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Umberto Giannini Seriously Straight Gloss Serum

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Brand: Umberto Giannini / Straightening serum / 100mL. / Type: Hair Serum / Texture: Serum / Hair Straighteners / Relaxers / Suitable for: curly hair / What it does: Smoothes,

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    4 Reviews
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      29.07.2011 00:02
      Very helpful



      Perfect for me.

      I had been meaning to pick up a hair serum for a few weeks by the time I bought this Umberto Giannini seriously straight gloss serum.
      I didn't actually buy it for its apparent 'seriously straight' features, I just wanted a good serum to add moisture to my hair without weighing it down or making it look greasy.
      But when it came to buying a serum, I didn't really put much effort into browsing on my visit to boots and in the end I grabbed one within the last few seconds of my shopping at the time.
      When I got this, there was a 3 for 2 offer on, and being as my mum was purchasing two other Umberto items, I saw the perfect chance to grab a free hair serum from a decent branded name!

      I have recently had my hair stripped from dark brown to light brown with blonde bleached highlights, so you can imagine, it isn't in the most perfect condition at the minute, although it's not bad either. I bought a serum to smooth down my hair and found this serum also has the added advantage of keeping my hair straighter for longer. I now only find I need to straighten my hair about twice a week which is fantastic as less applied heat means less damage to my hair.


      The serum is usually sold for £4.99 in Boots, although unfortunately for some reason it isn't currently on their website. At the time, when I got it free with the 3 for 2 offer, I thought £4.99 for a hair treatment was dear and saw it as a one off chance to try this item. However as time went on, I have become to love this serum and now I think the price is pretty decent for what it's worth.

      This serum comes in a 100ml 3.3 US Fl. Oz bottle which is just the right size to throw in your gym bag or night bag to take away with you. It may sound daunting to carry along a oily serum in a pump bottle with you, but I really do carry this in my hand bag along with my purse, book and so on with no problems. The bottle has never leaked for me or got any excess on any of my belongings.
      The lid has grown legs and vanished, but that hasn't stopped me taking my serum along with me to the gym, the bottle is reliable and I love the effects of this serum that much that I really do take it along with me when I am staying over at my boyfriends or going to the gym.

      There are smaller and larger bottles of other brands you could buy, but for now I'm pretty happy with this size and it is lasting me a decent amount of time so far.
      I have had my 100ml bottle for about 1 month and I use it generously just about every day and the bottle still feels pretty full, although I can't comment on the percentage left as Umberto has had the clever idea to make the bottle non transparent so you can't see how much you are using.


      The bottle comes with a pump lid which is easy to use. When applied pressure to the pump, it lets out a small amount of serum which I sometimes find is enough to use.
      Just one pump, rubbed into my hands and spread over my ends is sometimes enough for my daily use. However I do tend to use two pumps and don't need to worry about how much I use as the serum is very light and absorbs into my hair great.

      This serum compared to others I have used, such as the Mark Hill De-frizz shine serum, is a lot thinner. Because it is quite a thin serum, it is a lot easier to apply as it spreads easily and does not hold a thick texture.
      This Umberto serum does not weigh my hair down and it has never made my hair look greasy. I tend to avoid the roots and apply to just my lengths and ends, however even when I have applied multiple pumps to my hair, it never disappoints me.
      The serum smooths through my hair and leaves it feeling soft and manageable.

      The bottle suggests to use over damp hair before drying and again over dry styled hair to add shine.
      I have found when using it before drying my hair as well as after does have a great effect on my hair. When using it this way, I find my hair is easier to style and straighten.
      Unfortunately, it isn't very often that I remember to apply the serum when my hair is damp and usually go for the serum as a habit after I have finished styling it, or throughout the day when I feel my hair needs it.

      The great thing about using this serum is that it doesn't stick like glue to my hands. As other serums can become irritating to wash off, I have in the past put off using serum as I can't be bothered to keep washing my hands after applying.
      With this Umberto serum, it is so light that I find when I use it, the serum sinks into my hair so quickly and easily that by the time I have finished applying it, there's almost nothing on my hands. Whatever is left on my hands can simply be rubbed off onto a towel with no problems or left to dry as I have never felt the need to wash the serum off.


