in a plastic cylindrically shaped bottle which is quite slim line and stands up neatly for storage. The plastic is transparent and we can see that the contents are in the form of a clear liquid which whilst viewed in the bottle has a very watery appearance surprisingly.

      The serum is accessed by an easy to use pump dispenser which is located directly on the top of the bottle and is covered by a black lid which again is easy enough to remove (and also to replace).

      As mentioned the plastic is of a clear material but around the centre of the bottle is a sleek looking sticker containing the logo and all the relevant information and the bottle itself comes housed in an equally attractive small cardboard container with a cut out window to view the bottle.

      All in all it was eye catching enough to stand out the most for me whilst perusing my other choices at my local Superdrug store.

      *~*Price & Availability*~*

      I purchased this costing £4.29 for a 50 ml bottle from my local Superdrug (for convenience as it's situated less than 10 minutes walk from my home) though it can be purchased cheaper from other outlets so it's worth looking around before buying.

      *~*The product*~*

      The serum is a 'no frizz formula' and promises a salon smooth finish when applied to the hair. As I am lucky enough not to suffer with frizzy hair I was hoping it would do the trick as far as taming fly away strands and treating my dry ends?

      *~*My experience of using this*~*

      On my arrival home from purchasing this I removed the plastic lid and I wanted to follow the instructions down to a tee as to avoid looking like I'd fallen in an oil slick. As it states it's to be applied to dampened hair I decided to use it after my evening shower that same night and proceeded to towel dry my hair in preparation.
      On removing the lid I pressed the pump dispenser a few times to activate the serum and eagerly had my hand ready at the nozzle to catch the serum as noted it had a very watery appearance whilst still in the bottle.
      I found eventually the serum emitted at a much slower pace than expected and was far thicker in consistency than I expected. The texture was more silky than oily and I felt confident that this wouldn't leave my hair looking like a chip pan.

      The fragrance is hard to pin point except to say it's very nice and has a really fresh and fruity essence to it and is not at all unpleasant.

      On applying a few 'pumps' (which equated to a small blob) I rubbed the serum between the palms of my hands and proceeded to smooth over the hair shafts, concentrating mainly on the ends.

      The serum feels silky soft whilst on my hands and this transfers to my hair instantly when applied as within seconds my hair felt wonderfully soft.


      Though it states to apply liberally to dampened hair I found that after using the first time it was hard to tell how much my hair needed as I couldn't tell the amount that was being absorbed properly. Even though after the first use my hair felt in much better condition I have since found that by drying my hair completely then applying it seems easier to determine how much/ less is needed.

      My hair has felt very soft and silky since using this and if applied correctly it tames fly away strands by replacing them with sleek tamed hair.
      My hair regained a shine that seemed to be lost by colouring it and though it doesn't eradicate my dry ends completely (only regular hair cuts do this with me) it certainly has improved the overall feel and look of my entire hair.


      This is an excellent product that may seem expensive when first purchasing but because of the small amount needed each time it lasts and lasts making it a very economical buy. This has lasted me for several months as I only apply when needed, which for me is normally a few times a week or so it was money well spent.

      As this is Tresemme brand I didn't really have too many reservations about it's effectiveness if I'm honest as I am a fan of their hair care products and have yet to be let down up to press and this certainly lived up to all of my expectations - and more.

      I cannot comment on it's effectiveness on frizzy hair though as mentioned though I'm sure it is just as impressive as it has been on creating sleek looking and shiny hair on myself.

      All in all this is a very impressive and wonderful product that leaves my hair shiny, tamed and looking and feeling fantastic for days whilst the lovely fragrance encases each hair shaft leaving a beautiful aroma with no excess oil or sticky residue.



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        03.01.2011 18:33
        Very helpful



        A brilliant product

        I like to use products to care for and style my hair. I am a big fa of the Tresemme range, and one of their products I have tried in the past is the Salon Silk Serum.

        I tried this because I use the Salon Silk shampoo and conditioner, and it was on offer. The serum is to be used on damp hair after you have washed it, and is supposed to give you smooth, soft hair that is silky to touch and has no frizz or flyaway problems. It is also used for adding extra shine to your air once you have blowdryed it.

        The serum comes in a slim tube, with a pump to dispense the serum. The serum itself is thick, but slightly watery and it spreads into your hair easily. I found that only two pumps are needed to spread properly through my hair, any more than this and it made my hair greasy and slimy. My hair is quite thick, so someone with thinner hair may only need one pump.

        It is a good idea to comb this stuff through the hair after putting it in with your hands, as this will ensure there is no clumps of it anywhere and that all your hair is evenly covered. After this is done, just dry your hair as normal.

        I found that this serum does its job, my hair was smooth and shiny and it was softer to touch. It made my hair look good, and it lasted until I next washed my hair. I was quite impressed with this serum and I continue to use it to this day. A tube of it will last me months, as you hardly need to use any at a time. A little really does go a along way with this product, and I think the least a tube has lasted me was 4 months.

        You can buy this product in boots for around £5 a tube, which is a bargain price I think. You can also buy this on www.boots.com . I give this product a 5 out of 5 and I hope it works as well for others as it did for me.


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        02.12.2009 12:41
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Try it if you have thick frizzy hair!

        I bought this serum because I like using serums to reduce frizz and I was disappointed with the frizz ease serum (see review). I bought this one as it was bigger then the John Freida Frizz Ease but was small enough to take on holiday with me, I also really like the Tresemme hairspray and heat defence spray so thought I would try this. I have been very impressed, Im turning into a real Tresemme fan!

        I bought mine from Sainsbury's and it wasn't that cheap, it cost £3.87 for a 50ml bottle which is alot, but then serums are expensive and at least this one works!

        The serum comes in a pump action see through plastic bottle, which is very handy, as you can see how much you have left and it's easy to squirt out the amount of serum you need. The serum itself is a clear liquid, the directions tell you to apply evenly to damp hair concentrating on the lengths, dry and style as usual. It claims to give you smooth hair and reduce frizz so hair looks healthy, shiny and glossy. I have to say I think it lives up to its claims!

        I really like this serum and I like it because it's light and not at all sticky unlike alot of other serums I have tried. It smells lovely as well, a similar smell to the heat defence spray and the hairspray, really fresh and fruity.

        I apply this to my hair when its damp and it makes straightening much easier, I also apply it to my hair when I intend to leave it to dry naturally and it really calms my frizz and gives me more defined waves. It also makes my hair smell lovely and gives it a really glossy finish whether its straight or wavy. I have also used it on my hair when it's been dry and a little frizzy, and it's calmed the frizz really well without making my hair look greasy like other serums do.

        The only downside of this product is that it's so light you have to apply quite alot to your hair to get the desired effect, and if you don't apply liberally it's hard to see a difference. This also means you use it up much more quickly. However, it still lasts longer than other serums as they always come in stupidly small bottles! It also doesn't leave a horrible sticky feeling on your hands and hair after you have applied it because it's so light and I find that you can keep adding as much as you like, until you can see a difference as you know it won't make your hair greasy. With other serums like frizz ease, you apply just slightly too much and you practially have to wash your hair and start again as it's so greasy! So the fact it's light does have positives and negatives, but overall I like this fact.

        All in all, I would recommend this product. It smells great, its not sticky at all and doesn't leave a residue on your hands and hair. It leaves my hair frizz free, shiny and glossy whether its straight or wavy plus it can be used on dry hair to tame frizz and fly away strands of hair, this product does exactly what you want a serum to do, exactly what it claims too. It only loses one star from me, as you have to apply it liberally which the directions don't tell you.


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