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Tresemme Vibrantly Smooth Natural Conditioner

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Brand: Tresemme / Type: Conditioner / What it does: Smoothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      02.10.2012 10:03
      Very helpful



      A lovely conditioner that treats my hair exactly how I would want a conditioner to treat it!

      On a recent trip to Boots I discovered it was a special points event and if you spent over £15 you got 10 points per pound rather than the usual four. As this worked out to the equivalent of a 10% discount I was eager to take advantage of it but, as usual, when this sort of thing happens I struggled to get my basket to £15. Why is it that when I just wander into Boots for a browse I can easily get to £30 of nothing in particular in my basket but when I actually want to spend the money I can't see anything that takes my fancy? This task was also made harder by the presence of the other half who kept interjecting with useful little comments such as "I thought you already had eyeshadows in that colour" and "ANOTHER nail varnish?" Lesson learnt - shop alone!

      My eye was eventually caught by an end of aisle display with an offer on Tresemme Naturals shampoos and conditioners as they were now included in the 3 for 2 event Boots still have advertised. As I already had another product on the offer in my basket I realised I could basically get two of these for the price of one, so that was it, into the basket it went and off to the check out I plodded - the hubby now being totally fed up and waiting outside!


      The price of this conditioner, for a 500ml bottle is usually £4.05 in Boots but, as I said, is currently on 3 for 2. It is also available in Tesco's for £4.69 for 750ml, which obviously works out cheaper at retail price. Tresemme is a range that I have often seen on offer though so, as always, shop around people! I wouldn't normally spend £4.05 on a conditioner, normally opting for whichever one is on offer for around £1 when I'm running out of my last bottle but as this was on the 3 for 2 offer and I was getting one free and the bottles are also double the size of the ones I usually get it worked out about a similar cost.

      As Tresemme is such a well known brand it is widely available in shops such as Boots, Superdrug and Bodycare as well as the supermarket chains too so you should never have too much trouble finding it.


      The packaging for Tresemme shampoos and conditioners seem to be black coloured bottles for the shampoos and white coloured bottles for the conditioners and when they're all grouped together in a display this makes them very eyecatching on the shelf.

      My particular bottle stands around 8 inches high with a diameter of about 2.5 inches. It is mostly a white translucent plastic so you can just about see how much product is left in the bottle but need to hold it up to the light to do so. The contrasting colours used in this vibrantly smooth conditioner is green and black with some writing being in a pale green colour to match the leaf design on the front (to emphasise the "naturals" part I assume) and also the flip top lid.

      The information we're given on the front tells is that it's silicone free, that it gives 10% stronger hair after just one use, is hypoallergenic, has no added colour, has certified organic coconutoil and jojoba and that it is professional quality. A lot of information to put on just the front of the bottle! But, as it's such a big bottle it doesn't seem cluttered or anything and it still quite attractive. If they get all that onto the front you can only imagine how much information is on the back so I won't go into it all. Suffice it to say that it contains a bit of boomf about the Tresemme philosophy (basically, every woman deserves to look fabulous without spending a fortune), more details about the product and how to use it, a list of ingredients and contact details for the company.

      Im not generally swayed by packaging when it comes to things like this, as long as what's inside it does the job I want it to do but this bottle is generally quite appealing and I like it. Despite having enough information on there to have the potential to make it feel cluttered, it doesn't actually look cluttered and just looks simple and stylish.

      IN USE

      To get the conditioner out of this bottle you have to squeeze one side of the lid down so that the other side pops up to reveal a little opening. You then need to turn it upside down and squeeze the required amount into the palm of your hand. This process is quite easy to do in the shower, although gripping the bottle can be a slight problem when your hands are wet. But I like how easy it is to work the lid with just one hand so that you can do it easily when your other hand is full of conditioner, rather than having a screw topped bottle which you have to leave open until you've finished and let loads of water into it.

      The conditioner itself is white in colour and has a really thick and creamy consistency. It feels really silky smooth to the touch and so immediately makes you think that it will do it's job of smoothing my hair. It is also a good consistency for appliction to your hair. It's not so thick that you can't spread it evenly and easily through your hair but it's also not so thin that it runs off straight away either.

