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Umberto Giannini Catwalk Beauty Hairspray

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Brand: Umberto Giannini / Sprays / Type: Hair Spray

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    3 Reviews
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      21.01.2011 15:08
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      A good hairspray from Umberto if you can get it cheap

      I do not typically tend to but the more expensive hairsprays as for the amount of times I use them it just makes more sense to buy the cheaper ones. But I had a money off voucher to use in Boots so I treated myself to a can of Umberto Giannini catwalk beauty hairspray. It claimed to give me a strong, flexible hold for a frizz-free touchable finish, so I was eager to try it out.


      The hairspray itself comes in a long, sleek looking tube which is white with a design on the front with all the information and a round silver lid. The slim design makes the can easy to hold when you are styling your hair. The lid lifts off to reveal a clear plastic nozzle which covers the entire top, by this I mean it is not a nozzle that is one of the small circular ones. This means you can press anywhere for the product to be released. The bottle itself defiantly makes the product look like a high end hair spray so I was quite excited to see the results.


      When I used this spray for the first time the first thing I noticed was that it does not smell like ordinary hairspray. It does not smell like chemicals or any of the bad stuff. I actually quite like the smell compared to other products that I have used as it has some floral elements. I find it just smells like shampoo.
      I sprayed the product onto my hair and it gave me the hold I was looking for but still left my hair looking natural. Some hairsprays you could jump up and down but your hair will just completely stick down, that's alright if that's the look you are going for but I still want my hair to have some life to it and look like it is naturally nice all the time.
      This product does hold your hair in the style that you want but I have tried cheaper products on the market that give the same result.
      If you don't have time to wash your hair after wearing this hairspray I have found that it can brush out fairly easily. I'm not sure how it would be if you went crazy with the hairspray but if you are just using a moderate amount it brushes out with ease.


      The normal price for this product is £5.49 for a 200ml can which I think is quite dear for what it is. I think it is best to wait until Boots give away the money off vouchers for hair care as this cuts the price down significantly.


      This hairspray is a good product if you can get it cheap, it does exactly what it says on the tin and that's really all that you can ask for. I tend to use it when I am curling my hair, when I wear my hair up or if I am trying to create more volume when my hair is down so it definitly has multiple uses. I would rate this product 6 out of 10.

      --Also on ciao--


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        09.06.2009 21:13
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        A good contender and worth buying

        I have never been a big fan of hairspray. This probably stems from my school days, whereby I was psychologically 'scarred for life' after being forced to sit next to a girl simply known to me as 'Shazza' in Maths lesson. Shazza always wore huge big gold earings which appeared to pull her ears down to the floor. More importantly she always wore a ponytail with a big scrunchie at the back, and sported a ridgid, 'hairspray fringe.' No matter what Shazza did, that fringe was unmoveable. In fact, had the roof collapsed on her head, Shazza's frontal lobe would have been easily protected.

        With this negative perception of hairspray embedded in my thoughts, I steered well clear of such products and sported the 'au naturel look.' However, 3 years ago, I discovered hair straightners and layers and realised that without a holding product such as gel or hairspray, I was never going to create that sleek, glossy look that my hairdresser managed to create for me.

        I didn't fancy the wet look, so I steered clear of gel. And so followed 6 months of trial and error - with me testing out about 5 different brands of hairspray which shall here remain nameless. However they ranged from store own brand products to leading names. Some were okay, but they always left my hair looking and feeling sticky and heavy. I have fine hair so this was not a good look for me.

        By trail and error I decided to try Umberto Giannini catwalk hairspray. The packaging is not hugely eyecatching to be honest, the canister is a plain white with uninteresting colours and a picture of a woman on the front. However, for some reason, this does make it appear to look like more of a quality product - as if it oozes class as opposed to being loud and brash! There is also a nice silver oval shaped lid on the top of the bottle.

        I bought this product because at the time I was going on holiday, and boots were selling a small travel sized bottle of the product, which I felt would be easier to take on holiday with me.

        Now that I buy this product more reguarly, I do have to say that it's not the cheapest of hairsprays on the market, at approximately £4.92 for a 200ml bottle. However, I do feel that this is one of the better hairsprays around which is why I pay the price.

        The claim on the Umberto Giannini Catwalk Beauty Hairspray packaging, is that it will provide a ' stong, flexible hold for a frizz free flexible finish.' The hairspray promises to suit all hair types.

        In reading this review you should note that I have mid-length fine, blonde hair - so I cannot judge how this hairspray would look or feel on a different hair type, such as curly or thick hair. I basically use this hair spray to keep my shorter layers in place, and smooth down parts of my hair.

        This product does smell like a hairspray, no getting around that, but the smell is reasonably nice, with a fruity odour which is pleasant enough.

