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Trevor Sorbie Straightened Heat Defence Blowdry Spray

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Brand: Trevor Sorbie / Products - Spray / Type: Hair Spray

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    2 Reviews
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      02.03.2013 22:08
      Very helpful
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      An excellent heat defence spray that does what it says it will

      Straightening my hair is something I do more or less on a daily basis, especially if I am leaving the house, however I also have my hair highlighted regularly too so for me it is important to protect my hair as much as possible from all of the heat that I put on it so I always use a heat defence spray on it. I'm not too fussy what brand I use and tend to buy whatever is on offer, I have a few favourites that I will buy if there are no offers but I am also happy to give new brands a go. One brand I recently tried was Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Straightened Heat Defence Blow Dry Spray, I had never heard or this brand before, it was actually my Mum that bought this for me so I was keen to give it a go and see how good it was.

      The Trevor Sorbie Heat Defence Spray comes in a pale pink plastic bottle (I think the colour is why my Mum picked this one for me as I love anything pink) It has a clear label going around the whole bottle, on the front of this is the brand name Trevor Sorbie and the logo with the name of the product written just underneath, all of this information is written in grey and bright pink writing. Underneath the name is a few facts about the heat defence spray which is again written in grey. The back of the bottle contains all of the product information including more facts about the product, directions for use, warnings and ingredients, all of this information is clearly set out and easy to read should you need to. On the top of the bottle is a clear plastic spray top similar to that of a perfume bottle, this was covered with a small clear plastic lid when I received the product but I have since lost this, the spray works by simply pressing the top downwards dispensing a fine mist of heat defence spray onto your hair. There is nothing overly fancy about the packaging, however I do quite like it because it is simple and not overly fussy and mainly because it is pink.

      The Heat Defence Spray
      Because you cannot see inside the bottle you cannot really see what colour the spray is but judging by its appearance when sprayed onto your hair I'm guessing it is just a clear liquid inside. When I first sprayed the heat defence onto my hair I was quite surprised by the fragrance, to start with it just had a really strong chemical smell to it, just like a lot of hairsprays, I was hoping that this wasn't going to last and my hair wasn't going to have a chemical smell to it, however I was pleased to discover that within a few seconds the chemical smell faded to leave behind a slightly floral fragrance which was much nicer. To be honest the fragrance of the heat defence spray didn't last that long on my hair and quickly faded, but I wasn't really that bothered about that as it was how well the spray protected my hair that was the main thing for me. The Trevor Sorbie Heat Defence Spray is said to have both heat defence and shine enhancing technology, it is suitable for all hair types and on the back of the bottle states that this product is also suitable for coloured hair which is exactly what I need. The heat defence spray has a lightweight formula and is designed to increase resistance to heat damage leaving your hair stronger and healthier. The heat defence will protect your hair up to 220 degrees so ideal for use with hair dryers and hair strengtheners.

      Directions for Use
      The directions when it comes to using the Trevor Sorbie Heat Defence Spray are pretty standard for this type of product, the directions state that you should spray liberally onto damp towel dried hair and then blow dry and style as usual. Obviously the amount you spray onto your hair depends on the length and thickness of your hair, I find I need quite a bit of the spray as my hair is both long and thick.

      The warnings on the back of the bottle of heat defence spray include
      * The product is flammable so keep away from fire and flame
      * Do not use on or near polished or painted surfaces
      * Do not spray product into your eyes, if this happens wash immediately with clean water

      Price and Availability
      As my Mum bought this product for me I'm not sure where she got mine from, however I have since found this product available in Boots and for a 200ml bottle it costs £5.10, this is pretty standard for this type of product, I do find that heat defence is not the cheapest of hair products to buy, however this particular product is long lasting, the spray is dispensed in a fine mist onto your hair so that you do not use too much at once or waste any, in my opinion this product is worth the money, I have a smaller bottle than the 200ml bottle in Boots and have been using it for several weeks and still have quite a lot of the product left.

      My Opinion
      As I have said I have been using the Trevor Sorbie Heat Defence Spray for a while now and have been extremely pleased with it, after using it my hair looks healthier and in good condition, it definilty protects my hair from the heat of my hairdryer and strengtheners, I do not use the product every time I straighten my hair (although I probably should) however despite this it still helps to keep my hair in excellent condition. After straightening my hair it looks smooth and shiny with no fly away hairs or split ends. Whilst a large bottle is a little pricey it is worth it in the long run and works out cheaper as it lasts so long and also it is an excellent quality product so well worth the money. I will definilty be purchasing this heat defence spray again in the future and would recommend it to anyone who applies heat to their hair in whatever form.


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        31.08.2010 14:36
        Very helpful



        Perfectly adequate but more expensive than similar products

        I use a few different products on my hair but the one which I absolutely couldn't do without is some sort of heat protection spray. I blow dry and straighten my hair every day, and what's more my hair is dyed, so it's important to protect it from damage as much as possible. I picked up this Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Straightened Heat Defence Blow Dry Spray in Boots when they had a 3 for 2 offer on their premium haircare products: the spray normally costs £4.99 but on this offer it worked out a bit cheaper.

        The product comes in a large pink bottle with a pump action spray; it has the Trevor Sorbie logo on top and the name of the product. You do get a lot of product for your money - the bottle is a 200ml size. The product is described as being suitable for all hair types, with heat protection and shine enhancing technology. The spray offers heat protection up to 220 degrees and is a lightweight formula to aid blow drying and help to increase resistance to heat damage. The bottle says that it can be used on colour-treated hair, although to be honest it would never have occurred to me that any heat protection spray could not be used on coloured hair!
        To use the product, you need to spray it through damp, towel dried hair before drying and styling as normal. This was one of the things that really prompted me to buy the product, as a lot of heat protection sprays need to be applied on dry hair, but I wanted one which could be applied to damp hair and offered protection while blowdrying.

        To use, just remove the lid (which sticks on well and doesn't fall off by itself) and spray the product a few times. The spray smells lovely, rather sweet and fruity, which is a bonus - so many hair products smell really artificial and nasty so it's nice to get one that smells more natural.

        Touching my hair, the product seems rather sticky at first, but it soon dries on anyway so this doesn't matter. At least I know I'm actually spraying a hair product on my hair, and not just water!

        After spraying I dry and style my hair as usual. I can't smell the spray on my hair once I've dried it, which is neither a bad thing nor a good thing really.

        My hair is usually in a reasonable condition, considering that it is colour-treated and subjected to heat every day! I've been using this product for a while now and the condition of my hair has remained the same, suggesting that the product is doing the job it is designed to do. I've sometimes been tempted to stop using protection spray and see what a difference that makes, but I don't want to ruin my hair!

        This product is perfectly decent and does the job - it also smells nice which is a bonus. However, it is quite expensive and to be honest doesn't do a better job than cheaper alternatives, such as the spray Schwarzkopf make. I would happily buy this spray again, but only if it was on special offer or if there was no cheaper alternative available at the time.


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