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Umberto Giannini's Urgent Repair Intensive Moisture Mask

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Brand: Umberto Giannini / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Hair Mask / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Repairs, Moisturizes,

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    2 Reviews
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      15.03.2008 00:34
      Very helpful



      I'd cry if I paid £6.99 for it!

      I decided ages ago I didn't want to buy any more Umberto Giannini Products way back after some disappointing purchases (to say the least) and then I found my beloved Lee Stafford products in the same price range with double the results (and more in most cases ) and haven't looked back since. Till today!

      I have an infatuation with my hair. I stress it out big time and really mistreat it with a whole host of heat processing. One minute I'm styling my hair curly and next poker straight. I wash my hair up to twice a day depending if I'm smoking or not and I dye my hair fairly frequently 'Raven Black'.

      Because I do all this I convince myself I buy the products 'to treat my hair and apologise' lol Every girl needs an excuse for over purchasing and that's mine and I'm sticking to it!

      However today I purchased this product as it was on offer in a local shop for 99p and of course I know that this is alot more than that normally so basically I'd have bought it for the name anyway to try at that price, its only when I got it home and read the tube that I actually found out what it was! I really do need to look at my consuming habits!

      What It Is....

      Umberto Giannini, Urgent Repair Intensive Moisture Mask, the ultimate conditioning treatment for dry damaged hair.

      The Packaging....

      200ml recyclable tube that opens at the bottom for ease of use. I can see the 'cream' through it which is a creamy colour. Its a soft squeezy tube and the lid is a screw on and off silver one.On the front I'm told very simply what it is and who it is by as I've listed already. On the back I'm told why I should use it, directions for use and a professional tip, contact details for Umberto Giannini and the ingredients. The packaging is nice and professional and easy to understand.

      Why Use It....?....

      Umberto Giannini has created a stunning range of hair products that make one claim... they do what they say.

      So... your hair is a having a crisis? Panic no longer the urgent repair regime works miracles on any type of damaged hair. You'll soon have happy, healthy and manageable hair with great shine for that cool catwalk chic.


      For shoulder length hair, apply an amount equal to one or two walnuts on shampooed and towel-dried hair. Evenly smooth through the hair with fingers or a comb and rinse thoroughly.

      Professional Tip....

      For an unbelievable salon style moisturising boost, leave in the hair for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

      My Test....

      Well I used it in the bath after shampooing my hair through twice with a mild shampoo. Nowhere on this product does it say that it has to be used in conjunction with Umberto Giannini shampoo for best results, which I do like about it. This is to use whenever you need it as a recovery treatment so can be used as part of your usual hair care regime as and when required.

      The first thing I noticed about it was the smell and consistency. Firstly the smell reminds me of a kind of ocean face mask and it does smell like a face mask rather than a hair conditioner (I'm sure you girlies that use face masks will understand that statement cos believe me it makes sense lol). It's not an unpleasant smell but not one I expected either. It isn't overpowering though and it is quite mild and therefore is suitable for men and women as it isn't girlie looking or smelling in any way shape or form.

      The consistency is deceptive. It's quite thick but comes out of it's little hole really easily with a squeeze and in my hand was white and felt very moisturising like a great body moisturiser, really soft.

      I used the recommended 2 walnut sized blobs and distributed it with my fingers throughout towel dried hair really smoothing it through the mid lengths and ends in particular. It spread ever so easily and on my shoulder length hair I only needed the one walnut blob as I had loads just sitting on my head doing nothing! It did feel quite greasy as I ran my fingers through it (I had no comb handy) and I left it on my hair for ten minutes.

      It washed out really easily and I made it sure it did. Hair felt glossy and moisturised as I felt the water trickling out and when I dried it with a towel my hair felt soft and bouncy and I have slightly curly hair and my hair was more defined which makes me feel that my frizz is combatted somewhat and ready then to diffuse curly or use my straighteners to get it straight.

      All I did tonight cos it was a late night bath is use no products and diffuse it curly.


      Well to be honest I can't see much difference once styled. I had high hopes for a hair mask and was quite excited by the concept but really nothing extraordinary happened. Hairs ok, nothing more and nothing less.

      Feels soft, as usual. There are no big differences from using ordinary conditioners in your bathroom to be honest. If your buying this as a treat I'd save your money unless like me it's on offer or something. The smell is gone and one thing that I was promised was some shine and I can tell you now what I had appears to have left for now. It really said goodbye to that and shine was one thing I really did have already cos of my black hair dyes! Really I cant write anymore on what it gives because it doesn't give anything. Hair as I said feels the same as when I began. Split ends haven't suddenly repaired themselves, flyaways are not suddenly weighed down and frizz doesn't just leave cos this product tells it to!

