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Wella Silvikrin Hydro Style Hair Spray

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3 Reviews

Brand: Wella / Sprays / Type: Hair Spray / What it does: Hydrates,

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    3 Reviews
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      18.07.2010 22:12
      Very helpful



      Not the worst hairspray I have ever used in my life!

      When it comes to hairspray it isn't something I purchase or use very often at all to be honest with you. I've never really liked the thought of using something sticky and horrid on my hair and really do appreciate my hair to have a natural look to it. However I have rather long, flyaway hair and I do like to tie it up and pin it back rather often for comfort and so I do need something rather decent and from a brand I trust to keep my dreaded fly-aways under control and of course this is a brand I'm very well aware of!

      The Packaging:

      250ml long, cylinder gold coloured can with integrated aerosol sprayer to the top of it. On the front of the can I' told that it is Wella '5 sec finish' Wellaflex, Silvikrin, Hydro Style 'For noticeably supple hair' and that it is hairspray and that it gives extra strong hold. On the back of the can other information listed includes being told a bit about the product, directions for use are given as are cautions and ingredients, the size is stated (as I've listed already) and contact details for Procter & Gamble (the manufacturer of the product) are given. Nice enough looking can with as much information as needed given on it. The push button sprayer works well and all in all it looks a quality can.

      A Bit About The product According To The Information Given On The Back Of The Can:

      Makes your hair noticeably more supple and provides flexible hold up to 24 hours.

      Contains a special hydration complex
      Helps to keep your hair moisturised without weighting it down
      Anti frizz effect
      no stickiness
      Helps to protect against UV radiation
      Brushes out easily

      Me using It:

      To use this all you do is spray it on your finished style to help to hold it in place of course and we are told on the can that if we want to create extra volume within our hair to spray the roots of it whilst its upside down.

      This clear liquid sprays out fast but even and its easy to distribute over the hair...simply spray at arms length type of thing. It is lightly fragranced and that fragrance to me is very slightly and lightly floral but not one bit old fashioned or overpowering and once on the hair that fragrance vanishes fast anyway, in around 20 minutes.

      You can't see it when it goes on and providing you use it sensibly I have never had my hair too saturated in product and I can never see any residue at all, not even when I brush it out.

      This works fast at setting a style, however for me it isn't a perfect hair spray at all sadly and I did have high hopes for it being brilliant. It does set the majority of my hair the way I want it but sometimes (even though I'm really careful when using this) I get too much on my hair and it sets my hair clumpy and in a sort of section that feels hard. Bits of hair that are flyaway around my ears I spray with it and I can't get them 'glued' into my style at all so they hang loose!

      However it isn't all bad news with this product to be fair to it. On the majority of my hair it works very well at keeping it in place, gives a subtle shine and doesn't make my hair feel or look stiff at all. Whats more it really does brush out with incredible ease and for me thats a really positive aspect of using this particular hairspray and a thing I'm not all that familiar with happening.

      All In All:

      Not bad but don't expect miracles with using this. I find this rubbish on flyaway hairs and even if I do manage to set them into place by using way too much hairspray they will eventually do their own thing! However on my more tamed sections of hair this works very well without weighing my 'do' down! Not bad...not brilliant but simply ok!

      Available in all good supermarkets and chemists etc at about £1.50 a can.


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      11.07.2010 23:42
      Very helpful



      A good light hairspray

      A few weeks later after trying to use up all the hairspray i have already brought i am back on the search to find the perfect hairspray. I thought that now at this stage i would try a few of the better known brands do i thought i would start with Wella, which has also won a few awards in magazines as the best hair spray.

      The hairspray comes in a 200ml, creamy, brown tin can with a green circle with the name 'silvikrin' and the Wella logo is in red at the top, below the creamy brown plastic lid that possesses the spray. The hairspray comes in several different varieties depending on what you aiming for in your style, such as sensitive, for coloured hair, curls , style and repair and shiny hold.

      The hairspray is very unique as it is the only one i have found that hydrates your hair while styling it. The product also sprays the same as most hairsprays, even and needs to be kept moving when you apply it. The hairspray smells better than the usual chemical smell, but still has a quite overpowering smell that you would not usually choose to breathe in. The hairspray is slightly sticky but not as sticky as other i have tried, giving it quite a nice feel.

      The hairspray did indeed live up to it name, it left my hair soft and bouncy but not brittle. The hairspray last a couple of hours, but dropped quite quickly after that, so for me it was not strong enough as i want to find a hairspray that lasts all day, hence i plan to try a few stronger hair sprays.

      The hairspray costs about £2.99, classifying it in the mid price range. I would say this is reasonably priced and i would consider buying it again if i was trying a different style that didn't need to be as strong.

      If you need a light, un-noticeable spray that does not show and gives your hair bounce this is the hairspray for you, if you need something strong for a more unique style you may need to opt for a hairspray with more gel in and it stronger. But overall a good hairspray reasonably priced.


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      02.03.2010 16:11
      Very helpful



      A great prodcct a must buy! The best hair spray I have used! A*****

      Wella Silvikrin Hydro Style Hair Spray!

      I am a beauty fanatic and I am always on the search for new products that I can review! I have used many different hair sprays in the past. Including the Morrison's own brand spray which is actually really really good for super market own brand product! This silvikrin hair spray is my favorite of the ones that I have tried! It has won She magazines best hairspray award too!

      It is the first and to my knowledge the only hair spray that actually hydrates my hair while keeping it in perfect condition and it also smells quite nice which is not what you usually think of when you think of hairsprays and styling products! Which usually smell like petrol and domestic chemicals! It really does keep my hair in the same state as it was when I walked out of the door in the morning and it lasts all day! It also protects your hair from damaging UV rays from the sun. It leaves my hair soft and flexible, unlike stiff brittle results from other sprays I have tried in the past.

      They have a wide range of other products for specific hair needs such as sensitive, for colored hair, curls and waves, style and repair and shiny hold. Perfect for what ever you hair needs are!

      They also come in a travel/hand bag size which is perfect for on the go which is about £1.39 and the normal bigger size - 200ml - is about £2.79! They can be bought from your local supermarket such as Tesco and asda and you can also buy them from Boots and Superdrug!


      *Hydrates my hair
      *Doesn't leave any reside behind
      *Does not leave my hair hair or brittle or sticky or stiff
      *Smells quite nice which is unusual for a hairspray
      *Comes in travel sizes
      *They have lots of other ranges for all types of hair
      *But in my case it runs out after about 3/4 weeks - using the larger spray bottle
      *Spray aerosols are not the best for the environment

      Thank you for reading my review


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