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Trevor Sorbie Long Hair Intensive Conditioning Treatment

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Brand: Trevor Sorbie / Type: Hair Treatment / Hair type: damaged hair / What it does: Smoothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      09.04.2010 22:55
      Very helpful




      Trevor Sorbie


      Trevor Sorbie is a celebrity stylist with salons worldwide and offers a range of hair care products in high street stores. There are various ranges and products available to suit different hairstyles including those for straight hair, coloured, curly hair and for hair needing moisture and volume. One of these products is the Intensive Conditioning Treatment. This is available in the straight hair range.


      This conditioning treatment is designed to replace moisture and condition damaged areas in your hair. It does this by using conditioning agents and added shine complexes which locate where the conditioning is needed and lock it in. Trevor Sorbie advise that the in depth conditioning will reduce frizz and static and leave hair soft and manageable.


      This hair treatment is contained in a plastic (recycle) white tub which is a double wall tub. There is a screw on lid with a silver label on top detailing the name and brand of the product. 2 blue labels surround the tub. One label has the same details as the lid label. The other has the details of what the product is for, directions for use, ingredients and company details. This label also gives us the size of the tub and that it is safe to use for 24months from opening.


      The actual conditioning treatment is very thick and white and resembles sudocreme in appearance! It is scented however I cannot pick up what this could be though it is quite strong and perfumey. A bit overpowering to be honest.

      *Directions for Use*

      After shampooing thoroughly. remove excess moisture and distribute evenly from root to tip. Leave for 3mins and rinse. This is best for long hair and would work best in conjunction with other long hair products in the range.


      I won't bore you with all the unknown words and ingredients though this conditioner contains water, cetyl alcohol and sodium chloride. You will thank me for this as one of the ingredients has over 40 letters alone!

      *Availability and Price*

      I purchased my 250ml tub from Poundland for da da daaa...£1! Poundland also stock some of the smaller size Trevor Sorbie products.

      *My Opinion*

      My hair is quite long now and although occasionaly wavy, it is most straight. I don't use many products other than shampoo and conditioner before drying and sometimes straightening my hair though it is dry and lifeless. I spotted this whilst doing my rounds in Poundland and though I would try it...

      The packaging is good, the pot is ideal as it means you can scoop some out rather than mess about with tubes and slippy caps! It is also ideal to see how much you have left. I recognise Trevor Sorbie as being professional and the tub does live up to this image.

      The cream in my opinion is very unusually scented and smells strongly of perfume products and very like heavily perfumed body lotions which I wasn't keen on but I persevered. A few days ago, I washed my hair, drained out the moisture and scooped some of the cream onto my fingers. I feel that I needed quite a bit as it didn't smooth as well as I could have hoped for.

      I sat on the floor reading my magazine whilst this did its job and then rinsed. It took quite a while to rinse this out and my hair felt very sticky and heavy. I rinsed and rinsed and when my neck got too sore I towel dried my hair then used my hairdryer. At first, my hair appeared fairly soft and smooth and the strong smell had turned into a delicate sweet scent which was quite pleasant. I went to the supermarket and by the time I got back, my hair was extremely dry and you would never have guessed I had conditioned it.

      I will try again..maybe leave it on a bit longer or apply more though I cannot say that I was impressed based on my first usage of this. The price is good though but I don't expect Poundland to stock these for long..they may be end of line?

      Thanks for reading


      It took


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      17.04.2009 14:24
      Very helpful



      £ for 10 quid in Boots???? Grrr lol x

      From time to time my hair feels quite brittle and dry. For me I know this is because of the amount of styling products I use and heated appliances (including ghds). No matter how many heat protection products I use etc, still occasionally it happens and I have really unruly hair at the best of times!

      I wash my hair every day (again not the most healthy thing to do but I am a self conscious smoker!) and I always shampoo it twice and use a decent , nourishing every-day conditioner but a couple of times a week I find it really useful to use some kind of intensive treatment to re-nourish my upset locks.