      If you have frazzled, dried hair then I wouldn't buy this thinking it's going to be your salvation it is a big let down on that front. It isn't awful but it isn't a wonder product as it's deemed to be. This product simply backed up what I already thought of this range. Overpriced and makes huge claims it can't deliver!

      £6.99 Boots.


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        16.01.2003 22:36
        Very helpful



        My usual smug satisfaction with the condition of my hair was shattered recently. Overnight, it seemed, my short easy care locks had become lifeless looking and harsh to the touch. So brittle feeling was it, that I even wondered if perhaps it was my hands needing some attention and that it wasn't really my hair that was so rough. Added to this, the good colourant I normally used hadn't taken as well as it should. So there I was with a faded-looking, brownish bottle brush on my head with grey flecked bits in front of my ears. I have left extreme vanity long behind me, but there are limits. I pondered over health but I feel alright. I wondered about the colourant, but discarded that idea. I thought about the odd bottles of half-empty shampoos I had been using up lately, but I had used them before with reasonable results before returning to my usual favourite. I decided to stop the daily washing, but application of mousse to settle the first-thing-in-the-morning tufts was not a success. I was just left with an even stiffer bottle brush. Whatever the cause, something more was needed than a VO5 Hot Oil Treatment. This was serious! Thus it was that I stood before the Boots hair care shelf with expense not in mind, and decided to try Umberto Giannini's Urgent Repair Intensive Moisture Mask at £5.95 for a 200ml tube. Now Umberto Giannini do not suffer from a surfeit of modesty. The clear tube with white contents states that it is one of a stunning range of hair products that do what they say. It goes on to promise me cool cat-walk chic and I was told that after use I could hold my head up high because I would look great. With the hopeful expectation that I was about to shed 20 years for my £5.95, I left the store clutching my potentially new self. Here it is worth mentioning the glamourous Umberto Giannini website. Here we are given, among other less than modest information, a list of celebrities whose hair is cared
        for by the 1999/2000 British Hairdresser of the Year. It seemed I was about to be in the company of Natasha Richardson, Kate Moss and Eddie Izzard. The last mentioned is one of my favourite personalities, but I am pleased to say that I do not now look like him. Unfortunately I don't look like Natasha Richardson either. Back to the product. The instructions are that the hair should be shampooed, towel dried, the conditioner applied and then rinsed out. The amount used was suggested as 2 walnut sized amounts for shoulder length hair and I squeezed out half that. This left the tube still more or less full. I was informed that if I really wanted an unbelievable salon style moisturising boost, I should leave the repair mask on my hair for 5 - 10 minutes, after which I would presumably have that cool cat-walk chic. I used the first option whilst under the shower, before remembering that towel-drying means I should have had an extra towel to hand after rinsing out. Never mind! The consistancy of the conditioner gave a pleasant sensation of liquid marshmallow with a suble scent I cannot define. I wish I could as I would wear it happily. Perhaps it is the Shea Butter mentioned in the long list of ingredients. Shea Butter has been used for a long time as a traditional healing medium and moisturiser in Africa. Having left my hair to dry naturally, I viewed the result both for appearance and touch. Had it worked? Yes, my hair was left soft, manageable and without any of the signs of damage that I had entered the shower with. However, was the treatment worth the extra money I had paid than usual? Here I wasn't sure and considered that, since I was unlikely to use it regularly, perhaps a sachet of something would have done. With a review in mind I decided to wait a few days, while shampooing as usual, before giving my hair the full 5 - 10 minutes treatment, which I did this morning before using a hot hair-dryer on it. N
        ot one for hanging around waiting, I wrapped myself in a towelling dressing gown and did some dooyooing for 10 minutes. The marshmallowy feeling was not accompanied by white hair and there were no drips at all. Yes! Yes! Yes! My style flopped easily and shinily back and I am pleased that I shall have Umberto's conditioner in my cupboard. I do think that the advertising goes a little overboard in leaving expectations so high, but I am left with the feeling that it would have taken a few applications of other conditioners I have used to work as this one did so quickly. Would I buy it again? I have so much left in the tube, that the occasion won't arise for quite some time. I would definitely buy it for remedial use, but will go back to my usual conditioners and keep it for when needed. There is no hesitation in giving 5 stars, though, for this hair treatment.


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