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Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray

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3 Reviews

Brand: Umberto Giannini / Products - Styling Spray / Type: Hair Spray

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    3 Reviews
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      22.07.2014 09:51
      Very helpful



      Nice smell but unfortunately did nothing for me

      As I state in most of my reviews, it''''s rare I try out new products that aren''''t either heat defence spray or normal hairspray because my hair is so long and thick, that it''''s rare any other products make much of a difference at all.

      I received this tousled salt spray in a gift set one Christmas along with the mousse and the backcomb in a bottle (if I remember correctly). I had previously used Umberto Giannini shampoos and conditioners that I had really liked, and I know they aren''''t exactly cheap so I hoped this might work for me better than others I had tried.

      Well I don''''t really know what to say other than it made my hair smell nice. I do think it was my hair it wouldn''''t work with however because my sister uses this salt spray most days and she loves it. For me I found that it made my hair sticky, but not in a good way where I could use it to my advantage, in a way that it looked not good at all. I only tried this product a couple of times both on clean hair and hair that had been washed one or two days before, but still no such luck.

      I may try this product again in the future but seen as my hair hasn''''t changed I doubt the results I see from this spray will change either. I can''''t say I would recommend this product really as for me it did nothing but make my hair need washing. However I do believe this is simply my hair and in others it may work a lot better. If you are to try this I would recommend getting it in a gift set so you are saving money and at least you have other products if this one doesn''''t work the best. :)


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      05.01.2013 01:06



      I would recommend this!

      I bought this product because it was on special offer (2 for £8 at boots). I usually buy a lower priced brand but the deal made it quite cheap.

      It smells nice. I have found some other sea salt sprays smell strange.
      It let my hair wavy but soft and with the help of some mousse, not too frizzy.
      Some other sea salt sprays tend to leave my hair really dry but so far so good. My hair still feels like it is in decent condition.
      Some other sea salt sprays have let my hair feeling sticky but this is a nice light texture and you would barely know that you had put product on your hair. It leaves your hair looking very natural.
      It looks really nice sitting on my dressing table as the bottle looks sleek, stylish and very expensive.

      I have found that my hair does not go as wavy as easily as it does with other products and I have to apply more and work my hair more to get the same effect.

      Although I do feel this doesn't make my hair as wavy as easily, the other benefits outweigh this. With a little bit of scrunching and working with my hair, I looks great. I am really impressed with this product and may even buy it at full price next time!


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      17.08.2010 18:43
      Very helpful



      A really good product - recommended :)

      Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Grunge Glamour

      A few days before my holiday I went into boots and I saw that this brand had a new range out (or maybe I just hadn't seen it before) but many of the products were on sale as an introductory price. I wanted to get a salt spray as I tried to make my own and it kind of worked but buying one seemed like the better solution, as my hair is long and curly/wavy and I wanted to make it have more of a beach/holiday hair. I bought it for just under £4 I think which was really good value as some of the other ones I looked at in boots where £5 or more.

      I like the packaging it is really sleek and nice just like the other products from this brand. It comes in a large spray bottle which is not really great for traveling but I took it any way.

      *Using the product*
      I first used it on dry hair and then I scrunched my hair to make it a bit more curly and then I get it dry a bit in the sun which did not take long (well it was 45 degrees) and then I found that on my dry hair it did make my hair a bit more curly and I found that it also gave my hair some volume too. It makes my hair matte, have a beachy wavy texture and have more volume too.

      I then tried it on damp hair (as it says to on the back of the bottle) and then I let it air dry and it did make my hair more curly but I didn't notice any major difference in the effect when I used this product on my dry hair or damp hair.

      Overall I think it is a really good product, it gave my hair volume, it gave my hair a matte, wavy texture - like after you have been to the beach. One thing that I didn't expect with this product is that the actual liquid is more like a thicker consistency - I think it would be like using a dry shampoo or hair spray but it was not. But this didn't effect the effectiveness of the product.

      Good price when it was on sale from boots (which is the only place I have seen it being sold) and now it is £5.49 for the 200ml bottle.

      Good points
      *Easy to use
      *Smells ok
      *Leaves my hair matte, wavy and 'beachy'
      *Good brand
      *Cheap when it was on sale in boots
      *lasts ages

      Bad points
      *Hair can be a bit more difficult to brush through after using this product
      *some people may not like the way it makes your hair feel - a bit 'dirty' feeling but it is like beachy textured which I like

      Thank you for reading my review


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