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Vidal Sassoon Precision Clean Daily Shampoo

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Brand: Vidal Sassoon / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2010 03:10
      Very helpful



      Vidal Sassoon are back with a new range in the UK & its worth checking out!

      A couple of weeks ago I decided enough was truly enough with my hair. I may be receding but my hair at the back was feeling decidedly left out and felt too straw like and lifeless. Up until now I don't review that many shampoo products for the sole reason that up until now I've not bothered with washing my hair on a daily basis given that I have virtually none left! Having said that for the most part my preference to shampoo has laid for most of the year in Aussie Miracle but it has only been of late that I'm fed up having to swap bottles in the shower for extra conditioner to make my hair feel less lifeless and give it more body. After a friend recommended to me try and seek out professional help from a proper stylist I picked a brand name I used way back in the 1980's; Vidal Sassoon.

      Vidal Sassoon products up until the late 1990's were taken off the shelf and never to be seen again. Public assumption that the latest cheap shampoo (Tresemme) were made by the same people wasn't quite the same when I felt my scalp itchy by those products. Despite that, I've missed Vidal Sassoon's shampoo, which I constantly bought at Boots. It did everything a shampoo should do for me, and my hair at that time always felt well nourished with a good shiny look and a deep Coconut scent.

      Well, Vidal Sassoon hair products are back, albeit only at Vidal Sassoon hairdressers and not at local or national chain store pharmacies. No wonder! At a cost of £12-50 for a 250ml bottle, their shampoo and conditioner products are very much premium professional against the usual market price back in the 1980's. This product, "Precision Clean," is marketed as a daily shampoo, part of Sassoon's "Care" range and further out of two distinct product lines, "coloured hair," and "natural hair," of which this product fits in the last section. This is a product that you can use every day or even more than once in a day if the feeling takes you, and for the price here, it also has conditioning agents built in to save you from having to add anything else.

      The whole design format of this new product is very different to what has gone on before including the company logo with Vidal's surname in gold capital lettering on a thin and tall frosted white plastic bottle. At the top you'll find a push dispersal cap that has a handy little ribbed circular finger sized concave. If the bottle is turned upside down, this bottle doesn't leak. The same ribbed part is also carried into the middle of the bottle and has a slightly melted look to one side to project a suitable grab action to the bottle. All very classy and all very well but does the product actually work?

      Well, it's a thick and clear honey like liquid that comes oozing out of this 250ml bottle although a little seems to go a long way which is just as well given the expensive price. Whereas £12-50 would counteract two or three purchases from Aussie Miracle alone, Vidal Sassoon Precision Clean isn't the kind of shampoo that you need to add tons of to get lather. The shampoo lathers up quite well and along with the creamy white lather there's a lovely apple and flowery scent that is pleasing as well as quite fresh to the nose.

      Unlike Aussie Miracle Moist, my hair felt quite soapy using this product but I ensured each strand of hair was cleaned before rinsing Precision Clean out. During the shower, I made sure my whole head and scalp got a thorough cleaning and avoided the usual of not getting the shampoo in my eyes. However as so happens one day I did get Precision Clean in my eyes but it didn't sting as much, which was a welcomed surprise!

      The beauty of Vidal Sassoon Precision Clean is that I find it does what it says. It leaves my hair feeling soft, not brittle, shiny, but not dull and all the while after three days of not being washed, very little dandruff forming. The downside is that the scent of the product doesn't last very long, only seeming to have short couple of hours of duration. Many of my friends have further commented on whether I use additional products in my hair since discovering Precision Clean (I don't!), whereas before they never tended to comment.

      It is very much the adage that you are getting what you're paying for, here. As such my hair didn't squeak or squeal against my fingers when rinsing out unlike Aussie Miracle Moist and unlike the former product, Precision Clean leaves my hair feeling nourished and almost stronger without the withered look as the hair regains its natural state. It claims to be able to deal with coarse or fine hair too. Even later in the day my hair continues to be shiny and feels clean to the touch. This may be down to the fact that Precision Clean claims to keep hair shiny with its "Cashmeratex," additives. Research into the ingredients of this shampoo can be further researched on their global website - and its good that despite the posh name, Cashmeratex basically means Vitamin B5 proteins. Although the company don't mention any info about testing on animals (update soon) they are owned by Proctor & Gamble.

      So is Vidal Sassoon's product range worth checking out? I certainly think so and if you have lifeless or damaged hair, this is a gentle shampoo that could give your hair some life back which you don't need to use every day to get the best results. Sometimes I wash my hair every day or every third day and the results are impressive. Granted it won't be for everyone especially since the price is so expensive. I'm so glad that Vidal Sassoon are back with a new range of hair treatments however - clearly they have been hard at work testing new products before putting them out to market - and I think it has been worth the wait! All they need to do now is reduce the price and put it out to pharmacies. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2010



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