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VO5 Refreshingly Pure Elixir Shampoo

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2 Reviews

Brand: Alberto / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: Refreshes,

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    2 Reviews
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      02.01.2013 09:22



      Worth $.78 but nothing more than that.

      Being a poor college student I am always looking to save a buck. On my most recent shopping trip I had to pick up some shampoo and conditioner, but the average shampoo/conditioner in my area costs around $6.00 a bottle. I can no longer afford to pay so much for so little so I made the difficult decision to try out the cheapest shampoo I could find. Lucky enough for me there was a whole shelf designated for the "cheap shampoos" and in the collection of affordable hair care items I discovered Vo5 products.

      At my local Walmart the cost of a bottle of Vo5 shampoo or conditioner is $.78. I figured the price was low enough that it was worth a shot. So I picked up 3 bottles of shampoo and 3 bottles of conditioner. I got a strawberries and creme set, a kiwi lime squeeze set, and a passion fruit smoothie set. All of these flavors smelled amazing!

      My favorite scent of the three is definitely the kiwi lime squeeze followed by strawberries and creme and then passion fruit. So naturally, I tried out the kiwi lime kind first. The first time I used this flavor I was very pleasantly surprised! My hair felt silky and was shiny. I continued using the same product and the more i used it the more brittle and broken my hair became. The scent never lasted in my hair from the very first use and I was very disappointed in the product.

      I decided to try out strawberries and creme next and once again, it seemed to work wonderful for the first couple of days, but after about a week my hair was so greasy even after I washed my hair every other day. The smell lingered in my hair for about the whole day though which I really appreciate because, personally, I think it smells great.

      Lastly, I used the passionfruit kind. This one probably works the best out of the 3 i tried, but I am still very disappointed. The top half of my hair became overly greasy and the bottom half became dry and brittle. Once again though, the scent is divine.

      Since then I have found a shampoo and conditioner set i am happy with and ocassionaly I will wash my hair with my Vo5 products just so it does not go to waste. I have found that if I only use them every once in a while they work just fine the only exception being the kiwi kind. I cannot force myself to use that one ever again. So, instead, I have used the conditioner as a sort of shaving creme and the shampoo as a body wash. At least I can get some use out of it!

      What I really love about the other two flavors I got is the conditioner! After I wash my hair with my new shampoo and conditioner I rinse and apply my Vo5 conditioner to the bottom half of my hair and rinse. It makes my hair smell great!


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        06.08.2010 20:07
        Very helpful



        A great shampoo for greasy hair

        I've been using VO5 Refreshingly Pure Elixir conditioner for a few days now, and being very impressed, I've managed to track down a bottle of the shampoo from the same range. I picked this up also from Home Bargains for only £1.00 for a 300ml bottle.

        I suffer from terribly greasy hair and have tried all sorts of shampoo's and conditioner's to try to help me balance this conditon, unfortunatley everytime I find one that I like it gets discontinued.

        VO5 Refreshingly Pure Elixir Shampoo comes in a green flip top bottle which means no messy caps to fiddle with unncecessarily in the shower. It smells absolutely divine, very fresh and clean as it contains rosemary and fresh mint. The aromas complement each other, it may sound like an odd combination but it works very well.

        This shampoo is suitable for normal or fine hair that tends to turn greasy quickly. I wash my hair daily but it tends to get oily by the end of the day, so much so, that if I was having a night out, I would need to wash it for a second time. I do have dry split ends and was concerned that this shampoo would not be suitable as wouldn't offer enough moisturisation for this conditon, but it's totally fine. It doesn't dry out the ends, but does manage to clean the roots very effectively and remove all signs of grease.

        Pure Elixir contains 5 vital oils, which are nutrient rich avacado and jojoba oil, strenghtening apricot and almond oil as well as shine enhancing grape seed oil. I do like the fact that this shampoo contains all these essential oils as it gives this product quite a natural element.

        VO5 promise that this will restore hair's natural oil balance, it's non drying, purifies and adds bounce. I must say that I agree with this claim. I've only used it twice but I can see the results already. My hair is not very greasy compared to how it would normally look by this point in the day. My hair still feels quite light, and not at all weighed down or lifeless.

        It also claims that it is suitable for daily use, and will remove excess oil and product build up. That is probably why my hair still feels quite light and bouncy this time of day, when normally it would be looking a bit lank.

        When using this shampoo, I only need a 50p sized dollop as it foams and lathers up quite nicely. The first time I used it I washed twice just to give the shampoo a chance to really get rid of the product and oily build up. When I washed this morning, only one use was needed.

        It rinses out very easily also, no need for too many rinses, and there is no tell tale residue left, just lovely clean and fresh smelling hair. I also have the matching conditioner, which I feel compliments the shampoo very well.

        After washing and conditoning, my hair was really clean, and seemed easier to dry and style that normal. This may be due to the shampoo removing styling product build up, but my hair did feel nice and bouncy and light.

        Would I recommend this product? Yes definitely. It is a great fresh and invigorating shampoo for oily/greasy hair that really does work well.

        The only downside is I've not seen this in my local chemist or supermarket, and I would travel quite some distance just to pick this up, it is that good for my hair type. I just wish I could find it a bit closer to home.


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