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Trevor Sorbie Colour Redhead Root Cover Up

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Brand: Trevor Sorbie / Type: Hair Colour

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    1 Review
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      30.04.2009 18:23
      Very helpful



      Wouldn't buy it again!

      I don't know about you but occasionally I see a reduced label or a bargain price on something and get so excited I miss read what it is and buy it and get it home and then think what an earth? lol. That happened with this product to be totally honest with you lol. It was reduced in Boots (my most favourite shop in the world lol) to a pound from it's usual price of £6.84 and I bought it because I have black hair and wanted to put some temporary red highlights for going out in'. It wasn't till I got it home I realised it was a root cover-up designed for red heads! So I tried to streak my hair with it (I'll tell you about that in a moment) and then tossed it aside and never gave it another though...

      Until I went to my hairdressers and had most of me hair lopped off in temper (my hair had become lank and I was depressed with it!) that the hairdresser suggested she dye my roots a red colour. I now had 2 inches of root and the majority of black in my hair had really faded out due to the cutting up of the build up and she reckoned red roots would blend in with my now brownish hair (brownish before I dyed it at home that is lol). Now I opted not to let her do it because I would simply rather not pay her 80 quid and dye my roots black myself and get a few red extensions around my crown to not make it look like I am growing out my black hair! Complicated yes but well thought out in my head I do think! lol.

      Anyway it meant I could streak my black bits with this and cover up my roots to see what it looked like when testing it out!

      The Packaging...

      The smallish tube of product came in a see-through reddish coloured plastic oblong box. On it there is silver, white and red writing on there and I'm told it is Trevor Sorbie Professional Colour (Enhances your colour) Redhead root Cover-Up. There is a sliver square of little lines which is the emblem for Trevor Sorbie products at the top of the box and near the bottom a red wavy line pattern adorns it. On the back of the box I'm told a bit about the product and what to expect from it, directions for use are given, warnings are listed as are ingredients, contact details for Trevor Sorbie are given, size is stated (12ml), the recycle symbol is displayed as is the bar-code.

      The tube is quite long with a long silver screw on/off lid covering a long sturdy plastic white wand with an an angled sponge applicator of good quality situated at the end and on said lid in dark grey writing I'm told it's Trevor Sorbie, Professional and again the wavy lines emblem is on there. On the clear plastic at the bottom of the tube I'm told again it is Root-Cover up and the line pattern is on there and on the back a warning is given, contact details for Trevor Sorbie are there and finally the size is stated and the recycle symbol are again displayed. I like the packaging it's modern and I like being able to see the rusty coloured shimmery liquid through it as I can see if it needs replacing or not (If I want to of course! Lol).

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Packaging....

      Hairdressing expert Trevor Sorbie M.B.E has specially created this Professional Colour + Root cover-up to allow you to disguise your root re-growth between salon visits. Simply apply to roots when necessary, or after each wash, when re-growth shows through.

      Colour + Redhead Root Cover-Up

      Temporarily covers unsightly roots between salon visits.
      Tone in with your hair colour according to the amount of cover-up applied.
      Adapts to any hair style - from fine to more chunky highlights.

      Directions For Use....

      Apply directly to dry hair.
      Simply use the applicator to apply the cover-up to your roots as necessary.
      Separate your hair into small sections. Lift one section at a time and apply cover-up to the roots of the hair, moving downwards as necessary.
      Use a fine comb to spread the cover-up through the roots evenly and allow to dry. A hair-drier may be used to speed up the drying process.
      To remove, wash out with shampoo.

      Me Using This Product....

      Nightmare! I used it as directed and used it as a root cover up. The applicator is a great idea but try painting hair with a spongy thing especially if you have fine glossy hair like mine!

      The liquid is thin even after really shaking the tube. It's a rust colour rather than a rich red but as promised the more colour you use etc the more you can build up pretty much any shade of red you require, it just takes patience. However it applies thinly you have to rub it in rather than gently run the applicator through hair and not only is this time consuming but it gets on your scalp pretty bad and looks fake, it's near on impossible to get a natural look around your hairline and the only good things I can say for this product is that it has a nice high quality floral fragrance to it, it's not messy or drippy to use, it dries in seconds and once applied stays put completely with no transfer, flaking or residue until you wash it out and when you do it rinses out great and very simply.

      Whilst it;s on the hair you can't feel it, it doesn't make hair feel stiff and/or gunky but sadly for me the application on my fine hair is a real trial and tribulation and not worth my time and/or effort at all. Yes I can see the colour even next to my dark hair but it does not look neat and tidy but rather patchy and with a red scalp like I'm bleeding!

      I did mention I used this as a highlighter too. The results using it for that were far easier to achieve as I didn't have to go near my roots and I was impressed that although I still have some black sections of hair this really did show up against it and on it. Sure it was still hard to coat my hair with given applicator but because I didn't have to be so precise with the application I did get some noticeable colour on my hair and it looked quite natural, shiny and felt great.


      A great concept of a product this is however whoever designed a sponge applicator with quite a weak liquid needs a good rollicking in my humble opinion! I'm not sure this is worth the price and I'm not entirely convinced it would suit all red heads and remember this only comes in one shade to purchase in the red range lol! I reckon it's better to buy a reasonably priced red hair dye and do your flipping roots and stop being so lazy lol.

      I purchased mine in Boots but this is available in many places and do if interested look at online shops for a bargain!


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    • Product Details

      It adapts to any type of colour application such as highlights and all over tints to seamlessly tone in with your hair colour /

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