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Wella Shockwaves Xtrovert Shine On

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Brand: Wella / Type: Styling Spray

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    2 Reviews
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      06.06.2009 22:34
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      Add a Bit of Shine

      I was in my local Morrison's today and purchased several Shockwaves products which are currently on special promotion at the moment for a paltry one pound each. Well how can you resist prices like these? I have never really rated Wella products I have to say as my first choice for hair care. However after the success of the Shockwaves mousse I purchased and subsequently tried out yesterday I decided to try a new addition from this range and one which I have to say had never seen before. It was called Shockwaves shine on Booster Spray.

      As stated the product cost only £1 for a 75ml can which was on promotion. I did a quick scan on the internet and discovered that the normal retail price for this is £2.99. Well actually I would say this was a pretty reasonable price for the product. As a lot of my hair lotions and potions cost three or four times more than this. The spray comes in a small funky silver canister. It has Shockwaves printed on it in red, smaller lettering underneath reveals that this is shine on gloss booster spray. It has a little nozzle and is a spray product which is finished off with a red plastic cap.

      So what's it for? Well basically after you have washed, conditioned, dried and styled your hair. (As if all that wasn't enough) you add a small amount of this product to your finished style. You simply spray the product sparingly about 20cm away from the head ensuring that it goes all over. It is very highly concentrated (the manufacturer's words not mine) so I would suggest adding a small amount first and then a little more if required. You can smooth down any fly-away hairs at this point too before it dries.

      It is supposed to add a boost of vibrance to your hair and control fly-a ways at the same time and to boot gives your hair extra conditioner. It also contains UV protection and promises that it won't weigh your hair down.

      This product certainly goes someway to making the hair very glossy, shiny and healthy looking. It feels extremely light. There is no sticky feeling to accompany it either which I was pleasantly surprised about. In addition it smells delicious. It has a pleasant fruity fragrance which is not to overpowering. You certainly can smell it after it dies down and it is crisp and clean. I don't think I will be buying this to use on a daily basis however I would certainly use it on nights out to give my hair some added shine. Probably due to the fact that my hair is naturally shiny anyway. I was aware that I still had quite a lot of fly-away hairs very soon after applying the product, so was a little bit disappointed about this aspect. However I would certainly recommend it to those whose hair is perhaps a little bit dull as it will give their hair a bit of a boost. Overall a good product which I probably would never have tried if it hadn't been for the promotion. 3 out of 5 for the glossy effect. 0-5 for controlling fly-a ways (well on my mop anyway).


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        19.04.2009 12:36
        Very helpful



        Buy it!

        When it comes to having super shiny hair I love it. Though like alot of us ladies (and some men do of course they're not perfect either are you guys??!! lol) don't possess it naturally so I have to cheat. Through the elements, daily washing and using heated appliances my hair can look really dull, even though it's jet black which when freshly coloured always blings away for me when freshly done.

        The other day I styled my hair and although it looked ok style wise and I'd done ok it lacked shine and health which is why I invested in some shine sprays whilst in Boots. Normally I use Lee Stafford and avoid Gliss (I find Gliss far too greasy for my hair) and I decided a change was as good as a rest and decided to have a go with this one due to it's shiny yellow can and it trying to jump into my basket by itself (actually it did but so did the whole shelf when I knocked it lol).

        I haven't purchased any Wella products in a while and whilst I love Wella Shockwaves 'Xtrovert One Night Wonder Frizz Fighter Mousse' and find that to really add volume to my lank locks I can't say much about other products from within the range as they haven't really impressed me and I find that alot of the products feel heavy on my hair as it's too fine. Their hairspray is like glue to me lol. So I was a bit apprehensive but like I say I fancied a change and at £2.89 I thought it worth a go!

        The Can....

        Bright shiny, yellow 100ml can with matching coloured aerosol sprayer and a lid that pushes over it in plastic situated at the top. In silver and black writing I'm told it is Wella (drawn on simple picture of a girls head is the emblem for this brand), I'm told it Shock Waves (and there's a black scribble drawing), that this gives 33% more shine and finally I'm told it is Xtrovert Shine On, Ultimate Shine Spray. On the back of the can in black and white writing I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use are given, cautions and ingredients are listed, I'm given contact details for Wella and finally the size, recycle and bar-code are on there. Nice, neat packaging suitable for men or women to use. It's informative and easy to use and I do like the integrated large button to the top of it.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Can....

        Shockwave your hair with Xtrovert Shine On.
        Long lasting super shine effect.
        UV Protection.
        No Stickiness.
        Washes out easily.

        Directions For Use....

        Style your hair as usual holding 20cm away from the hair, spray evenly on dry hair.
        Use sparingly.

        Me Using It....

        Well the biggest question is does it work and hell yes is my answer it really does lol! I wasn't aware it worked till one night my Mum said wow your hair is so shiny and healthy and looks amazing. Exactly what I wanted to here and since then I'm addicted to this stuff and the compliments have seriously come thick and fast and because of that I can't recommend this product highly enough! It's amazing......really and gives totally seeable (if that's a word lol) results.

        Basically it's sprays out a fine lightly fruity and fresh smell evenly over the hair. I always use this as the last product (on top of hairspray) as I'm going out of the door type of thing. You don't need loads at all and I find with my hair I have to watch where I'm spraying it cos it's so good I can see where I miss and feel it!

        The sprays clings to hairs giving it a really natural shine and boosts vitality in immediately. Nothing in your face, or coloured or anything but really shiny and healthy hair.

        Also I said I need to watch when spraying it because it makes hair really feel soft. Not greasy, not heavy just really luxurious to the touch and like satin. The smell wears off after a few minutes but the effects last until you wash it out.

        I'm now such a fan of this as I write this review I look at my dressing table and can tell you I now have stocked up on 6 cans of this stuff for real. It's revolutionised my hair and if I don't put it on I almost feel naked and not quite so polished. I love the ease of use, the instant results, the way I can't feel it (in a negative way) and it doesn't disrupt my style and I also love the way that it washes out of my hair so easily. It's the fastest cheat to lovely hair I know of to be honest with you and so incredibly simple to use! It really is a must try and I can't say anymore than that! lol.


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