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Wella Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power Volumising Spray

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4 Reviews

Brand: Wella / Type: Hair Spray / What it does: volumizeses,

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    4 Reviews
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      03.10.2008 02:53
      Very helpful



      An effective hairspray, shame about the smell

      During my trip to Italy, I forgot my hairspray - not that I use it on a daily basis but it's a comfort item for a night out! Rather than going to the shops which is a 5km hike on twisty,windy roads, I found some that I had left behind the previous year.

      -What does it promise to give? -

      ~ Seriously long lasting hold
      ~ Shapes, holds and controls
      ~ Gives added volume with an ultra strong hold
      ~ No stickiness
      ~ Brushes out easily

      - The smell -

      This has an extremely strong smell and reminds me of a powerful nail varnish which isn't the most flattering of smells to have on your barnet for a night out!

      - Price and Packaging -

      The one I used, taken over from the UK last year, is slightly different in terms of packaging to what they are selling now. I'm glad to say that they have improved the look of the bottle but mine is very much like the one shown by dooyoo.

      It's a grey semi-transparent, rather unappealing looking, plastic bottle with a press down nozzle to dispense the spray through a small hole. There is also a protective lid for the nozzle to prevent it from being plunged down when in a bag etc.

      The nozzle does tend to get clogged up from time to time due to the nature of the spray. Aware of this possibility, the manufacturers have added a note on the bottle and suggest that should this happen, you run it under warm water to unblock it - I find that a needle is far more efficient, if you have one handy!

      This currently retails at Boots for £2.69 (£1.08 per 100ml)

      - Effectiveness -

      Despite its 'unremarkable' packaging and not so appealing smell, the spray actually works very effectively.

      I have coarse, frizzy hair and although I make attempts to straighten it, I like to keep a bit of volume at the front. The spray does give my hair some 'lift' without it being stuck together - it gives a natural look and if it wasn't for the smell you couldn't tell that hair spray had been applied! Unlike some hairsprays, once applied it is possible to run your fingers through your hair and doesn't give a 'stiff', unnatural appearance to your hair.

      It's generally non-sticky, however in the humidity of foreign climes, if too much is applied it can 'clag' a little.

      - Overall -

      An effective hairspray which does offer quite a lot of what it promises, just a shame about the smell, hence the 4 stars!


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        12.03.2008 15:54
        Very helpful



        Best for holding long hair in position

        I bought this stuff a while back thinking it would give my hair a strong hold. This product just doesn't work with men's short hair. It doesn't specify anywhere that it DOESN'T work with short hair. I thought it would at least keep my spiky hairstyle in place more after spraying a bit of this on, but all it did was made it turn disastrous!

        It comes in a plastic bottle with a rather large lid. The bottle is coloured with a grey tone and is translucent. The lavel on the front shows the Wella logo (who Shockwaves is made by) as well as the Shockwaves logo. It also mentions the power being 'ultra strong' for this spray, and it is meant to volume up your hair. At the bottom, it also says 'Seriously, Long Lasting Hold'. Yeah...holds it in a position that isn't how you want it at all!

        The back of the bottle contains information on what the spray is meant to do, how you are meant to apply it to your hair and also and 'experts tip' - which simply tempts you into buying another one of their products! It comes in a 125ml bottle too. This is what they claim it does:

        1. Shapes, holds and controls
        2. Gives added volume with an extra strong hold
        3. No stickiness
        4. Brushes out easily

        Ok so for point 1, I have to agree on the basis it technically does hold your hair in a certain position. Point 1 I must agree with too but I wouldn't say it gives an unbelievable strong hold. Step three is true but the texture is horrible! It is a bit oily in a way but rather like an alcohol in the way it absorbs into your skin very easily - very much like alcohol the texture. Step 4 is definitely true as this thing comes as a liquid, so it would brush out easily!

