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Truzone Trulite White Powder Bleach

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Brand: Truzone / Colour / Type: Hair Powder

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2012 21:52
      Very helpful



      best at home bleach I have tried to date

      Living on my own with a young child, like many others I have had to cut back on a lot of luxeries and one of those luxeries was going to the hairdressers to get my hair bleached every month. At £60 a time (just to get my roots done) I couldn't justify doing it anymore when I have enough experiance to do it myself at home at a fraction of the price.

      I have limited knowledge on bleaching hair myself due to doing hairdressing when I was younger but I must stress this review is in no way advice on how to bleach your hair at home as it can really damage your hair and results can vary (change your hair different colours). Have a qualified hairdresser do your hair even if at home, and at least seek professional advice.


      Trulites is a bleaching brand which I have seen popping up over the years in my local salon supplies shop and is also freely available on Amazon. They do a range of products in bleach powder and liquid peroxide which are mixed together to get the mixture you see in salons. I had heard from word of mouth how kind the brand is to the hair and low price - so the latest time I came to bleach my roots I opted for a bundle of peroxide cream and powder together which came to around £13 including delivery which wasn't bad.


      This occasion I opted for the powder bleach in the colour white - Trulite and many other brands offer a powder which is blue and does tend to work better - however I personally opt for white powder as I tend to think you can see the colour developing better under the white rather than a mop of blue!

      This occasion I recieved a round tub with a lid you can easily pop open with your thumb to reveal a plastic bag inside containing the bleach powder. The tub is transparent which is great for seeing how much product is left. However when you consider how harmful the bleach is, its a bit dissapointing there isn't a child-proof lid... but I can't hold it against the brand as it is designed for salon use where there shouldn't be any kids anyway! To measure out your product you always get a deep blue spoon and instructions tell you to mix in two scoops with up to 70ml cream peroxide - I don't look at measurements but the consistancy when you mix the two needs to look like melted ice cream.

      The labelling claims to give rapid powderful lifting action, ideal for highlighting, consistant even results, leaves hair in good condition and is great for easy mixing. On the sides of the tub you are given information on processing time (how long it takes for the bleach to develop on your hair) and advises the shelf life on this powder is 6 months - which in my opinion isn't very much as I only ever use a maximum of 4 scoops to cover my roots. For use you simply mix the powder and cream in a plastic tub - not metal as the bleach doesn't react well in these types of bowls... You then get your colour brush and paint on to your roots (dark bits) and avoid the previously coloured blonde underneigh which can cause huge damage to your hair.

      ** Warning ** You can experiance very bad itchiness on the scalp when using the product. I am personally used to bleach itchiness and cope with it by scratching my scalp with the end of the brush! However many people suffer nasty reactions when this occurs so if you aren't sure you should wash off straight away, not use again and seek professional advice - or medical advice if you suffer a bad reaction.

      On the other side of the tub you get the usual warnings on use with peroxide including wear gloves (which the one rule I follow religeously as there has been many a time I have been covered in burning bleach spots on my hands and it isn't nice).

      Another warning given is if you are going to do a full head bleach never use more than 20 vol cream peroxide with this powder (or any other for that matter). I personally never use higher than 20 vol for just my roots due to a nasty accident I had using the strongest 40 vol two years ago - which happened when I attempted to bleach my hair over bright red which turned my hair pink... and not only that my hair fell out and left me having to get a very short hair cut. My hair is very thick naturally and takes very well to bleaching so I would never recommend anyone ever try this after seeing what happened to mine. Many other people use 30 vol for bleaching which is a bit stronger with no problems but 20 vol works just as well just takes a bit longer on the development time.

      Generally you buy the tub in 500g (which is what I bought) but you can also buy an 80g tub which is very small and doesn't contain a lot of product however would be ideal if you were travelling and had to take it with you.


      My thoughts?

      I have to say this is my favourite at home bleach powder I have tried to date and considering how freely available it is to get hold off I think I will continue to buy it in future. Reasons for this is cheap cost, lack of damage to my hair and ease of use.

      Generally your hair is not supposed to feel and look nice after bleaching due to the harsh chemicals but whilst washing off the bleach your hair is actually silky smooth to touch and if you use a good conditioner and toner after use this feeling lasts a good couple of weeks after use - which is something I feel you don't see often in bleach even when you go to the hairdressers. So the packaging really does tell you the truth!

      In terms of development used with 20 vol peroxide you see results on my medium brown coloured roots within 30 minutes and can usually be washed off within 35 minutes for the better brighter results. When the mixture is washed off like every bleach it can look yellowy which is normal. To sort this out you simply buy a toner - my personal favourite is L'Oreal Luo P02 which gives a pastel white blonde colour. You mix the tube in with your 20 vol cream peroxide and paint it on all over your hair. Leave on for around 40 minutes and wash off. You do then notice a huge difference in the colour and gets rid of brassy yellows.

      I love it - would recommend to all.


      Trulite white powder can currently be purchased from Amazon for £6.60 including delivery and the blue powder can be bought for £6.90 also including delivery.


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