      I am happy I got the chance to try this serum in the 3 for 2 offer, as I have had the opportunity to find my perfect serum. For a price of £4.99, I will definitely be buying this serum when I next need some as I think it is perfect for my hair.
      I could try other serums, but at the minute I don't see any need to as the price and value of this Umberto Giannini serum has all the benefits for me;
      * Doesn't weight my hair down
      * Adds shine
      * Keeps my hair straighter for longer
      * Smooths down my ends
      * Doesn't make my hair look greasy
      * Helps to control and manage the dropped condition of my hair.

      I would certainly recommend this serum!
      Thankyou for reading, I also post on Ciao


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      19.01.2011 15:16
      Very helpful
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      High quality hair serum

      I have hair that is processed, dyed and over-exposed to heat and therefore it does tend to get a little dry and frizzy on occasion. No matter how I straighten it, it also gets frizzy in the rain! I had used serums before but not for a while, until I picked up this Umberto Gianinni Sleek & Chic Seriously Straight Gloss Serum in Boots last year. There was a 3 for 2 offer on premium haircare at the time, so I picked up a heat protection spray and some wax alongside the serum, hoping to achieve some different looks.

      The product comes in a blue and white cardboard box which is simple and classy. I'm not a fan of the extra cardboard packaging, as it strikes me as being environmentally unfriendly - surely the plastic dispenser bottle is sufficient? The product is described as "Our salon bespoke formula to tame frizz" and is designed to control frizzy ends and deal with unruly hair without being greasy. It is designed for use on medium to thick hair (I would say mine is medium, though it looks thick as there's so much of it), and is meant to create a smooth, glossy and controlled look. Obviously this is not the product to use if you want to create a messed-up look and separate and define bits of your hair. Inside the cardboard box is a light blue spray-style bottle with silver writing. It is simple and attractive and looks nice on display.

      There are two ways to use the product. One is to apply the product to wet hair, focusing on the middle and the ends, and dry and style as usual. Another is to apply the serum to dry hair to add shine. I use the product in both ways. If I have an important event, I'll use it on wet hair in place of my heat protection spray, and apply a little to my hair once it's dry to finish the style. On a normal day, if I'm in a hurry and realise my hair could do with a little extra shine, I'll add a little to dry hair after using my normal heat protection spray.

      As with all serums, it is important not to apply too much as a greasy effect is easy to create if you go overboard! I find an amount about the size of a 5p piece in the palm of my hand is sufficient - I can always add more if necessary. My hair is just above shoulder length - you'll probably need more serum if your hair is longer. I am also careful not to apply the serum to the roots.

      When applying the serum on wet hair, I dry and straighten my hair as normal and can tell that my hair feels smoother, looks more shiny and is easier to comb. Applying the serum on wet hair gives a very natural look once the hair is styled and the hair is more likely to remain smooth and without frizz all day, even in slightly damp conditions - although even this serum can't fight against a massive downpour of rain! Adding a little serum on dry hair helps to smooth it down even more, although it is easier to apply too much. Hair looks sleek and shiny and the style lasts longer. I used this serum on my graduation day last week, and my hair stayed in place for the entire day which is unusual!

      I really recommend this serum. It works well, does what it is supposed to do and comes in a nice bottle on top of it all. The normal price of just under £5 is expensive but you only need a tiny amount so the bottle will last ages. Also, it's often available on 3 for 2 offers at Boots. I will certainly be repurchasing if it ever runs out!


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        16.07.2009 13:54
        Very helpful



        A great product, if a little on the pricey side

        I bought this product because I had a voucher for £2 off professional hair care. I'm quite a fan of Umberto Giannini anyway, but it's quite expensive so I only really buy it when Boots are giving away these vouchers, then I stock up. The cost of the product is £4.99, but Boots regularly have offers on this range such as 2 for £6 if they are not giving away vouchers.

        I'm always a little bit way about straightening serums as they often weight my hair down and make it greasy.

        The product comes in a small bottle with a pump top; it is baby blue in colour, as are all the products within the Umberto Giannini straightening range.

        It is quite heavily scented, something I've noticed with all other Umberto Giannini products that I've used. I found that I had to use it sparingly and not use it at all near my roots or it weighed down my hair. When used sparingly it worked really well and left my hair glossy and smooth. Being able to using it sparingly means that I find a bottle lasts me 3 months or more, which is an incredibly long time!

        I use it regularly now, but I don't know if I would pay full price for it, I'll just keep stocking up whenever Boots are giving money off vouchers away!


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        19.01.2008 22:13
        Very helpful



        Would be great on frazzled hair!