        So why am I so unpleased with this product? Well, I use a fair amount of special cream to hold my hair in position, and I thought I would try this to keep it in that position for sure as well as giving it some volume. So my hair was all spiked up. I sprayed on some of this stuff and all it did was wet my hair loads and make it heavy and droop down! My hair is quite thick and it just brought my hair down and I had flattened spikes, which looked horrible! It made my hair considerably wetter too!

        So for me it doesn't work very well. I imagine this spray works best for long hair styles for men or women. Spray it onto your hair and straighten it or brush it and it will stay in a nice straight position. Don't bother spraying this onto spiked up hairstyles (for the guys), because it just doesn't work.

        As for the smell, it smells putrid at first. It smells of some alcohol with acid and nasty chemicals. However, when it settles in after 30 seconds, the smell seems to transform into this beautiful fresh and somewhat fruity smell, which is lovely! I was rather surprised by this, but it does leave your hair smelling nice. It is a very thin liquid and very runny. Therefore, it is sprayed right onto the hair rather than onto your hands and then hair.

        Overall, I don't like this product and won't be buying it again. At £3.19, it was quite expensive for what it is! I can imagine it works well for different hairstyles but not mine! The smell is quite nice and that's about it. One for the ladies I think!

        Thanks for reading,

        - Recon -


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          05.05.2006 15:04
          Very helpful



          The styling bit will need some experience if you want to get great looking hair.

          Whilst still dreaming of the day that I just might have big hair like Kate Bush or that dark haired one in Heart, I aimlessly trudge through the sweaty, over crowded shops in my local High Street on a Saturday afternoon like some ritual, looking for that infamous product that will turn me from dull, flatly ordinary brunette to luscious, incredibly stunning raven haired beauty.

          In my cluttered bathroom cabinet, I possess almost every conceivable product that I might have gazed at in wonderment over the years and thought, at the time, that it might do the trick. The ultimate goal of fabulous looking hair. Not incredibly graced with the wondrous locks naturally, I have to prepare myself for the depressing job of trying to find something that will give my hair the same result of sticking my finger in a plug socket. I spot, by chance something that may well see me kissing my flat hair days goodbye; may I introduce the ‘super fast, grab you by the nuts, whooper dooper ultra strong power volumising spray!’

          I make a quick decision to buy it and make my escape quickly home before the assistant notices my pancake hair. For the price I paid, a hard earned £2.95, it seems like a shot in the dark. I am not usually the type that pays out heftly for anything unless I know it’s going to work. However, curiosity has taken this cat by the scruff and dragged her over to the counter with opened purse, so, pleased with my purchase, I trot home with joy in my heart.

          A super fine liquid bounces around in the small, pale blue bottle like spring water. I have always been keen on Shockwaves products but always imagined that punks with spiky hair do’s would want to buy this stuff instead of me. In my bathroom, I squint at the tiny words on the back. It says;

          ‘Hold!’ (with four purple dots after it….sounds hopeful, although what exactly these dots mean, leaves no firm question in my head so I skip that and move onto the next line…) It asks me a question….

          ‘Need Added Volume With An Added Finish?’ (Well, yes…I suppose, but what finish? Have I just unwittingly purchase furniture polish or perhaps that brown stuff you paint onto fences?) I move on again…It now appears that this clever print is trying to tell me that this revolutionary product with ‘shape, hold and control‘…(I wonder perhaps I should be spraying this onto my four year old instead of my hair…) Then I see that it apparently ‘gives added volume with an ultra strong hold..’ Well, if I didn’t already read that on the front of the bottle in the shop then I guess I wouldn’t have bought it, right? It shouts, ‘No Stickiness!’ I think I actually want stickiness. This word, in my mind, and when applied to my hair tells me that it is working. I don’t think I’m on my own here in this statement. Then it lies to me, and luckily I had already prepared myself for such a fib; ‘Brushes Out Easily!’ Nothing that goes with the word ‘stickiness’ ends in ‘brushes out easily.’ Not in my world anyhow.

