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Umberto Giannini Glamour Hanky Pankies

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Brand: Umberto Giannini / Type: Styling Products

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    2 Reviews
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      01.01.2009 21:31
      Very helpful



      Don't waste your money..

      When I was in Superdrug a couple of days ago taking full advantage of the after Christmas sales, I saw a 10p shelf full of goodies! One of the (many!) things I bought were these Umberto Giannini 'Hanky Pankies'. This is a product which I would not normally buy, but at 10p I bought two of them!

      These 'Hanky Pankies' are basically wipes for your hair. On the front of the packet it states that they are 'Hair Fragrance Cloths to Stroke on Shine and Leave a Sexy Scent'. There was also a little sticker on the front to say that this was the No1 Beauty Editors Choice at Elle. It all sounded very impressive..

      There are 5 wipes in the pack, each packaged individually in their own little packet. These five packets are attached together and you can easily rip them apart to carry them individually. They are foil packets so the wipes won't dry out, and they have a little nick at the side of each of them so you can easily rip them open without having to use scissors. They come in a cardboard cover which has a drawn picture of woman on the front holding a bottle of perfume and spraying it on her hair, each of the five individual packets have the same image on them too. All of the packaging is pink and looks really girly! You can only use each wipe once.

      When you open one of the packets, the smell hits you immediately. The fragrance is horrible, it smells so chemically and strong. I guess you could say that it smells remotely sweet but the chemical smell is so overpowering that I can't really smell much else. The cloth comes folded up and when you unfold it, it is about 20cm squared. It is made from the same kind of material as normal face wipes and is slightly moist. When I put some on my hair and the smell was disgusting and the chemical smell lingers there for ages, until I washed my hair actually. Not quite a 'delicious' smell as the packaging states! As for making hair look shiny, I think it actually made my hair look quite greasy!

      On the back of the pack it says that these can also be used as body wipes too, you don't only have to use them on your hair, but personally I don't want any part of my body to smell the way that the wipes did!

      All in all it was only 10p so it's not the end of the world, but I will not be buying these again and don't recommend them! I'm not sure how much they normally cost but I wouldn't even pay 10p again for them.. the smell was disgusting and they made my hair look greasy, two thumbs down!


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        14.04.2008 21:40
        Very helpful



        Do not buy, rubbish and does hair more harm than good!

        I just love trying out new products, particularly when its new make up or toiletries. I'm one of them that buys stuff and on the way home on the bus usually can be found testing stuff out and getting it all over myself and almost miss getting off at the right bus stop as I'm so excited at what I have in my shopping bags! I also love products that look great and are designed to pop in your handbag and not only when you get them out and you look all glamorous and chic but they work well. I always carry blotting papers around with me from the body shop and a little purse spray full of my favourite perfume and hand sanitizers and things like that. So when I saw these I had to buy them!

        What Is A Hanky Panky?

        A hanky panky is a like a baby wipe for the hair!

        The Packaging....

        The outer packaging is made of shiny cardboard and is peach in colour. On the front in black writing I'm told they are made by Umberto Giannini and says 'glamour' in silver under that. There is a sort of scribbled on picture of a woman and under that I'm told they are hanky pankies, hair fragrance cloths to stroke on shine and leave a sexy scent and then underneath that I'm told there are 5 cloths (they are all individually wrapped). On the back of the box I'm told 'Umberto Giannini recreate glamorous catwalk looks with the best kept secrets of top salon stylists. Be Glamorous. Think.... effortless glamour, sexy fashion looks or that ultra chic sophistication, guaranteed to captivate and enchant! Umberto Giannini Glamour is a range of cosmetics for hair that create show stopping looks with magical effect...transforming you into a modern day princess!!'.

        I'm also told directions for use, professional tip detail, contact details for Umberto Giannini and ingredients.

        The outer packaging sort of slides together like an envelope and inside are five oblong packets that break apart to individual packets and inside them are the wipes. They all look like the outer packaging I've described already and have exactly the same information as I've listed already.

        To Use....

        Fragrance your hair as you do your body! Smooth cloth over your finished style to add a natural shine and a delicious scent to your hair. DeOderising ingredients banish unglamourous smells! Re - use as required in smoky environments

        Professional Tip....

        Keep a hanky panky handy to ensure a glamorous emergency fix for shine scented locks day and night. Perfect for skin too...for all over seduction.

        My Experience....

        The product blurp sounds brilliant! However using them is a different matter altogether! The wipe itself is dry and must be infused with some kind of oils. It's a large size, robust hanky, strong and durable and white in colour. Cos it's dry I wondered if I had a dud packet but open examining the sachet mine came in its made of foil on the inside so that can't be the case! So it promises...

        Great fragrance?

        I think it smells slightly of Jasmine and vaguely like that of Lee Stafford products. It's a bit flowery and oriental in other words but it isn't a strong smell at all. You have to really smell the wipe to get the fragrance up your nose. I've used this on my hair and on my neck. Now when I've washed my hair it stays smelling fresh for hours and to be honest I couldn't smell the wipe even when I'd been out all day and smoking and stuff and swiped it over me hair, all I could still smell was natural smells. On my skin, yes slightly but so slightly it wasn't worth using as I had to sniff hard so was pointless!


        Nope got none at all. I expected some instant shine but after scrutinising my hair there was definitely no more added.

        The Pitfalls....

        So ok the fragrance isn't there and neither is the shine and I'd already decided these were a waste of time and money but then I noticed something else I wasn't expecting...

        If you read any of my reviews to do with hair care I make clear that I do suffer with greasy roots and dry mid and ends. My hair is rebellious at the best of times and I take no prisoners and no price is to high to make my hair flipping behave itself!

        Now for a product to not achieve it's claims and be a dry wipe I was shocked when it made my hair feel limp. Hair took on this feeling that it had a shine (though none was apparent) but the worst part is it really, really made my roots greasy. Hair just looked really sad and dingy half hour after using one. I couldn't believe it and I was out at the time!


        Well I think these are a gimmicky and rubbish. I will not mince my words about this product. Maybe if you have bone dry and brittle hair they may help you out. How an earth you'd be able to use them on wavy or curly hair the mind boggles, luckily (or unluckily my air is styled straight!). I just think there is no point at all to these. I would never dream of using them again, I went from glamorous to a grease ball in half and hour!

        If you want shine there's much better products around than these and that's disappointing as these were handy to carry about but I'd rather stink thanks lol

        Not at all good!

        £4.99 for 5 in places like Boot's.


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        Give your hair a quick fix and liven up your locks!

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