        During Christmas I spent so much as Boot's (yes I mentioned that dreaded shop again lol), that every time I spent £10.00 (which was far to often) I received a £2.00 off hair care products.

        I've never really been one for buying the higher end hair care product ranges. I've always purchased bits and pieces from the pound shop or similar. What ever was cheap and always stuck to heat protection sprays in the main and that's about the lot. Until these vouchers, hence all the hair care reviews I have done and shall be doing. lol

        I love saving money but in reality I spent more than usual trying to save a few quid (if that makes sense) lol I wouldn't want to add up the money I've spent in flipping Boot's lately I may weep for a month realising I could've gone to the Maldives or somewhere lol Oh well we all have our vices!

        After purchasing most of Lee Stafford's range cos I liked the packaging and loads of John Frieda and Toni & Guy I didn't have a clue what else to purchase but couldn't leave the store with a voucher that would just be wrong lol. I had tried Curly Friends by Umberto Giannini years ago and had loved it but more recently I had tried it and the straightening shampoo and conditioner and hated it all. So I did really think about getting this and as there was nothing else I liked the look of (it's all about appearances to me my dear) I bought it.

        So What Is It?:

        Umberto Giannini (sleek and chic), seriously straight Gloss Serum.


        The box is exactly as shown on the photo at the top of this review, white and blue. The bottle is a 100ml recyclable baby blue coloured bottle that is pump action with a matching baby blue safety cap over the top. Clearly states in large silver lettering who it is by and then in blue what it is and then in small black writing says.... Our salon bespoke formula to tame and de frizz. Round the back of the product tells me .... Our stylists asked for a serum up to the job of controlling unruly hair and smoothing frizzy ends without the greasy feel.... and here it is!

        Medium to thick hair.

        Smooth, glossy and controlled.

        Apply to wet hair focusing on mid lengths and ends and style as usual.

        Stylists Tip....
        Use sparingly over finished styles to add shine.

        Avoid contact with the eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse well with water immediately.


        Well I've used this a few times now. I've used it in both ways suggested. On wet hair on it's own and also as a finishing product.

        Firstly the product pumps out easily only dispensing a small amount. It is a clear thinnish liquid that is slightly flowery in fragrance so it's really a product with us ladies in mind. It's very light and fresh and unoffensive to the nasal passages. When you put it on your hands it is slightly greasy but very shiny and not one bit sticky, yukky or gunky.

        To apply it on wet hair you need a really small amount say just 2 pumps for shoulder length hair, rub it gently between your hands and then evenly distributes through out. At this stage you can feel where it is going and it's easy to apply.

        I always dry my hair on a cool setting if I'm not using a heat protection mist or spray. The more you dry the better your hair feels and you really do need to make sure your hair is dry as the results get better. I found if I coated my roots with it they looked artificially shiny after drying, almost to the point of greasy. To eradicate this I miss my roots and do as suggested and only run it through the mid section and through to the ends of my hair.

        The result is incredibly soft and silky hair. The shine is visible and my frizz really does disappear with this product. The smell when dried is more apparent. After just blow drying my hair looks defrized but still needs straighteners on it and it straightens no different to any other product Ive used. It works. It does give control but it doesn't feel a completely natural control for some reason.

        However where this product isn't so good for me when used this particular way is that my hair is so soft and shiny I find it won't stick in a hair band it just falls out. Also I notice after say about 3 hours my hair starts to feel greasy and if out and about in this kind of soggy weather it really doesn't like the humidity and just starts to look very very limp, lank and greasy.

        The other way to use it is as a finishing product and this is where the product really does stand its ground. So me, I style my hair with all my usual products and then on dry hair, before going out or what ever I run just a little over my top layers and the shine is instant. This method of usage suits my hair and I don't get that greasy matted look after a few hours.

        I would recommend this for anyone with seriously dry hair. If you bleach and stuff as it really is nourishing. If you have fine hair, like mine then I'd seriously not bother unless you purely want it as a finishing product which means your not really using it as a straightening product which is why really you would buy in first place surely? lol.

        On the upside of this product because you only need such a small amount it lasts ages! Its a big size for a serum when you compare it to the likes of John Frieda's frizz Ease.


        Does as it says. De frizzes, tames and adds gloss however does it with a wax effect that doesn't like the rain!

        £4.79 in Boots and other good chemists.

        This review is also posted on Ciao.


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        Smoothes curly or frizzy hair without leaving it looking or feeling greasy /

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