          Then the print doubts my intelligence, another question..’Need To Know How?’ (Yes, while you’re at it, you might as well tell me how to use this and what hair on my body I need to spray it on. After all, I have just landed from Mars, tutt!) ‘Apply To Damp or Dry Hair.’ (You mean I could have used this in the shop instead of buying it?) It tells me, ‘no stickiness’ once again, and I feel sucked into to its believable existence. ‘For extra volume, spray onto to the roots and blow dry.’ Now, for anyone who has tried to use a gel like product in the past and the container tells you to blow dry, you know for a fact that the gel will dry into something that resembles glue and is plainly obvious to all who pass you by so I feel that an element of brushing might help afterwards, at least to get out the U-hu effect…

          I wash hair then wildly spray away to my hearts content. Happy with the amount that I have sprayed, I regain consciousness (as the smell and spray essence is a little over powering) and try to then master the art of a jolly good blow dry.

          Now I shall mention the stickiness bit. To my past knowledge of such products, I expect some stickiness, but perhaps I was not ready to as much as I did encounter. The stickiness was over whelming to say the least. From beneath my locks, I felt the product was practically clinging onto to my scalp for dear life. Now with the feeling resembling wearing a rather fetching swimming cap, I try to ‘style’ my way to complete glory. My hair now feels the consistency of straw. I pick up the bottle at study it carefully. Then I attempt to put down the bottle and find that it has now stuck to my hand. Now humbly near tears, I then precede with a small party piece in which I remind myself of that elderly French mime artist who Des O’Connor used to have on his show a great deal who did a rather amusing mime of something being stuck to his hand and then on the inside of his jacket pocket. I feel myself now loosing control over my purchase and then manage to put it down without loosing any skin. Sticky is not the word. I now get the impression that this stuff is everywhere other than the very place it should be and that’s on the roots of my hair.

          However, after a good deal of shaking one’s head and pouting a lot in the mirror, I finally get to grips with my wild style. I found this spray has a mind of its own and if not a fully qualified hairdresser or carpenter, I feel that others will have the same experiences too.

          I study bottle from floor level, remembering not to venture picking it up again…

          Another question…tutt.

          ‘Need The Expert’s Tip?’

          Now they tell me!

          ‘For beautifully defined hair ends, use Shockwaves Control Eazy Endz!’


          I doubt I shall be buying that too. I can imagine long queues of sticky handed women traipsing back to Superdrug with six inch long hair in spikes and lining up for yet more sticky stuff. I resist.

          I read the ingredients to see if there is anything there I can pronounce… As well as the usual alcohol (not advisable to drink if style becomes that uncontrollable after using the product) I see it does contain water and a lot of ‘parfum’ It also advises to run under warm water if the nozzle becomes blocked. A feat, I think I will practise for a while as I feel that this may happen more than once.

          What I do like to see, although never use, is these website addresses on the most unattractive products. If I felt the strong need to not to end my life, I could look up the website or even join a little chat room! There are some phone numbers to call both in the UK and abroad if my tears didn’t stop by themselves, all well readable if you are three centimetres high or if you have fantastic eyesight.

          The Verdict On Hair;

          I received some strange looks from the playground this morning on dropping my child off at school from the other worried looking mums. Ha! At least I am trying to do something with my hair! Some look concerned, others give my promising nods of appreciation. My hair now feels thicker, and even in the slight morning breeze, it doesn’t budge an inch! Yes! Mission accomplished! If only this stuff had been around in the early eighties when I donned myself in baggy Louis XIII shirts and lip-gloss. I could have joined in with all those Flock Of Seagulls gigs my friends were going to!

          I must work on that stickiness on the bathroom walls. Once I have perfected the art of re decorating, then I just might stick with this!


          I do like this spray only because, since stuck in a time warp, I feel that I should be still donning rock hard hair. Please only use if you a true Adam Ant fan, otherwise if you want to be more like AndI McDowell in the skin care ads, then give this shockwaves thing a wide berth and grab some of that face putty instead.

