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Trevor Sorbie To Go Moisturising & De frizzing Shampoo

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Brand: Trevor Sorbie / Moisturising Shampoo / Contents: 75ml / Type: Hair Shampoo / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    2 Reviews
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      24.12.2009 13:53
      Very helpful



      maybe buy it as a treat in the future

      Trevor Sorbie Moisturising & De-Frizzing Shampoo

      **WHAT IT IS**

      It is a shampoo, which will help moisturise your hair, so it will be less frizzy and smoother. This will leave your hair more manageable. It claims it will help replenish your hair so it will be healthier looking.

      This shampoo contains a unique anti-oxidant complex and UV filter, which helps protect your hair from heat and environmental damage.


      The shampoo comes in a frosted see through bottle, which looks more attractive than other bottles of shampoo you can get. You can see the pink shampoo inside. The bottle is plastic and durable so it will withstand being dropped if it happens by accident.

      The lid is slanted and has a shiny silver label, which has the Trevor Sorbie logo on it. This I feel makes it look more special and makes you feel it is a more premium product.

      On the front of the bottle there are swirled lines which are pink. You are given the basic information on the shampoo on the front of the bottle.

      On the back there is more detailed information about the shampoo in black writing.


      The shampoo itself is light pearly pink colour. Its very girlie altogether as the bottle is pink as well.

      It is thick in consistency (maybe not as thick as other shampoos) and has a silky feel to it, which is a lovely feeling once you add the shampoo to your hair.

      The shampoo has a nice fresh smell to it, which reminds me of flowers it is a bit sweet though. So it may not be to everyone's taste however I love the smell it leaves your hair afterwards.

      HOW TO USE: Get a small blob into your hands and massage it through wet hair. Once this is done make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly. If it is necessary repeat this.


      This shampoo cost £1.56 from Boots for 75ml, which is a small bottle. It really is only a travel size and it would be very easily taken away with you on your travels as the bottle is very small. I do feel that it is rather expensive for the size of bottle however it was nice to get it for a treat for myself.

      I like this shampoo as I do feel it helps smoothen out your hair a bit leaving it less flyaway. It does leave my hair in slightly better condition. I have very thin hair though and this may not be the case for people who have thicker hair than myself.

      I have thin hair and find it hard to get a shampoo, which will moisturise my hair yet, not leave it greasy and I find that this shampoo does this very well.

      I do not use it everyday instead every other time I wash my hair as I feel this is enough to use it as I don't want to leave my hair greasy and heavy.

      I would recommend this shampoo to anyone who wants to spend the extra money as I do feel that it leaves your hair in better condition making it feel silkier and your hair is shiner after use. Although I am not convinced it improves my hair enough for the price of the product even though I do like the shampoo.

      As it is so expensive I don't think I am convinced I would buy it again for a while I might try a cheaper alternative instead.


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      17.01.2008 18:41
      Very helpful



      There is so much better about and so much cheaper too!

      I never buy shampoo, makes me sound disgusting but I don't mean it like that, please read on lol

      As I mentioned in a previous review about Elvive shampoo, my Mother puts shampoo in the bathroom for 'family' use and I usually make do with that. They're always buy one get free offers and it's hit and miss to whether they are good or not! In other reviews of mine you will see that just recently I've bought a lot of products and most of them are from Boots, I had an awful lot of vouchers for £2.00 off haircare.

      Well after seeing my Mothers latest offering in the shampoo stakes (something good for bright pink hair and no one in my house possesses it!) I decided that it's time to take action and buy my own shampoo!!

      It took me ages in Boots to find one but I thoroughly enjoyed picking one suitable for my hair and the one that stood out (cos it's pink) was this Trevor Sorbie Moisturising Anti De Frizzing Shampoo.

      My Hair....

      Is dyed black to just below my shoulders. Greasy roots, dry in the middle of my hair resulting in tons of split ends (though I have my hair cut often), and very frizzy , prone to looking dull and lifeless. Use the wrong products though and my hair goes so flyaway and appear full of static! To look at my hair I wouldn't call it thin but according to my trusted hairdresser it's a real pain in the ass lol

      Who Is Trevor Sorbie?....

