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Trevor Sorbie Volumising Spray

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Brand: Trevor Sorbie / Sprays / Type: Hair Spray / What it does: volumizeses,

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    2 Reviews
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      16.04.2010 16:52
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      bit useless really, unless you just wanted hair perfume of course!

      Trevor Sorbie products are usually quite expensive, so when I decided to purchase the Trevor Sorbie Volumising Spray, I expected it to work well.

      I wasn't graced with lovely thick hair, so I decided to try out some volumising products. Since I was already well stocked with shampoo and conditioner, I thought I'd try some volumising spray.

      The instructions are to spray it on to damp hair, before blow drying, so I did as I was told. Since I'd never used it before, I wasn't sure how much to spray, so I used quite a few sprays and them combed it through my hair.

      The smell wasn't horrid, but I wouldn't call it delicious or anything special.

      I blow dried my hair, as normal, but I saw very little change, apart from being able to tell I'd used some sort of product on my hair, which is what you DONT want to be able to see!

      My boyfriend says my hair smells nice after I've blow dried it and used this product, but it isn't exactly worth buying as hair perfume!

      I have tried the product out many times (since I spent money on it I thought I should use it incase it decides to start working!) and tried to blow dry and style my hair in different ways, but I haven't seen much change. The only part of the method that seems to give me more volume is by hanging my head upside down when blow drying my hair, but there isn't any extra change compared to when I DONT use the product and blow dry my hair this way.
      I have also tried using more, and using less of the product, but no difference - even in the 'visable product' category.

      I think I'm just going to save my pennies next time and try the volumising products from a brand I know usually works!


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        11.04.2010 22:41
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        Not for me this product!

        The one thing I really lack in my hair is volume. Try as I may my hair ends up more often than not looking limp and lifeless and it really isn't helped one bit by roots tending to be greasy, almost straight after washing it!

        I've tried allsorts on my hair to try rectify these problems and more often than not I've found them to marginally work but then my hair goes back to going dead pretty quick and things turn out to be a waste of time and money!

        I spotted this in Boots on my travels costing £4.49 a bottle and as I was out shopping I caught a glimpse of my sad looking hair in a mirror which is why I decided to actually look for something to help me out!

        The Packaging:

        200ml slightly frosted white coloured cylinder bottle with big matching lid to the top of it and a pump action sprayer button under that. On the front of the bottle there is a two tone orange pattern in the form of waves on there and I am told that it is Trevor Sorbie Professional, Volumising Spray 'Unique Protection Complex', VOLUME. On the back of the bottle other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and given directions for use are stated, ingredients and the size is given and contact details for Trevor Sorbie are listed. Nice enough bottle though very simple looking, it is informative enough and I do like being able to see the light orange coloured liquid through it so I can see how much I have used and when to replace it etc.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Information Given On the Back Of The Bottle:

        Volumising spray with light hold, maintains your hair's natural flexibility whilst building body & reducing static. With a unique anti-oxidant complex & UV filter to help protect your hair from heat & environmental damage.

        Me Using It.

        All you do with this is follow the instructions that are clearly given on the back of the bottle and that is to simply apply to damp hair and style hair as usual!

        The spray itself comes outs as a slightly sticky very thin gel spray with a rather weird and strong smell to it! To me kit smells a little zesty blended with fruit and although that initial smell does calm down once on the hair I find the smell rather unpleasant whilst applying it.

        I make sure I concentrate on my roots whilst hair is damp and then blow dry my hair really well and lifting sections as I go etc. It loses it's stickiness as your hair gets warmer through styling and it isn't hard work to use really.

        Does It Work Though?:

        Well on a positive note this light spray does coat the hair and make it shiny and I haven't felt that it has upset my dry bits of hair or my greasy roots, but no I don't think this works for me at all! No matter the back combing I do in conjunction with this I can achieve a little lift and volume to my hair but it don't stay put with this spray alone though I do find it helps to control frizz quite a bit.

        I think this is a waste of money to be honest with you. It doesn't initially smell nice and leaves hair feeling a bit gritty though the shine is nice I prefer my hair to feel a bit more natural. Volume?? Turn it up please Trev!

        Can be found in all good supermarkets and chemists etc.


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