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Trevor Sorbie Body & Bounce Shampoo

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Brand: Trevor Sorbie / Type: Body & Hair Shampoo / Suitable for: Body & Hair / Hair type: thin hair / What it does: Smoothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      20.05.2009 20:47



      Very average

      I have extremely dry, fine hair which is a pain as it has little body and doesn't keep a style very well.

      This I tried for a short period to see if a more expensive shampoo (£10) and conditioner could do a better job than the average priced products.

      I have to say I wasn't overly impressed, yes it left my hair soft and manageable and maybe a little fuller but to be honest I have had just as good results from products that claim to do a lot less than this one.

      It did have a lovely smell to it and I have to say there is something about expensive products you just feel so much better using them you really feel like you are pampering your self but the reality is that this really is all in your head. You really have to evaluate products are they worth the money and do they deliver what they promise plus you have to try other products to compare.

      I have tried almost every product that promises these results and this one did not come out on top. Its ok but nothing special I think you would be better off investing you money on something else.


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      17.04.2009 09:27
      Very helpful



      An acceptable shampoo but possibly not a recommendation

      I have very straight hair that, although naturally glossy, lacks any appreciable body. My quest for products that will give my hair a bit of a lift and stop it looking limp and lifeless has been a long one, and, unfortunately, remains unfulfilled.

      Products which go on your hair post wash such as mousses or sprays often produce the best "lift" results but using them requires styling, something I rarely have the time or inclination to do. I also find that product build up in my hair tends to make my hair look greasier quicker than normal, and, ultimately, the effect achieved is not satisfactory.

      I decided to tackle the problem from another angle - using a shampoo specially designed to add volume and bounce. I've tried several products of this type and, invariably I've been unimpressed. The worst product was a Pantene one which seemed to achieve the volume by tangling the hair - hardly the desired effect.

      Trevor Sorbie's attempt at this kind of product is a little better than most.

      The shampoo is a gentle peach colour and is a good consistency, not too runny. The lather that is produced is plentiful and the shampoo rinses easily. In terms of scent this is a great product in use with a fresh, almost fruity smell. I genuinely can't put my finger on the scent, perhaps ripe peaches with a hint of a scent that's rather like Johnsons' baby products! It reminds me of the kind of products that you'd smell in a hair salon. Unfortunately that scent is not carried through to the dried hair. My hair smells clean after use but not scented in any way.

      After washing my hair feels very clean and remarkably tangle free. In fact, if there is a selling point for this shampoo it is that the hair is left very tangle free and I've not felt the need to use conditioner of any kind (although there is a conditioner in the range). The shampoo deals with greasy roots well without overly drying the ends of the hair.

      After drying my hair certainly looked clean but it seemed to lack some of its natural gloss which is a shame. In terms of body I would say that there was a little more body to my hair but unfortunately it doesn't last more than an hour or so. There's certainly not enough difference to mean that if I want styled hair I don't have to use an additional product. Over time there was no appreciable difference to my hair. Each drying resulted in a reasonable lift from the roots but it didn't last. The only change over time that I noticed was that the ends of my hair seemed dryer than normal (but not to the point of looking in poor condition).

      Like other products in the Tervor Sorbie range there is an issue with packaging. The flip-top lid is angled meaning that you can't stand the bottle upside-down to get the last bits out. This combined with the rigid bottle and reasonably thick product means that when you're down to the last centimetre or just under the product is almost impossible to dispense. I hate wasting product in this way, particularly when it's not a cheap shampoo.

      The shampoo is priced in line with other premium shampoos at around the £5 mark for a 250ml sized bottle. You'll often find it on offer in major retailers though so I wouldn't pay full price if you can avoid it!

      Would I recommend it? This is a hard call. The product does work, albeit to a limited extent but the poor packaging design and lack of longevity of the results probably put me off enough to prevent me seeking this out again.

      So far it's the best of a bad bunch but just not good enough to get me excited!


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    • Product Details

      Leaves hair feeling and looking thicker and contains a conditioning polymer that provides body by smoothing the cuticles /

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