      Trevor Sorbie MBE was born in Paisley, the son and grandson of barbers.
      During his career, he has been British Hairdresser of the Year four times; received many other awards; written books; given pioneering techniques and cuts such as the Wedge, the Chop, the Scrunch and conveys a great enthusiasm for his profession. He has a chain of salons with celebrity clients, appears on the television and of course has a hair care range, hence why I'm here!

      Packaging Of This Product....

      Whitish 250ml recyclable plastic cylinder shaped bottle with a slanted flip top lid. Pink writing and the pink Trevor sorbie bands symbol on the front. Silver sticker on the front slant saying Trevor Sorbie Profesional. On the back small black writing telling me what to expect, directions and ingredients and a contact and website address. The liquid inside is a pink colour resembling what I think looks like conditioner (to the point when I got it home I had to double check I didn;t pick up the conditioner by mistake) and you can see this colour through the bottle. All in all it looks nice and stylish.

      What The Product Says About Itself....

      Gentle cleansing shampoo, tames your hair and replenishes essential lipids, leaving it healthier looking, smooth and manageable. With a unique anti-oxidant complex and UV filter to help your hair from heat and environmental damage.


      Evenly distribute a small amount through wet hair, from roots to ends. Massage for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. For optimum results follow with moisturising and de-frizzing conditioner. Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes rinse well with water immediately.

      My Experience....

      Well I rinsed my hair in the shower with the product twice and I did use the corresponding conditioner. It's hard to just review the shampoo as I used both products, and therefore hard to say whether it gave moisture to my hair on its own but I will in a minute tell you my overall opinion on the finished result so bear with me lol

      Firstly I hate the flip top lid! My hands are wet and I cant open it. You kind of have to lift it off and when your hands are wet and you have no nails it's a pain. Finally you get the lid undone but it's attached to the bottle and I only got a small shelf so I have to click the lid back on which means I have to go back to all that effort for the repeat shampoo! Not impressed! It runs out of the bottle into my hands. It has the appearance of a thin but glistening conditioner. It certainly in my hand looked like a moisturising shampoo. The smell is ok. Not gorgeous, but just fresh and clean really, suitable for anyone to use.

      It says to use a small amount. This I did on the first use but learnt quick that, that isn't right. I like a bit of lather so I needed quite a lot and as I said earlier my hair is quite thin and it took a lot for that to happen. I'd brushed my hair before taking a shower but I thought my hair felt a bit more knotty than usual as I was rinsing the shampoo out. I didn't know if that was my fault for rubbing too much or what. It didn't dry my hair out but it didn't feel particularly moisturised.

      As I said I used the corresponding hair conditioner. I'd never not use a conditioner! Mortal sin in my eyes!

      The one I used is the intensive conditioner. I'm not as I said reviewing this but I bought it cos I thought well I'll use it once a week to 'pep' my hair up a bit and give it a creamy treat! When I finished with everything I blow dried my hair and it was ok. Nothing special. No amazing results but no bad ones either!
      My hair didn't smell particularly nice, didn't look any more shiny or healthy than before. It just looked ok as usual lol

      The big downside of this product is the rubbish cheap packaging. It looks ok till your using it!

      My Verdict....

      Over priced in my view for what it is. If your going to pay this kind of money for products (I paid almost £10.00 for the two products), you think your getting something with the wow factor unless your minted! Yes they look ok on a shelf and don't make you look like a cheap bird who shops in poundland but truth of the matter is most of the shampoos in poundland would be better than this! Your paying for the name and that's it. It's not awful I just found it didn't do as promised and please bear in mind I didn't just use a conditioner I actually used an 'intensive' one and still say all this lol.

      I was disappointed with the smell, softness and shine this didn't give that I've come to expect from hair products in this price range. My hair and I will be back to using my mums cheap and cheerful offerings as soon as this has ran out, I've learnt a lesson!!

      £4.99 in Boots and some supermarkets and chemists.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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    • Product Details

      Shampoo for people on the move / makes hair softer and more manageable, with reduced frizz /

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