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Wella High Hair Finishing Spray Ultra 400 ml

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Brand: Wella / Type: Hair Spray / Hair type: all types / What it does: volumizes, Protects

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    2 Reviews
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      28.01.2011 15:48



      Love the stuff!

      About the product
      I bought this product after a last minute shop at my local hair and beauty stock suppliers 'Sallys' I'm sure many of you have heard of it, but some may not have - it is basically a wholesale warehouse for salons full of amazing hair products and such like. I don't know what it is about that place, perhaps it's the feeling that this is where the salons buy their products but I always feel as though I am buying the best and can spend hours upon hours in there! (My mum used to have a salon which is why I can get the discount! - Thanks mum!!)

      The thing that first attracted me to Wella high hair finishing spray was the professional looking packaging; it is a long silver aluminum can with a firm rubber grip making it easy to hold and small cap. I scuttered around the shop trying to find the best bargain I possibly could looking through beautiful can with all colours of the rainbow but FOR ONCE I decided to go for the understated option...and it worked! The product says 'Aim for the perfect finish, provides firm control and multi protect formula = pro vitamin B5 and UV filter' it is a really light spray so it doesn't feel as though your hair is stuck in one spot but it does keep a firm hold.

      How to use

      I find this the best to use with curling tongs as I like a light hold on my hair rather than it looking like I have scrunched it and forced it to curl to up tight, just a light spritz when your hair is inside the tong and then when you release it there you have a great loose natural feeling curl - although of course you have cheated a little - but who needs to know?! For extra volume just spray onto your roots - damp or dry, without the horrid sticky feeling you get from other syling products! Leaves hair still feeling silky smooth and with that added OOMPH everyone wants... but managable! AND it smells great, again understated but great - not the regular horrid 'hairspray' smell!

      Also great for men who style their hair, before my boyfriend decided to get rid of all of his hair he also used this product as a finish before going out.

      Where to buy & Overall thoughts
      The bottle I bought was £4.99 for 400ml but I guess that is at stockist price, I have found it online for £10.05 for 500ml or £4.85 150 m l@ www.lookfantastic.com so my suggestion is if you know someone in the trade ask them to buy it for you at discount from Sallys (or even your hairdresser) It is expensive for a finishing spray however, I really think it is worth it and as you need such a light spritz it lasts alot longer than the average spray!!

      The bottle can be recycled so you can do your bit for the environment!
      Ladies AND gentlemen I would most certainly recommend this product, an all round brilliant buy! Would be interested to hear other peoples thoughts if anyone else has tried this?

      Thanks for reading :-) www.wella.co.uk


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      17.03.2009 16:53
      Very helpful



      A very effective hair spray..

      Wella AG is a Germany-based personal care multinational company .Wella AG manufactures Haircare products for professionals use and for the retail market, Beauty and Skin Care products, equipment for hair saloons and perfumes. Haircare products accounted for 47 per cent of their revenues.The company's products are available in 152 countries.

      Wella High Hair Finishing Spray Ultra

      Wella entered the Indian market just a year ago, and it is already a great hit here. This hair spray was recommended to me by a friend who has fizzy uncontrollable hair and she was at her wits end as nothing proved satisfactory. She read about this and went in for a free demonstration at a saloon , and was amazed at the change it made to her hair. Later she started using it at home and found this very effective in giving her hair a tamer look. Now , since she has continuously been using it for nearly 6 months , her hair texture is slowly changing for the better. According to her it has become more manageable even without using the spray. On seeing the amazing results on her hair, I decided to try Wella spray as well !.I don't use it regularly though , just on special occasions or when I have a bad hair day..

      As it is mentioned in its brochure it gives firm control, structure, protection and shine for all hair types, which is true. You get a good finish when it is absorbed and dry. And it is non sticky leaving your hair natural looking , and bouncy.

      The spray comes in 2 different sizes -400 ml for home use , and a smaller size that can fit easily into your handbag. It is used as any other regular hair spray taking care not to spray on to your skin and eyes. It has a rather pleasant scent, not the usual chemical and burning smell that is associated with most hair sprays.
      The spray is very helpful when you are in a rush to attend a party or a function when you want your hair to look good and neat.
      I have discovered a very effective method of doing up my hair at a short notice. I just wet my hair and pile it up neatly and secure it with a clip, and spray it with the Well hair finishing...and carry on with my dressing, and finally I use the hair dryer just a little and then open out my hair and comb through, and it really gives it a good neat finish.
      I have slightly wavy hair and this product is very effective with my hair. My daughter has straight hair and she likes to have her hair ends curling, and she is able to get the right effect by using it the same way as I do.
      So , ideally it suits most hair types..

      Another important fact I need to mention here is that , earlier when I used a hair spray, it left my scalp feeling itchy and dry and I used to notice increased hair fall after each use. But ever since I started using Wella products i have not noticed any of these negative effects on my hair. I also use another Wella product and find that very good as well. I will review that product at a later date..
      The price at nearly 8 pounds is not too expensive , and since we use it only on special occasions it is definitely worth the price.
      I think this is a useful product worth recommending , an excellent product that gives you satisfying results.

      Price: £ 7.95 for 400 ml


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    • Product Details

      Ultra Strong Control- Hair Lacquer is excellent for the perfect finish: hold, structure and shape / Result: Provides ultra control, for ultimate structure, protection and shine for all hair types / Wella High Hair ultra strong Finishing Spray gives shine and protection – with pro-vitamin B5 and UV filters / Direction: To finish, spray onto dry hair / For more volume, spray onto roots of hair / Brushes out easily, leaving no residue /

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