        It's easy to use, although you only need to press lightly as a good amount of hairspracy comes out when you press the nozzle down.

        TOP TIP

        If you have fine or light hair like me, I advise you to use only a small amount of this hairspray otherwise you will end up with lank, dull and heavy hair. Don't do the Shazza look! To avoid this, when I am wearing my hair down, I lightly spray my finger tips with the hairspray and carefully 'mould' my layers into shape. The smallest amount does the trick, and you can't even tell I'm wearing hairspray. The result is smooth hair held in place without looking unnatural.

        I'm not sure if I can say that my hair looks 'glossy' as the product claims, but it certainly looks reasonable. And in comparison to the other hairsprays I have used which make my hair heavy and dry looking - this is a winner.


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          06.02.2009 12:14
          Very helpful




          I am always trying different hair sprays and I bought this one about 2 weeks ago. I haven't used that many Umberto Giannini products before so thought it was worth a try. It was the packaging of the range that caught my eye and I also thought it was a reasonable price at £4.88 for a 200ml bottle which looked quite big.


          This was the reason I noticed the product in the first place, everything in the range has a lovely white modern looking packaging. This one is a tall white bottle with a silver rounded lid in a torpedo shape. It says "Umberto Giannini" at the top in silver writing and "Catwalk Beauty Hairspray" in red writing below this. Then below this is a lovely artistic image of a woman side on with a wild black and white hair-do with red surrounding it. It looks like something from my old art classes in college, like it's been painted in watercolour and it makes the product eye-catching and fashionable looking. Anyway enough about the bottle...!

          ***What it promises...

          "Umberto Giannini Catwalk Beauty Hairspray's 'shape memory' combines flexibility and staying power with its pro-Vitamin formula, so your hair is always in great shape with glossy shine."

          ***My Experience...

          To be honest I was most interested in what the hair spray would smell like as I love a hairspray that has a pleasant perfumed smell that stays on the hair, but I really don't like the old woman style hairspray smell like the traditional L'oreal Elnett which I'm not that keen on. This smelt quite pleasant, it is like an artificial fruity smell a bit like the smell of some shampoos. The smell wasn't quite as sophisticated as I expected from the brand, other designer ones I have used have had quite a musky smell similar to the smell of CK1 perfume. Also the fruity smell didn't completely disguise the underlying hairspray smell which reminds me a bit of nail varnish remover. But overall it was a pretty nice smell so I was happy.

          It is a normal spray head but I actually find it quite hard to spray it out, you really have to press down hard to get it working. To begin with I thought this was because it was a new bottle but it is still the same now after using it for 2weeks. However when it does spray out it sprays evenly and doesn't leak or drip down etc so I'm fine with it as I have bad luck with hairsprays and a lot of the ones I've had have kind of broken and ended up leaking while I'm spraying it!

          A decent amount comes out each time you spray it, so only a quick spray over the hair is required. To begin with the hairspray feels slightly wet on the hair which I wasn't too keen on as it meant I had to kind of ruffle up the roots of my hair to prevent it from flattening down and setting like that. I generally prefer hair spray to feel more like a fine mist than wet like this. However when it does dry it really does set the hair in place. It can easily make the hair stiff when it dries so I recommend brushing through the hair after using it. Although it does make the hair feel a bit stiff I haven't noticed that my hair looks bad when I've used it. It still looks shiny and certainly doesn't make my hair dull.

          I'm not that keen on how it makes my hair feel when it dries, particularly if I have just washed it as it doesn't feel that natural and makes the hair a little bit sticky. However it holds the hair in place better than hairsprays that feel more natural. I've found it is better for when I have tied my hair back and want it to hold in place, or if I have clipped my fringe back into a quiff, rather than using it to give my hair volume when I'm wearing it down. I never wear my hair curly but I also think it would be a good option for holding curls in place.

          When I do tie my hair back I have sprayed loads of it on to hold my hair in place and keep my layers back, but I have still found it easy to wash out. I just shampoo once and condition normally, and my hair always feels fine afterwards. Therefore it is easy to get out and doesn't cling to the hair after washing.

          ***Overall Opinion...
          Although I found a few disadvantages with the hairspray on my hair, overall I think it is still a good hairspray as it does do what it says. It promises to provide "staying power" which keeps the hair in shape and deliver "glossy shine". I definitely think it lives up to this promise. And the main disadvantage I found was the fact it made my hair feel a bit stiff, however it doesn't say anywhere that it wont do this and doesn't mention anything to do with natural hold. Therefore I don't think I would buy it again as it didn't really suit me, but I still think it would be suitable for other hair types.

          I wouldn't advise it to anyone with long or fine hair that needs volume especially when wearing it down, but I think it is suitable for use if you are wearing your hair in a style or up-do, or if you are curling your hair.


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          Keep your hair style in shape with a glossy finish!

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