      I apply this after shampooing (not the recommended matching Tresemme shampoo, sorry!) and then leave it on my hair to work it's magic for about 4 or 5 minutes. The recommended time is 2-3 minutes but my hair is quite dry so I always leave conditioner in for as long as possible to give it more chance to penetrate into my hair and have more effect. The conditioner is easy to rinse out and doesn't take any more or less time than most other conditioners I've used, so in that respect I'm quite happy with it too.

      One of the main things I love about this particular conditioner is the fragrance of it. It's kind of a cross between a salon style smell (you know how your hair smells when you come out of the hairdresser but you can never replicate it at home?!) and a really fresh, clean, almost 'green' smell, if you know what I mean. I like that it lingers on my hair for a quite a while afterwards too and often find myself giving my head a quick swish to get a whiff of it!


      As soon as I rinse this conditioner out of my hair I can feel the difference. My hair feels softer and silkier and as though it's hanging down my back in one long shiny mass - of course, when it comes to getting my tangle teaser through it this is never actually the case, but that's how it feels initially. As my hair is very long and curly it does have a tendency to get quite dry but this immediately makes it feel moisturised and much softer to the touch.

      When out of the shower I brush through my hair with a tangle teaser (horrifically clogged up shower drain has meant I've long since been forbidden from combing it in the shower) and it is easy to do after using this conditioner. Obviously a tangle teaser is designed to make it easier to comb curly hair anyway, but the bristles just seem to glide through even my hair at it's knottiest and clumpiest, making it a much more pleasant experience.

      After using this conditioner my hair definitely looks smoother and the curls are a lot less frizzy and more defined, but with my hair I always have to use product on it to make this effect last for any length of time. But I can definitely tell the difference after using this one compared to the previous one I used (V05 Moisture Me Madly - very unimpressed and left my hair feeling and looking like straw so a good one to use in comparison with this Tresemme) and would most certainly buy this again in future as I've been more than happy with the results.

      As for it's 'vibrant' claims I'm left a little perplexed as to what that actually means. Does it mean colour wise or just vitality of hair? If it's referring to colour then I would have to disagree - my red hair is no more vibrant than normal, not that I would want it to be anyway! If it means it leaves your hair feeling as though it has more life in it then I suppose I do kind of agree with this as my curls do feel bouncy and full of life - although again, this could be down to the product I use afterwards.


      ...on my hair...I usually wash my hair every three days and this conditioner seems to last that long. My hair does start to get tangled after this amount of time, but once I use the conditioner again it's quickly detangled and left feeling smooth again. If only the fragrance lasted on my hair for that full amount of time I would be a very happy bunny!

      ...in the bottle...I have now been using this Tresemme Naturals Vibrantly Smooth Conditioner since mid-August, so for approximately 6 or 7 weeks. With using it at least twice, sometimes three times a week I still have more than half, but less than three quarters, of the bottle left. As I do tend to use quite a large blob of conditioner every time (probably a ping pong ball sized amount) due to the length and thickness of my hair, I'm really impressed with how much use I'm getting out of it. I would estimate that I'll get about 4 months out of just one bottle which makes the price of it even more attractive. Obviously if you wash your hair every day it won't last as long, although if you have shorter thinner hair then I would guess you'd still get around 3 months out of it.


      Absolutely. I wouldn't normally spend so much on a conditioner but after trying this one I think I've been converted and would actively hunt this one down or stock up if I see it on offer again. Whilst the bottle is quite large and so not the easiest thing to hold when your hands are wet (I imagine the 750ml bottle is even trickier in this respect) it is quite an attractive bottle. And what's inside it works really well on my hair. It leaves it feeling smoother, softer, silkier and much more moisturised and makes it easier to handle afterwards as well. The smell is another big bonus point for me too, so all in all it gets a big thumbs up for me as I can't even argue with the price of it when it lasts so long!


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        15.07.2011 13:47
        Very helpful



        Another Brilliant Tresemme Naturals Product.

        As I mentioned in my previous review I really like shopping around for new products to use on my hair and even though Ive used many different conditioners from many different brands I always end up going back to Tresemme. Their products just seem to work best on my hair and they are pretty affordable so thats why I always go back to that brand. Now normally I buy either the heat defence products or one designed for coloured hair but when my mom came home with a few bottles of this 'Tresemme Naturals Conditioner' a few months back I couldnt pass up the chance to test it out. Ive got to be honest this wouldnt have been one Id have bought for myself but Im very glad I got the chance to test it out because this is another winning conditioner from Tresemme - and my hair agrees!!

