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Tweezerman Deluxe Hair Cutting Shears

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Brand: Tweezerman / Type: Cutting Shears

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    1 Review
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      01.11.2011 21:24
      Very helpful



      An excellent tool for the budding coiffer

      I always had the desire to become a hairdresser; however, this dream was never pursued unfortunately. I have always liked funky hairstyles and vibrant coloured hair, I have gone through a rainbow of colours, and I have often trimmed the front section of my hair myself to keep it in good condition and to maintain the overall look. Over the years I have practised cutting hair on any willing friends or family members who have been brave enough to let me loose on their locks. I regularly cut my children's hair, and I did, in fact, cut my daughters hair for a good number of years, with no training I might add. I find cutting hair to be quite therapeutic and I love practising. I have had several pairs of hairdressing scissors over the years, none of which have been too expensive.

      I frequent Boots far too often and I have spent a small fortune in there over the years, I generally buy products I didn't go in for. Whilst perusing the shelves in Boots I was drawn towards the Tweezerman range of products, as they seem to be a popular brand that tends to get rave reviews. Tweezerman are a reliable and reputable brand that produce and manufacture beauty tools. I had not bought anything from this range before, simply because they seem quite expensive and I didn't realise that they sold anything other than tweezers, however, when I spotted the Deluxe Cutting Shears I was intrigued, even more so when I glanced at the price tag, as they are remarkably good value for money at only £20, which I thought was too good to be true, especially considering how much their tweezers retail at.

      The cutting shears are housed in a sealed transparent plastic box with the key information printed directly onto the plastic, so I was able to view the cutting shears easily before deciding whether to purchase them or not, even though I knew I was going to buy them before I had even picked them up. I like the fact that they are sealed for hygiene reasons, and also it means if they are dropped or played with in the shop then the blades won't become damaged, marked or blunted. Most of the other hairdressing shears are not usually protected, which I have to admit puts me off. On closer inspection I could see that the hairdressing shears were well crafted and of good quality. So I decided to buy them immediately, as the hairdressing scissors I currently owned were no good at all.

      >> Time to get Coiffing

      I was eager to unpack them and try them out. Taking them from out of the box I could instantly feel the difference in quality in comparison to other hairdressing shears that I have previously used. The high performance deluxe cutting shears are hand-crafted from ice tempered forged stainless steel which gives the blades a sharp cutting edge. They are comfortable to hold and use for optimum control, and they are fairly lightweight. The blades should be cleaned after use to keep them in good clean condition and in good working order.

      My 4 year old son is now my main 'client' and he has his hair trimmed quite regularly to keep it in healthy condition. I have been cutting his hair since he was 12 months old; initially I shaved all of his hair off so it would grow back the same length. Since then I have cut his hair to either create a new style or to just tidy it up, and to maintain a style. The scissors I used prior to the Tweezerman shears left my son's hair looking dry and dull which I can only presume was caused from the scissors, as I only wash my son's hair once a week. I was eager to cut my son's hair with the Tweezerman shears, as his hair was in need of a good cut, as it was looking rather dull. My son has now become accustomed to having his hair cut and trimmed, he will happily sit without causing a fuss, and however, trying to keep his head still is a task in itself, as an active toddler is constantly moving. So the tools used to cut his hair need to produce good results and be easy to use.

      >> Snip, Snip

      I wet my son's hair and combed it through, and then sectioned the hair and began to snip away, I was immediately impressed at the precision, and how easy it was to achieve a clean cut; they felt really pleasant to use. I felt like I had good control over the shears and they performed really well, which made my job easier, giving me more confidence. Once I have a section of hair between my fingers it is easy to cut away the required amount and the cut is always accurate. The shears didn't pull on the hair, and my little boy barely noticed me cutting his hair. My son still has soft fine baby hair which can be tricky to cut, as it is so soft, however, I felt in control and I achieved a good cut. Once I dried the hair I was happy, as it was looking so much healthier and it had a nice healthy shine to it. Checking the hair once dry I didn't need to tidy it up too much, so I was impressed. My son has had many haircuts with these shears since, and I have been pleased with the results each and every time.

      I have also used the shears to give a dry cut for when a trim is required only, and the shears produce good results each time, with each cut being accurate. It is of course easier to manage and get a better cut if the hair is damp, however, do remember that the hair will shrink once dry, so don't get too snap happy. I also trim the front section of my hair when required in between visits to the salon, just to keep it in healthy condition and to trim it if it starts to get untidy; although that is the look I go for. The shears cut through both mine and my partner's hair with ease also, and they produce the same excellent results. They are great for tidying up and trimming hair. Regularly cutting hair enhances the condition of the hair as well as keeping split ends at bay.

      I have used these Deluxe Cutting Shears a lot since acquiring them, and they have saved me a small fortune in salon fees, and I have never had anyone ask me if I cut my own children's hair, in fact, most people compliment me upon my children's appearance. The performance of the shears hasn't altered after much use, each cut is clean and the blades still seem to be as sharp as the first cut. I can easily say that they have been the best pair of hairdressing scissors I have owned, and I will be more than happy to buy other products from the Tweezerman brand in the future.

      These are excellent budget cuttings shears that are affordable, and they give an expert cut. They are also ideal for trimming a fringe or bangs.

      >> A Guarantee that's a cut above the rest

      Tweezerman are so confident in their products that they all carry a guarantee whereby they will repair or replace implements that are defective free of charge. They will also sharpen implements if they should become dull or blunt free of charge providing that the implement can be sharpened. Also if an implement becomes damaged they will repair or replace it for a small charge. You can't get fairer than that, and that guarantee is a good selling point to reassure you that their products do deliver good results and they are of a high quality.

      Tweezerman Service
      235 Blue Bell Road
      Houston, TX 77037-1307 USA

      RRP £20.00
      Age Restriction
      You must be at least 16 years old to purchase this product.

      Website: www.tweezerman.com

      [Also on Ciao]


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