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Trevor Sorbie Thickening Shampoo

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Brand: Trevor Sorbie / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    2 Reviews
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      30.08.2010 12:17
      Very helpful



      Definitely worth a purchase! xx

      ~*Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume Shampoo*~
      ~*Why Did I Buy It?*~
      Well, a couple of days back I went to Filey for a few nights. It was a nice little mini break, and having not been abroad this summer, it was the best I was going to get! I was packing light, and so I went into Boots and decided to spoil myself with a few mini treats. I know, I know, I've been telling you all about how I'm trying to save on my beauty products (in regards to a comment plod951 left on one of my reviews, _yes_ i really, really do need beauty products, or I look like Frankenstein's monster!) but it was summer and I had a little bit in my pocket, so I thought, why not?
      I don't know what it is about mini beauty products, but I love them! I don't know if its the fact that they're so cute (!) or what, but I think they're great! In this case, it's because there's no way I could justify spending the amount of money salon brands charge for a regular sized shampoo, but I can afford 75ml of it! I also tend to use less product if it comes out of a smaller bottle, because I want to make it last, therefore I don't squeeze ridiculous amounts of the stuff out.
      So, I went to the 'Salon Brands Haircare' section of Boots, and looked around. A number of brands caught my eye, such as Charles Worthington and John Frieda. I stayed away from Charles Worthington after reading and seeing a number of distinctly average reviews on their products, on the internet and from friends, and the John Frieda didn't have a wide selection of miniature products. Plus, the products I saw seemed very colour-orientated, like one shampoo for blondes and one for brunettes. This was a slight dilemma for me because I'm a sort of muddy-blonde (oh God, that sounds awful!), but you know what I mean; I'm in between blonde and brunette. If I had to go one way I'd definitely say blonde, but as I'm a dark blonde I didn't really want a shampoo that was for "real" blondes, as I'd say.
      The Trevor Sorbie stand was slightly narrower than some of the others, but I was drawn to it because of pretty pastel-coloured bottles and wide variety of miniatures.
      My hair is fairly long, and I love wearing it down, slightly messily, with lots of volume. When I was a little younger I went through a phase of using GHD's and taming my hair until it was practically plastered to my skull, but as you mature I guess you develop your own style, and I realised that just because my friends really suited their straightened hair, it didn't mean I did. So from there on, I did everything I could to give my hair a bit of life and body - backcombing, curling, using any amount of volume-enhancing sprays, mousses, gels etc...and I have stuck to that and am now really comfortable with my hair.
      The Beautiful Volume range is new, along with a selection of other 'Beautiful' ranges. Obviously I went for the volume-boosting range, but for others with different hair types or styles, there are these new ranges to choose from:
      Beautifully Straightened, Beautifully Moisturised, Beautiful Curls, Beautiful Blonde and Beautiful Brunette.

      ~*A Quick Bit About The Brand*~
      Now, I don't want to ramble on about every single little detail of the brand for hours, because, if your that desperate you can research that bit yourself, but I don't really think every detail is relevant to anyone considering purchasing this product, but a little bit of background info might give you an idea of the reputation this brand and hairdresser has.
      Trevor Sorbie is a hairdresser who has been awarded an MBE by the Queen _and_ won British Hairdresser Of The Year four times - so I'm guessing he must be good at what he does! He has been the person behind many successful cuts and styling techniques, and then released the top professional hair care range, named after himself.
      "One of the best hairdressers ever - both directionally and creatively" - Anthony Mascolo (whoever that is, haha!)

      ~*The Appearance*~
      The Beautiful Volume range is all in a very pleasant pale lemon colour. I think that the bottle is very attractive - it definitely looks like part of a professional hair care range. The bottle stands on its lid, and slants at the top where the silver 'Trevor Sorbie' logo is.
      The front of the bottle is very sleek and basic - just some orange coloured waves (that are very similar to the ones used in the logo) and the words:
      _Beautiful volume thickening shampoo, for fine/flyaway hair. With heat protection and shine-enhancing technology._
      On the back of the bottle there's just the usual really; it tells you the ingredients and directions and such.
      All in all, top marks for appearance - it looks lovely, like a real treat.