          This may have been some use to you.

          Thanks for persevering.

          Wella AG, Code C
          64274 Darmstadt

          Bought at Superdrug; a 125ml bottle for £2.95.
          Recyclable bottle.

          ©sam1942 2006.


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            28.09.2005 19:12
            Very helpful



            Long lasting hold. Non sticky. Leaves hair shiny. Speeded up the drying process

            I bought the Wella Shock Waves Extra Strong Power Volumising spray because … well, frankly, I was desperate!

            I had spent a long time growing my hair to cultivate a chin length bob, which was glossy, classy and suited me. Not being very good at blow-drying, this hairstyle was easy to keep, with the minimum of fuss. Well done that hairdresser.

            Then, 'that hairdresser' went on the razzle the night before I was due to have my 6 weekly colour and trim ….

            I'm convinced this resulted in her confusing me with somebody else's instructions, which I assume must have been, "I'd like you to cut my hair all different lengths, preferably half an inch on the top, leave the odd 3 inch clump here and there - and don't forget to make sure one side is most noticeably longer than the other".

            Lesson number one, don't ever take your eye off the girl with the scissors.

            So, here I am stuck with the haircut from hell for the next 6 months or so.

            But you really want to know about the product, right? And why I bought it and what I think of it?

            □ Why did I buy Wella ShockWaves Ultra Strong Power Volumising Spray?

            Because, like Everest, it was there. I live many miles from anywhere, so the only choice available was my local chemist. After perusing the shelves for quite a long time, looking for some kind of 'setting spray' I finally settled on this product.

            The claims on the bottle state:

            Shapes, holds and controls
            Gives added volume with an ultra strong hold
            No Stickiness
            Brushes out easily
            Can be applied to damp or dry hair

            Sounded like it might just do the trick, so I stumped up £3.20 and hoped it would be worth it.

            □ Putting it to the test:

            Having washed and towel-dried my hair, I was then faced with the awful prospect of blow-drying. Then, I hit upon an idea which other women might like to try if they too find it impossible to blow-dry their own hair to salon perfection.

            First, I put in rollers. To me, this seems logical as one of the first things the hairdressers tell you is to section your hair evenly and then blow dry using a firm, even tension. Never works for me. Blow-drying freehand, so to speak, meant the sections I usually took were random and uneven. My top hair is about 4 inches long (except for the half inch bits mentioned previously). I selected a section of hair approximately the width of a large roller, spritzed with the product, then rolled the hair. I did this, using various sizes of rollers over most of my head.

            Let's pause for a moment and take the claim of 'No Stickiness' first. Because I used the product the way I did, it meant I got it on my fingers and the first thing I noticed was a feeling of stickiness. Oh dear. Did this mean I was going to end up with that awful white, flaky residue? No, thank goodness! Once my fingers had dried, the stickiness disappeared and my fingers felt velvety smooth! Almost as if they were coated in soft acrylic. Only way I can explain it. Perhaps this is the important ingredient in the product to ensure the hair shaped and held. On checking the ingredients, I found the word 'Acrylates'. Well, I wasn't far wrong, was I?

            During the initial spritzing it smells a bit like a cheap hair-spray! That fades though and the hair is left smelling 'light' and pleasant. Also, It has a pump dispenser which is easy to use. I have to confess that I do suffer from arthritis in my hands so any dispenser of this type can be a little tricky for me. But it wasn't unduly stiff and I managed to get a fairly even squirt of the product on my hair. I couldn't spray as evenly as, say, a can of hair-spray, but I was fairly pleased with the spray-ability!

            To continue: Once all the rollers were in place and spritzed, I then took my hot brush (a wonderful invention for women like me who can't blow-dry using a standard hair-drier). Using the hot brush, with the small bristled barrel attached, I then took out one roller and proceeded to dry that section of hair, ensuring I held the barrel for a for moment at the root before I smoothed the hot brush down the length of the hair section and pulling gently to ensure an even tension. This I did roller by roller.