      The Packaging....

      250ml (large in size), round tub with a lid at the top which you simply twist to open and close simply. On the lid there is a silver label and on there there is a the Trevor Sorbie emblem (square wave pattern) and under that I'm told it's Trevor Sorbie Professional Intensive Conditioning Treatment 'For Naturally Straight Hair'. On the front and the back of the tub itself there are turquoise labels stuck on and on that I'm told the same information as on the lid in and told it 'rebuilds shine'. On the back of the tub I'm told a bit about the product and given directions for use, ingredients are listed, I'm given contact details for Trevor Sorbie (4 times British hairdresser of the year and M.B.E by the way according to my research on him lol), the recycle symbol and the size is shown and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice enough packaging and looks a quality item and robust. Lots of information on there as well so you can work out if this product would be any help to you before you buy it!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Tub....

      Trevor Sorbie Professional 'Long Hair' is based on a unique natural shine complex with 18MEA, which contains intelligent conditioning agents that lock onto damaged areas and replenish moisture exactly where it's needed. Use regularly to help strengthen against damage and split ends.

      Intensive Conditioning Treatment provides super intensive hydration in minutes. It's in depth conditioning action smoothes out frizz, reduces static and leaves hair soft and manageable.

      Directions For Use....

      After shampooing thoroughly, remove excess moisture and distribute evenly from root to tip Leave for 3 minutes. Rinse. For best results use as part of the 'Long Hair' regime. Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes rinse well with water immediately.

      The Product....

      Upon opening the tub you are greeted with a white slightly gloopy but rich white, glossy cream. As directed I apply some to my previously washed and still damp (though not soaking hair) and it smears through really easily and then I comb it through gently. It's not hard to rub in cos all you have to do is to coat your hair with it and of course the amount you use depends on how much you want to use etc but basically the cream melts into the hair leaving a transparent slightly greasy look to the hair and you leave it for a minimum of 3 minutes n which time it sets a tiny bit and hair stiffens up.

      Smell wise, well it's very nicely and delicately fragranced, I assume with some kind of fruit oils. It's not an in your face fragrance and perfectly fine for men to use as well as women if they want to! The smell once on the hair smells fresh, light and above all CLEAN and FRESH!

      So I leave it on for a minimum of 3 minutes and sometimes I run this through hair I've squeezed excess water out of and sit back and enjoy my bath for an hour or so, it really doesn't matter and I don't think the results are any different between the 3 minutes and the hour so again that's up to you!

      It's comfortable on the hair, rinses out very easily indeed and hair is left feeling smooth, glossy and hydrated. When styling the hair it's no different although you will notice that it's smooth and sleek to the touch but you can still style it without it feeling light or heavy, sticky or flyaway or anything like that.

      Of course if you want to you can use all your usual styling products and it doesn't affect that at all.

      However it does affect your hair... in a positive way!

      The benefits in my mind of using this is that you get touchably soft hair that is still manageable and as easy as usually to style. It seems to eliminate frizz and enhance it's natural shine, particularly with regular usage. My hair feels soft, hydrated and well nourished without that making my greasy roots go greasy any quicker than usual. It has a nice fragrance to it, is simple to use and gives really good results though why we are told this is only good for long hair I don't know to be honest lol I'm sure anyone would benefit from using this! It seems to be a good all round, rich and luxurious hair mask to me!

      Not only all that my hair does feel stronger since I've stated using this a couple of times a week for the past month! As hair doesn't look as frizzy whilst using this, split ends and broken hairs seem to not happen so often but even better than that any of that if you do have any split ends and/or broken hairs that you know of it seems to blend them into the style without being controlling! A really nice conditioning hair mask and a real bargain cos so little is needed it lasts ages and ages!

      I paid £5.86 for my tub in Boots (available elsewhere too of course) but at the moment in Boots many Trevor Sorbie products are on offer 3 for £10! A must buy at that price surely?!


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    • Product Details

      Seals split ends, smoothes hair and treats damaged areas /

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