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Trevor Sorbie Long Hair Straightening Conditioner

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Brand: Trevor Sorbie / Type: Conditioner / What it does: Smoothes,

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2009 14:58
      Very helpful



      Put some life back in your dead hair!

      Having been a big fan of Trevor Sorbie's range of long hair, I was quite frustrated when about 4 years ago it suddenly disappeared from the shelves and I couldn't find it for love nor money. So imagine my joy when I saw a review on Dooyoo of a product in this range that indicated they were back on the shelves of Boots!

      Long hair is so difficult to look after and keep looking in great condition. The longer it is, the older it is and the more care it needs to protect it from damage. My hair is very long and to my shame I've not had a haircut in about a year. Hence it can easily look flyaway or frizzy and in fairly bad condition. The scientist bods at Trevor Sorbie claim to have come up with a 'unique formulation' which includes 18MEA, which apparently is uniquely found in long hair and targets the damaged areas, replenishing those essential lipids. Well, you've gotta get a gimmick, as they say.

      The range includes shampoo, conditioner, and an intensive conditioning treatment, all of which come in different colours according to whether you have straight or curly hair (a light turquoise for straight hair and a pink if you're a curly girlie). An added bonus for me is that it's also suitable for coloured hair so it won't strip your hair of all those rainbow colours you paid £60 to have put in.

      The conditioner is packaged in a 250ml tube, a pearlised white with turquoise lettering. There is a plastic lid which flips open to reveal a small hole which, when the bottle is squeezed, dispenses the shampoo. As I mentioned in my review of the matching shampoo, the packaging is massively disappointing compared to the old branding, which had a lovely blue marble effect. It's also far more difficult to use: because the conditioner is only dispensed on squeezing the bottle, it tends to come out in something of an unexpected rush and it's tricky to get the right amount out, meaning you end up with a fair amount of wastage. The fact that the bottle isn't seethrough also means you never really know how much you have left - I hate running out of something mid shower!

      So, after shampooing my hair, I reached for this. The first thing I noticed was the thickness of it- much thicker than other conditioners I've used- and it felt really silky as I rubbed it into my palms. As I worked it into my hair, I noticed the gorgeous smell - slightly fruity but really subtle and more like perfume. I do find it's slightly more toned down than I remember the previous formula being - the smell is just strong enough that your hair has a nice fragrance to it should anyone get close enough to smell it.

      The direction recommends that you leave the conditioner in your hair for one minute before rinsing out so, being a good girl who always does what she's told, I did exactly that. And when I began to rinse it out I could really feel the difference that it had made to my hair- so much more silky to touch!

      I cannot rave enough about this conditioner. Although it doesn't achieve quite the level of silkiness of a premium brand conditioner like Kerastase, I do find for the price that this is the best conditioner I've used. My hair has looked absolutely fantastic since I've been using this- shiny, far less frizzy, and much easier to style. Although this does achieve the same kind of results as an intensive conditioner, it isn't so heavy that you can't use it every day and it doesn't appear to leave a nasty build up on the hair. The instructions recommend that you use this with the shampoo from the same range (well they would wouldn't they?) but after my disastrous last shampoo experience, I went out and got the shampoo as well, and I can honestly say that my hair does look even better! I find that straightening my hair now takes about half the time it used to and it also stays straight for much longer. I like to use this as my daily conditioner and then use my Kerastase intensive masque once a week to give it a bit of a moisture injection.

      This conditioner is available exclusively in Boots stores and on their website at www.boots.com and will set you back £4.79, which means it's actually gone down in price since I last bought it. The range is currently on a 3 for 2, or you can wait until Boots are issuing haircare vouchers if you're after a bargain.

      Highly recommended for anyone with long hair.


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      Specially designed for long hair, it strengthens, detangles and improves your hair's smoothness /

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