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Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Straightened Shampoo

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3 Reviews
  • cleans hair
  • hard to get the last of it out of the bottle
  • doesn't smell very nice
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    3 Reviews
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      23.11.2014 20:54
      Very helpful


      • "cleans hair"


      • " hard to get the last of it out of the bottle"
      • "doesn't smell very nice"

      Not so good!

      I got this Trevor Sorbie shampoo as part of a gift set along with the conditioner and some other hair products.

      ~ Price ~
      A full size 250ml bottle of this shampoo costs around the £5.00 mark and is available from Boots.

      ~ In use ~
      I have used Trevor Sorbie hair products in the past and have always been impressed with them so I expected to be pleased with this shampoo.
      The shampoo is a semi-transparent white colour. It isn’t thick, but it isn’t too runny either.
      The shampoo lathers up well and created a nice, thick, soapy lather and leaves my hair feeling clean and soft.
      The shampoo has a floral scent, which is quite strong. I’m not a big fan of the scent of this. I think the scent is quite odd. It is a strong floral, but it also has a smoky scent to it. Not cigarette smoky, but more like incense and it is floral at the same time. It isn’t awful, but I don’t particularly like the scent and would prefer my hair not to smell like this. I actually find the conditioner has an even stronger smoky scent.
      The scent lingers on my hair for a while after I have washed it.
      The shampoo does its job and leaves my hair looking and feeling clean, soft and smooth.
      The front of the bottle says, ‘with heat protection and shine-enhancing technology’. I have not noticed that my hair has more shine to it.
      I am often quite naughty and don’t always apply any heat protection to my hair before straightening it and since using this shampoo and conditioner offering heat protection I have noticed no difference, but this would be difficult to measure.
      I have also found, having the 75ml bottle that it is very difficult to get the last of the shampoo out of the bottom, which is frustrating.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I have not been impressed with this shampoo. It does the job. It leaves my hair clean, but I am not keen on the scent. It is a heavy scent rather than a fresh scent and I’d prefer a lighter, fresh scent for my hair.
      It is also difficult to get the last of it out of the bottle, which is annoying.
      I wouldn't buy this shampoo again.


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      16.03.2013 10:10
      Very helpful



      A good product but there are other options which work as well and are cheaper

      After Christmas I always like to use my Boots advantage card points to treat myself to a bit of something in the sales. This year one of the things I bought was a Trevor Sorbie hair set which had four small products in it. One of the products in the set was the beautifully straightened protection shampoo and this is my review of it.

      I blow dry and straighten my hair every time I wash it as my hair is quite curly naturally which I don't like at all. Although my hair isn't in bad condition really I did think that this shampoo would be a good option for me given that I straighten my hair so frequently. In my gift set I got a 75ml bottle of the shampoo which I guess would be the same size as the travel sized bottles you can buy in Boots for going away on holiday. The shampoo is available in a larger 250ml bottle for £5.10 in Boots though and can often be found on some kind of offer with the designer hair care ranges.

      The shampoo comes in a pale pink bottle which I will admit to really liking being sat in my bathroom as I have a lot of pink accessories in there and so it matches! The bottle is made from a plastic which is recyclable when empty too. What I like about this shampoo is that the cap is at the bottom of the bottle and so it stands on the cap and shampoo is never stuck at the top end when you need it. It may sound quite a small and trivial thing but there is nothing worse than going to wash your hair and having to wait an age for the shampoo to trickle down the bottle when you are running low. You have twenty four months to use this shampoo though and I don't think it would last me anywhere near that long!

      We are told on the packaging that this beautifully straightened protection shampoo is suitable for fine to normal hair and has hear protection and shine enhancing technology. I have to say that my hair is not fine at all, in fact it is pretty thick but I tend not to pay too much attention to that sort of thing on a bottle anyway so I wasn't too worried. I liked how this shampoo does have a formula which will apparently not only help to protect your hair but that will also make it easier to straighten as well because I don't like to spend all that long straightening my hair if I can help it.

      The shampoo is a creamy white colour and quite thick when you squeeze it out of the bottle. What I love about this shampoo is the scent which just smells clean and fresh but also quite perfumed and high end if you will. I use a blob around the size of a fifty pence for my long hair and find that as I lather it on to my wet hair that the scent really becomes even more noticeable and pleasant. The shampoo creates a good lather and I feel as though my hair is being well cleansed when I use this one.

