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Twisted Sista Relaxing Straightening Creme

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3 Reviews

Brand: Twisted Sista / Type: Hair Cream / What it does: Smoothes, destresses

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    3 Reviews
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      04.04.2011 23:36



      I have to say this product is awesome for my hair. My hair is medium thickness with medium density. Curly mostly around my face and wavy everywhere else. This creme, not like gel or mousse was awesome at making the curls curlier and giving body to the rest while not becoming crunchy or to tangled. My hair is fuller, bouncier and softer with this product and the shampoo and conditioner in this range only compliments the end result. For people with all curly hair types I would definately give this range a try, thats, if you want to let the curls rule!


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      24.06.2008 13:03



      fabulous product

      I recently came across some twisted sista products purely by accident and thought i would give it a try, WOW i can't believe it
      my hair is now soft, shiny, straight and easy to manage as opposed to dry, wavy and hard to manage, this is a great product for those of us unlucky enough to be cursed with thick coarse hair.
      I will continue to use these products for as long as i am able to obtain them.
      to date i have used the conditioner, straightening cream and serum but not been lucky enought to find the shampoo, i will however be searching every nook and cranny until i manage to find some.
      So to all of you out there that is unsure about using these products i say what are you waiting for ? I can promise you you won't be looking back with your shiny new locks.


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      20.05.2008 16:27
      Very helpful



      A fairly decent product on unruly hair, amazing on well behaved hair I bet!

      Strolling round superdrug (yes I know not my regular chemist, I got lost that day lol) I came across a stand of reductions and I purchased a few things dirt cheap! Silly really cos yes I get decent stuff for less but do I really need it? Answer? No, not really but I do like a bargain! However I bought this at the same time as I purchased the Twisted Sista, Different strokes Serum (to create curls) so I got odd looks when I gave this at the same time to the cashier as this is relaxing straightening creme and at the time my hair was down and dead straight she probably thought will this broad make up her mind!

      Now this range seems to be only stocked in Superdrug and can be found on line as well. It's a range of 'treatments'. It deals with creating curls or straight hair in the form of intensive conditioners in each and no shampoo etc, I guess what I'm trying to say its that it's the essentials you would need to create a look!

      My Hair....

      Is being naughty at the moment and is in detention! It's dyed black, is shoulder length and can be styled curly or straight but both need a lot of work to be achieved as my hair has greasy roots and an awful lot of frizz throughout and is finished off by straggly ends. If I use no products in my hair then it becomes wild with a big cows lick at the front and it doesn't go either curly or straight just a big frizz bomb and I'd never be able to go out the house with it eau natural even in a pony tail because I have fine hair that just falls out of a pony tail with out being 'glued' in to place etc.

      I'm finding at the moment that I'm using really good straightening creams and sprays. I've only been buying the expensive stuff on the cheap but for some reason lately I'm achieving my poker straight look but like the other night I went to a nice bar it was a bit rainy and windy and I got into the bar and the humidy had ruined my hair and frizz appeared and waves and my cows lick was like a mini beufont making me resemble Tin Tin. What's more is I went to the loo and I couldn't sort it out even with a comb just temporarily. It was a mess. It was staying a mess to ruin my evening and it did cos I was paranoid!

      So for some reason my hair has stopped responding to my orders. I'm slapping on the heavy duty bad boys of straightening products but no. I need a pair of Ghd's but can't afford them right at the moment I have to make do! My birthday is in October and I've told my soon to be stepdad a pair is gonna cost him bout £130 and he looked relieved thats all I wanted so I have to just hold tight but in the mean time I'm miserable as hell!

      So when I came across this creme it seemed a slighly different concept to what I have been using. It's a relaxing creme. Ok I'm not daft (honest) it all boils down to same thing but a girls gotta have hope people lol

      The Packaging....

      100ml squeezy see through tube which has a flip top lid at the bottom for ease of use. It has a lime green label on the front with a cartoony character style girl with straight hair on the front, exactly as on the review photograph on the top of this review. All the writing on the product is in black and tells me it is by Urban Therapy, Twisted Sista, Relaxing Straightening Creme (relaxes, unwinds, soothes & moisturises) and on the bottom the size is listed (as I've laready stated). On the back I'm told about the product, directions for use, ingredients and told this product has not been tested on animals and contact details for Urban Therapy. All in all quite funky, young looking packaging! The creme is a white colour. Not to runny but spreads easily as it isn't a cream as such but more of a lotion!

      About The Product....

      'Our stylists at Urban Therapy love it, our clients call it magic. If you want straight hair this is all you need. The straightening creme gives your hair new structure and shape, controlling and straightening as it calms and relaxes your hair.

      Directions For Use....

      Squeeze a small amount into palm of your hands, rub together and run fingers through hair from root tot tip and blow-dry as normal.

      Using It....

      Well just lately everything I have used on my hair has promised me the world so I have to be honest I wasn't expecting very much at all from this. Particulary as I got it in a bargain bin for 49p (usual price about £2.99). So I applied a really small amount to damp hair (about the size of a hazelnut). Now usually I rough dry my hair and don't care about the results too much as long as my hair isn't full of frizz because I wack on my 220c hair straighteners anyway.

      However on the first occasion of using this I decided to actually try and help the straightening process by drying hair on a lower heat setting and use a comb. Now on other reviews of products of this type I have explained that I don't even attempt to use a big round brush anymore and straighten that way and just rely on that and for go on the actual straightening part! So as I say I decided to help. I gently combed my hair through and teased it straight slowly and I was so shocked.

      Hair was almost completely straight and frizz was only slightly apparant. Now what this means for me is that with a bit of hairspray and in an emergency (such as my irons breaking down!) I could make do with this product and a hairdryer at a push. I'm sure if you used products such as frizz ease and hairspray this could work and if you have a steady hand with the old blowing drying even better! It's achievable!

      For me this is best used in the above way and then running through your hair with hot straightening irons. It doesn't take long at all and where as my problem cows lick normally takes a few attempts to get straight with this it really is just as described... a quick run through and hair behaves well.

      Hair is shiny, soft and managable the smell is fruity though I can't even guess the smell of which fruits they are meant to be but it's not an in your face cheap smell it's nice and fresh and is subtle on your hair.

      Does it stay straight?....

      This is the test. After it was so easy to get straight and feel controlled can it stay that way without curls or waves appearing? Yes and no. Frizz stays gone whether there is humidity in the air or not. I go in pubs, cars, gardens and back in the pub and repeat the process and not once have I gone to loo and thought oh my god a buzzbee even in the weather we're experiencing right now! Slight waves in my hair have appeared and I don't have any idea how this and if this could keep proper curls at bay! However although this beach babe look of scruffyness can appear I have found that it can be helped not to with some hairspray!

      Basically this creme won't totally control your barnet but after the past few weeks I've notced that none actually will. I've been relying on these types of products to achieve everything and that is wrong! This is to straighten the hair and is a base. It does that with ease. If you want control use hairspray if you want shine, use some spray on etc.

      Overall I really like this product. You don't need loads and hair feels really comfortable to wear. If you have shoulder length hair like and your ends sit round your neck they feel really soft and hydrated and it doesn't make them straggly at all. Also if you have greasy hair (mine is the roots) this doesn't upset them either! Everything about it is great and whats more is that it's easy to wash out!

      Great find and I shall re buy it at full price if need be lol!

      Can be purchased in Superdrug and online (just google away peeps!).


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