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Umberto Giannini Million Dollar Locks Conditioner

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Brand: Umberto Giannini / Type: Conditioner

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2006 18:24
      Very helpful



      Thick, luxurious conditioner which really makes your hair soft.

      Money money money, must be funny, in the rich man’s world…Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, “Dazzling Shine Million Dollar Locks” conditioner. I came across some miniatures of Umberto Giannini hair lotions and potions in TJ Hughes, was instantly taken with this yellow tube, and started entertaining fantasies of having my hair turned to strands of gold a la Rumpelstiltskin and his magic spinning wheel, or me turning into a supermodel who won’t get out of bed for less than £10,000…anyway, I think you get the picture. (And by the way, neither of those things happened – let’s face it, at the meagre height of 5’4, I’m never going to be a supermodel!)

      WHAT IT IS

      Basically the stuff is a conditioner for all hair types, which promises to tame frizz and give your hair “ultimate shine”. It comes in standard sized 250ml bottles as well as the 50ml miniature tube which I picked up in TJ Hughes. The packaging is yellow and metallic, with the words “Umberto Giannini” in plain black font, plus a screw cap top (which is a bit fiddly when you’re trying to get it open in the shower, but .) Inside, the conditioner itself is very thick, more like a jelly than a liquid, and is about the same texture and colour as custard! It doesn’t smell like custard, though – it’s hard to describe it, the best I can do is “like a hair salon”. You must know: the water/shampoo/blow drying/general hair products kind of smell?

      HOW TO USE

      Just as you’d use any conditioner. According to the packet, you should shampoo your hair, rinse off excess moisture, then rub the product through with the flats of your hands. Personally, I think you’d need to keep plenty of water on your hair after you rinse the shampoo off, as this conditioner is so thick it would be easy to get loads of it on one area and none on the rest of your hair. I never put conditioner on the roots of my hair (it makes it too greasy) and like to ‘rake’ it through to the ends with my fingers – it helps to spread it out properly. You could also comb it through to make sure it gets right into the knotty bits underneath.

      I’ve got very long hair (just past my waist) and because it sometimes tends to get frizzy, I use quite a lot of conditioner – about a 50p sized blob each time. I try not to take chances with it so I used a lot of this, but as it’s rich, if your hair is shorter or doesn’t really frizz, I’d say you could get away with a smaller, 10p sized splodge.


      Well, I was a little disappointed that my auburn locks hadn’t turned to solid gold when I stepped out of the shower, but other than that, this stuff works! The shine and manageability of my hair certainly was fantastic. As I’ve said, I do have rather flyaway hair, so I was pleased to note that this conditioner detangled it and made it easier to brush. I’m a lazy arse when it comes to hair styling, and I don’t even really bother with blow-drying, but even so my hair dried silky and smooth. It’s pretty rich and creamy, but definitely light enough that it won’t make your hair feel weighed down – sometimes very thick conditioners make my hair feel as if it needs to be washed again, but not this one.


      “Shiny, glossy hair with a weightless soft texture”.

      “Moisturises, protects, tames frizz and achieves a light reflecting lustre”.

      Wow – sounds like the ideal man. I don’t know about it protecting my hair, or about the light reflecting lustre (I mean, how are you meant to judge that?!) but it was certainly weightless and gave a good shine without being greasy or feeling too weighed down. It was easier to brush my hair, and I did also notice a distinct absence of frizz, which can only be a good thing.


      I found this along with a lot of other trial-sized products in TJ Hughes, priced at 3 for £2. However, upon further investigation on the Umberto Giannini website, I have been informed that you can get this at Boots, Asda, Tesco, Lloyds, Superdrug and Sainsburys. You’d just have to have a scoot around and see which of your local shops has it! It’s priced at £3.99 per 250ml – which admittedly is expensive, but probably fine as a treat.


      Check out http://www.umbertogiannini.co.uk


      Good stuff. Although nobody has yet offered me a million dollars for my hair, I am definitely impressed with my hair’s shine and softness after using this. It would be expensive to buy a 250ml bottle, but as it’s so thick you could use it sparingly and really get your money’s worth! It does the job and feels luxurious – great as an occasional treat.


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