      When I have washed my hair I find that even in the water my hair feels quite nice. When I dry it though I find my hair is soft and silky and really shiny as well so it looks as though I have been to the hairdressers once I have straightened my hair. I'm not sure that I find it any easier to get kinks out of my hair after using this shampoo as opposed to other shampoos I have but I do like the way my hair shines and looks well treated after I have used this one. My one mini grumble here is that the scent just doesn't linger on my hair once it has been dried and straightened and as I like the scent I would prefer it to last.

      This shampoo is a good offering I think for those that are straightening addicts like me. I feel that I am giving my hair a bit of extra protection against the heat of my GHD's when I use this shampoo and the other products in the range and I like the way that it makes my hair feel soft and look shiny. At the recommended retail price I would probably not buy this one simply because I am trying to cut back and some other more purse friendly shampoo's can offer similar benefits but when this is on offer I intend to buy it again.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        09.01.2010 13:12
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A very nice shampoo but doesn't do what it says on the tin.

        These days it would appear that half of my monthly wage packed ends up on cosmetics, I just can't help myself as there's always something new to try out whether it be perfume or indeed shampoo which I have to say is my biggest addiction. I'm really into professional hair care brands at the moment and whilst trawling the Boots website around 3 months ago I came across this - Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Straightened Shampoo.

        There are two versions available from Boots; 75ml which will cost you £1.75 or 250ml for £4.99. £4.99 is expensive just for shampoo and as I had never tried any Trevor Sorbie products before I decided to play it safe and go for the 75ml version which set me back £1.75. Since purchasing the 75ml product around 3 months ago I have been regularly purchasing the 250ml version which although is expensive I feel it's well worth the money.

        The packaging is an understated yet alluring design, my problem being that it's opaque therefore you're unable to tell how much product you have remaining which can be a pain at the best of times. There's a flip lid that is situated on the bottom of the bottle; I was very pleased to find it was on the bottom as on most you have to place the bottle upside when it's nearing the end and occasionally the bottles are strangely shaped therefore eliminating you from doing this. The hole that the shampoo is dispensed from is very small therefore even on first use you're forced to squeeze the bottle to get any shampoo out and occasionally when you release the pressure the shampoo will be sucked back in because of the tiny hole which allows no air in whilst the shampoo is being dispensed.

        The shampoo certainly makes up for the problems with the packaging, it's a very thick yet silky consistency. Due to its very heavy, gooey texture there's no worry about it slipping out of your hand like some other less thick shampoos that will have you slipping around in the shower. The smell hits you as soon as it's dispensed into your hands, it's almost overpowering whilst your in the shower. It smells almost like a man's shampoo whilst using it in the shower and when I first bought it I actually checked the bottle just to make sure (pink indicates nothing these days!), nonetheless the shampoo lathers up excellently in your hair and rinses out with ease.

        Fortunately after blow-drying your hair the strong, bordering on masculine smell does subside and you're left with a pleasant, expensive fragrance that lingers all day in your hair. When I say linger I mean just that, it's not something that continues to be overpowering once you've left the shower and it doesn't clash with perfume. Every so often you'll just get a gentle waft of it which is what I like.

        The shampoo is targeted at people with fine/normal hair and it claims to aid straightening with its 'Easy Iron Technology' which apparently helps to combat kinks and waves for the straightening addicts among us. The shampoo is also equally suitable for those among us with coloured hair so you wont have to worry about it stripping your expensively coloured locks.

        I'm no stranger to shampoos and conditioners that claim to aid straightening, the most effective I've come across is the Lee Stafford Poker Straight range. This however doesn't really cut it (no pun intended) when it comes to its bold straightening claims. My hair is naturally wavy but I find that when I use Lee Stafford's Poker Straight range my hair will dry fairly straight, therefore cutting down my GHD time by half. Trevor Sorbie however doesn't do my hair any favours, infact non straightening shampoos have actually left my hair straighter than this. Therefore I'm left to damage my hair further with 230c GHD's.

        After straightening my hair does remain straight throughout the day and is left light and silky smooth to the touch. The shampoo enhances my hairs shine beautifully which I was very impressed about and what it lacks in straightening abilities it certainly makes up for in texture. Unlike Lee Stafford products which at times I find can over nourish my hair, Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Straightened Shampoo does just enough to cleanse my hair, leave it soft shiny and nourished whilst not leaving a greasy residue, even the next morning.

        Highly recommended.


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