      ~*Using The Shampoo*~
      I squeezed a small amount of the stuff into my hand (I told you I like to use the miniature posh products sparingly!) and I'm glad I did - because a little really does go a long way! The smell was, like the packaging, very professional smelling - if that makes any sense - it reminded me of a posh hairdressing salon.
      The directions on the bottle read:
      _Distribute evenly through wet hair. Lather up. Rinse thoroughly. For best results, use as part of the Beautiful Volume range._
      As I mentioned earlier, I have fairly long hair, and a very small squirt was more than enough for all my hair. When I rubbed the shampoo in, it lathered up really well - not a particularly thick or creamy lather, but one that felt really quite invigorating and like there was a lot of it! It was lovely to use.

      ~*The Results*~
      The shampoo was designed for people with thin hair who would like more volume. I guess my hair isn't particularly thin, but I could definitely feel a different (obviously my hair hadn't magically got thicker, but you know what I mean), however my hair definitely didn't feel heavy, if anything it felt lighter, but not thinner, than before.
      I think the reason that it felt lighter was because of the masses of volume that had been added! I also used the leave-in conditioner, so I'm sure that that can take some of the credit for the amazing condition my hair was in, but I think the shampoo definitely made a huge difference! It gave me a much greater effect than I was hoping for, and my hair's new-found body lasted for the full day.
      My hair also seemed to have a bit of a gleam to it. It was shiny without looking at all greasy or covered in product (I also used some V05 hairspray before I went out), and the fact that the shampoo included some heat protection technology meant I didn't have to use as much spray before blow drying my hair which was great as I think that using a lot of the spray can ruin the effect my usual shampoo and conditioner can have on my hair.
      I truly really loved this shampoo, I think everything about it was perfect, and although it was expensive I think it was definitely worth it.

      ~*Other Information*~
      I purchased the 75ml Beautiful Volume Shampoo from Boots for £1.95 (giving me 4 Advantage Card points). I also bought the mini Leave-In conditioner for the same price.
      For more information on Trevor Sorbie products, and to buy online, visit www.trevorsorbie.com.
      The shampoo is also available in a larger size - 250ml - for a RRP of £4.99. Currently, there is an offer on in Boots where you can buy three Trevor Sorbie products for ten pounds - I wish I'd known about that at the time, because it would have tempted me to splurge on the bigger sized bottles!
      After opening, use within twenty four months.
      I would say that the shampoo is definitely worth the money and makes a massive difference to my hair, and whenever I can afford the range, I will buy it!
      It has also encouraged me to try all the other products in the Beautiful Volume range -
      Dry Shampoo, Volume Booster, Volumising Mousse and Hairspray.

      ~*Five Stars From Me!*~


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        26.05.2010 12:13
        Very helpful




        Some people out there will say how much they wish they had my hair but I guess it goes back to the grass being greener on the other side! I have thin, flat hair. It falls down so straight that sometimes it sticks to my face and just looks a bit yucky! I'm not after curly hair or anything but I want my hair to have a little bit of boost.

        Whilst getting prepared for our Easter holiday I went to Boots and grabbed some travel size soaps and that kind of thing. I picked out a shampoo and conditioner by Trevor Sorbie. In all honesty I didn't pick it due to it being a thickening shampoo and no flyaway conditioner ... I chose it because it was a cuter bottle (sad I know!). I used it for the 2 weeks we were away and my hair looked great. I was sooo happy. It seemed to have a bounce to it and didn't need washing everyday due to the grease my hair normally builds up.

        The real test is getting back home and having the same effect. Sometimes the sun and holiday air can make hair lovelier so getting back to the UK was what would really put the shampoo and conditioner to the test. I only condition once (sometimes twice) a week so it's all down to the shampoo to convince me to buy a bigger bottle. Two weeks later and Trevor Sorbie is on the shopping list.

        The shampoo lathers a lot so it makes the bottle last longer. A 250ml bottle cost me £4.99 at Boots which is about a pound more than my old shampoo but with results like this I don't care. It's got a fresh and springy scent. The scent doesn't hang around for a long time but that doesn't bother me as I don't want it interfering with my perfume.

        This little yellow bottle gets a thumbs up from me.

        © oioiyou 2010


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