            □ The final result:

            Let's take each individual claim:
            Shapes, holds and controls:

            It certainly does. Perhaps it was the combination of the careful drying with my hot brush, but I found this product better than other, more expensive, brands previously tried. It took me exactly 15 minutes to complete the blow-drying procedure (remember, I had to insert rollers first), but I found that my hair actually dried quite quickly. Nothing is claimed on the packaging that the product speeds up the drying process, but I would say that it does. My hair shaped easily under the guidance of the hot brush, there were no fly-away bits which I usually find during and at the end of a blow-drying session, and it holds the shape very well. Ergo, my style was 'controlled'.

            Gives added volume with an ultra-strong hold:

            It does this too. I didn't want 'big' hair, but I need a little volume on the top. So, I was careful to spritz lightly at the roots of the top hair, and for the side hair I only spritzed lightly over the rollers avoiding, as much as I could, the root area at the sides of my head.

            I can testify to the ultra-strong hold, because my hairstyle remained almost perfect even after a couple of days. Any wayward sticky-up bits in the mornings were soon seen off with a couple of rollers and a spritz of the product, left for about 10 mins whilst I completed my morning routine, then the rollers taken out and hey presto - sticky-up bits tamed!

            No Stickiness:

            Right again! As I said, I was initially worried that the product would leave a sticky residue, but it didn't. However, I must point out that when the spray dries on the hair, it feels very stiff and dry and that was worrying.

            However, the next claim:

            Brushes out easily:

            Was truthful again. A quick gentle brush through whilst styling the hair ensures all 'dryness' is eradicated and the hair is left feeling smooth, soft and manageable.

            Can be applied to damp or dry hair:

            I have used the spray on both dry and damp hair, and either way ensures a long-lasting hold.

            □ And the final test:

            The best test of a good hair styling product is how the style holds up in the rain and wind. The weather we've been experiencing in Scotland recently has been wet and windy nearly every day, and since I started using the ShockWaves Ultra Strong Power Volumising Spray, I have to report that my hairstyle has held up well, and I noticed that when my hair did get damp, it didn't feel sticky, which I found some other products did.
            I have also found that my hair holds its style for at least a couple of days, with good volume remaining at the roots even after a night of tossing and turning! I have no idea whether the product would hold a style longer than 2 days because I like to wash my hair every third day.

            □ Finally

            Further research on this product revealed that it is suitable for all hair types. That it is good for: 'Times when you need to inject oomph into fine, limp or lifeless hair; for styles that demand a dramatic root-lift and masses of volume (creating big hair with seriously long-lasting hold) - and for pepping up your style during the day'.

            For those of you who want extra volume, just spray into the roots and blow dry (best to hold your head upside down) - and hey presto - big, sexy hair!

            □ What it doesn't say on the packaging:

            Nowhere could I find the words 'Leaves hair looking shiny'. How very remiss - because I found my hair was indeed shiny - maybe it's that 'acrylic' stuff in the ingredients, but whatever it is I am very pleased with the shine to my hair.

            I am so pleased with the results, I will buy this product again. I think the trick is to be sparing with it. Don't be too heavy-handed with the spray and the result with be a natural-looking hairstyle with oomph!

            □ Where to find it:

            I bought mine from our local chemist, so I would imagine you'll be able to find it anywhere where Wella products are sold.

            Cost: £3.20 - and I have checked various websites and this price is about right give or take a few pence either way.

            Full marks from me!

            For those prone to adverse reactions from certain chemicals, here are the ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Octylavrylamide/Acrylates/Butalamindethyl Methacrylate Copolymer, Aqua, Amino-Methyl Proponal, Parfum, PEG-12 Dimethicone

            Thank you for reading!


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          • Product Details

            ShockWaves Power Volumising Spray has the power to create superlative root-lift, giving your hair the maximum volume and hold around / Leaves hair shiny and brushes out easily /

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