        Useful Information:
        Price - Around £4.99 - 900ml bottle [which is HUGE!!]
        Stockists: Superdrug, Boots, Supermarkets & even Amazon stock this shampoo.
        Other Info: Promises to protect hair against breaking and further damage - the aloe vera and avocado are said to do that whilst also hydrating your hair from the very first use. This shampoo is suitable for use on ANY hair type - even coloured hair as this contains no dye or added nastys that usually strip colour. Hair will feel 10x softer and stronger after just one use Tresemme claim - as I said in my shampoo review Im not sure it manages all that after just one use, but keep using it and you will be amazed with the difference in your locks!!

        The packaging for this shampoo is pretty standard I think. It comes in a very large 900ml white bottle which has the usual push down cap at the top - which shockingly is very easy to open even with wet hands and easy to close to keep the shampoo inside in tip top condition when your not using it. It seems very secure to me - Im always knocking everything off the shelves when Im in the shower and this one has never leaked so far so its definitely strong/secure enough for clumsy people like me LOL. On the front and back of the bottle is quite a bit of information on the product - a little bit about Tresemme as a company, a section on this product and its claims, directions for use, ingredients, shelf life etc - but should you have any other questions or queries about the shampoo there is an additional website & street address you can write to. The packaging isnt exactly the most eye-catching thing ever - in fact I dont think I would have looked twice at this in a shop but it is very effective and thats the main thing for me and it does fit in with the rest of the Tresemme designs very well - the brand is instantly recognisable.

        Again I assume everyone knows how to use conditioner so Ill keep it short - apply a generous amount of this to wet hair - that has already been washed with shampoo (I have very long and quite brittle hair so I use quite a bit of this but the amount you use will obviously depend on your hair thickness/length), apply this all over your hair concentrating on the ends as they are the bits that need the most attention, leave for about 5 minutes so it has a chance to really sink in and nourish your hair and then wash it out. As I mentioned in the matching shampoo review these 'naturals' products take a little bit longer to rinse out of your hair in my opinion. Maybe it takes a little longer for me because I use quite a bit of this each time BUT Ive found this takes a good few minutes of rinsing for my hair to feel back to normal - big soap flakes are never a good look and if you dont spend enough time rinsing this out they will be left behind in your hair. This conditioner maybe isnt the best one to use if your in a rush - that is my only problem with the product as a whole though, it is slightly time consuming. Theres nothing to amazing about the look of the conditioner itself - its white and very thick. The thickness is a good thing for though because watery conditioners dont feel as nourishing in my opinion and it being thicker means I dont have to use AS much as I normally would as it covers all my hair with ease and makes my hair feel better straight away.

        The scent of this shampoo is definitely worth mentioning in my opinion because I assumed that would be the one thing about it that I wouldnt like. I detest the scent of aloe vera AND avacado so I didnt think the fragrance of this would appeal to me at all but shockingly I really like it. It doesnt smell of aloe vera or avacado at all in my opinion - the scent of this does remind me of going to the hairdressers - it does smell very fruity and sweet and I can gurantee this will remind anyone of a trip to the salon - you can see why Tresemme was originally a salon only brand on scent alone - Im very surprised to say I love the smell and it lingers on my hair for ages so thats even better!! Personally Id recommend this on fragrance alone because it really is gorgeous and because it lingers it makes my hair feel cleaner and fresher for much longer as well - even when it starts getting slightly greasy again hehe.

        As I said in the shampoo review I dont think the results happen as quickly as Tresemme claim but once you have been using this for a few weeks the results are amazing. Ive been using this conditioner alongside the shampoo for just over a month now and the results are clear for anyone to see. My hair looks much healthier - the split ends dont seem as noticable in my opinion and it looks much glossier and is actually easier to style now as well which I wasnt expecting. My hair even feels much better as well - as I mentioned it is much easier to style, you cant see the split ends anymore so Im guessing using this has actually helps repair them slightly and best of all my hair looks and feels clean and fresh for at least 3 days after Ive used this - I dont need to wash my hair as often when using this conditioner which makes the colour on my hair last longer without fading or washing out. Ill definitely be buying this again because for me this does everything it promises and more - just not quite as fast as Tresemme claim! I 100% recommend this - if all 'natural' products are this good Ill be buying many more in the future.

        Thanks For Reading.

        x0 Salz 0x


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