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VO5 Nourish Me Truly Conditioner

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2 Reviews
  • Makes it look healthy and adds shine
  • Protects hair
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    2 Reviews
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      21.05.2015 20:23
      Very helpful


      • "Makes it look healthy and adds shine "
      • "Protects hair"


      • "None "

      Protect your hair

      I have tried the VO5 Nourish Me Truly shampoo before but I had not tried the conditioner, which matches it. I bought a bottle of this the other week from Home Bargains, where I do a lot of my bathroom type shopping and I am pleased to report that this stuff works.

      I have dry hair at the ends and greasy roots so I have to be very careful about what type of conditioner I sue on my hair otherwise it can look really flat and lifeless.

      I paid £1.29 for this bottle and I just knew it was going to be good for my hair eve before I had dried and style it. It feels quite thick and luxurious and it sticks to the hair shaft and doesn’t just slide off into the bottom of the shower cubicle when I apply it to my wet hair after it has been washed.

      It really does detangle all the knots but what I really love about this shampoo is that it goes a long way in protecting my hair from the heat of my hairdryer and my straighteners.

      I use my hair straighteners every single day and my hair takes quite a bit of bashing from them. This stuff contains keratin, which is said to protect the hair shaft from the damage of the heat and my hair does look in much better condition since I have been using this conditioner.

      It lasts for ages too as you don’t have to use a lot of it.

      I really recommend it.


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      09.12.2013 15:43
      Very helpful



      great conditioner that actually conditions my hair

      As I mentioned in my review yesterday for the VO5 shampoo, I have always stuck with 1 brand of shampoo and conditioner (£17 a bottle). My hair is just past shoulder length, with doing school runs I normally tie my hair up, but im a hair straightener or hair dryer girl so my hair tends to look quite dry at the bottom. So i condition my hair after every single wash. The only reason I tried this product is because my normal delivery is still stuck at the sorting office. I was forced to try something new. While shampoo is obviously important for cleaning my hair, I have found most of the shampoos on the market are pretty similar, but because I used heated appliances on my hair I find conditioner is vital, so im very cautious about the shampoo and conditioner I use on my hair. I always try to avoid products with harsh chemicals that will damage hair (ammonium).

       *-*-*-*-*-VO5 conditioner-*-*-*-*-*
      The conditioner claims to provide 'manageability for damaged hair' and to be the 'perfect prep for ultimate style'. It also claims to have the added extra of heat defence. The conditioner is infused with extract of cashmere keratin to tame and soften hair leaving it luxuriously touchable and shiny.

      A lot of good selling shampoos and conditioners have cashmere keratin in them, this is what makes hair so soft, so that is 1 of the things I will look for when buying a shampoo/conditioner, also the heat defence, if using hair appliances the built in heat defence is ideal to keep hair protected, and saves with the forgetting to use it, or the added cost on top.

      They have other products within their range suit all different hair types from greasy/oil hair to coloured hair and dry/damaged hair.

      The conditioner comes in a pure white bottle with purple detailing. It has a lid with a small 'press' written on the top so you only push the tip of your finger onto the 'press' sign to open the lid, its a little tough so
      may need a little force. Then tip the bottle up and gently squeeze into the palm of your hand. 

      *****In use***** 
      When squeezing conditioner into your hand you are immediately hit with a divine small of freshness, mixed with avocado, grape, apricot, rosemary, is is very similar to the shampoo, The conditioner is white and very thick in consistency so straight away I think im going to need a lot. The amount I squeezed was around the size of a 10 pence piece. I followed the instructions; massaged into already washed hair, work through the lengths of your hair right to the ends. Leave on for a couple of minutes and rinse. lather the mixture by massaging your head with your fingertips, then rinse well with warm water. The small amount used covered my hair (unlike the shampoo), so I was pretty surprised, its a lot thicker than the shampoo so was very surprised when I didn't need as much. As conditioner is designed to soften hair, I concentrated at the tips, which takes the most battering, I massaged the conditioner through my hair while being careful not to apply too much to the roots and left it for 3 minutes with the majority being on the tip of my hair.

      *-*-*-*-*-Heat defence-*-*-*-*-*
      VO5 claim that when this conditioner is used with their shampoo from the same range it will also act as a heat defence, you will need to test the products together for some period of time to notice any difference, but even from 1st use the products should still start working. I use straightener's for aprox 5 mins a time as my hair is already pretty much straight, but the tip of my hair is not getting any more damaged with the continued use of the straightener or hair dryer so I feel the heat defence protection is working.

      *-*-*-*-*-Did it do the job-*-*-*-*-* 
      Did it treat my damaged hair? Yes. My hair looks and feels more nourished, but it did feel quite greasy after it was washed out.....as I already have thin hair I really do not want the greasy look as it makes my hair look even more thin. The bottle claims you need to use this conditioner along side the VO5 shampoo for best results, personally I found the shampoo pretty pants, but this product delivered, while my hair was greasy when wet after I blow dried it the greasy feeling went away so I dont think it really matters what shampoo you use with the product for *best results* as they say.

      The basic job of any shampoo is to keep it clean and soft, but this range is designed for dry/damaged hair, so I felt it was right for me because its pretty dry at the bottom. But with buying more expensive brands, they use higher quality ingredients and my hair shows this difference when 2 different products are used.

      As I said in my review for the shampoo yesterday, because my other shampoo and conditioner not only repaired my hair but also kept it in good condition I felt the job had already been done for VO5, other than limiting my time using heated hair styling appliances and washing my hair every 2 days to avoid removing any natural oils my hair needed, not using boiling hot water to wash my hair, and avoiding other hair products that can cause build up, so despite using the straighteners my hair was in pretty ok condition so this conditioner didn't really have a lot of work to do, so to be honest I was expecting my hair to be better off.

      I can normally tell how good a product is going to be simply by how my hair feels when its wet with the product just rinsed from it. As soon as I rinsed the product from my hair I could feel it was pretty greasy, which surprised me as the conditioner when in my hand felt very luxurious, but as said, that feeling went once my hair dried. Unlike my other conditioner, this conditioner didn't remove any knots, I know that isn't a conditioners job, but my other shampoo and conditioner does get rid of any knots and the fact that this one didn't was another negative for me.

      Upon drying my hair with a hair dryer my hair felt in better condition, more bouncy, and looked better than he had done previous to washing it, but still not as good as my normal conditioner. So while this conditioner did do the job im writing it having compared it to another dearer and In my opinion better brand.

      *-*-*-*-*-Would I recommend it?-*-*-*-*-*
      For a cheap conditioner yes. I shall continue using my normal shampoo and conditioner as they are quite simply amazing. I do like this product and would happily suggest it to anyone. I am knocking off a star because I know and use a much better product, so this could do better.

      *-*-*-*-*-Price and availability-*-*-*-*-*
      While this product is new to me I know its available in boots/superdrug/savers for between £2-£3 (250ml).....however I bagged a bargain with it being £1 in my local poundshop!!! Being a VO5 product it will also be available in all supermarkets.


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  • Product Details

    VO5 Elixir Nourish Me Truly Conditioner will lavish your damaged or heat styled hair for a divine transformation / Infused with extracts of Cashmere Keratin youll be left with hair so luxurious you won't be able to stop touching it!

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