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Yves Rocher Botanical Nourishing Shampoo

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2 Reviews

Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: Nourishes

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    2 Reviews
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      17.02.2013 14:20
      Very helpful



      Not a product I will be buying again :(

      Yves Rocher Nutrition Shampoo (for dry hair)

      I made a large order with Yves Rocher last year and in the order was a shampoo (although it was buy one get one free) so I ended up with two of the same shampoos. My auntie brought me back a bottle of the radiance shampoo from Yves Rocher when she went to France but that is the only Yves Rocher hair product I had tried before this. I loved the radiance shampoo but unfortunately I hate this product!

      - Product description (from Yves Rocher UK)

      "A creamy-textured treatment shampoo for hair that's radiant with beauty without being weighed down. Its scent leaves a gentle wake that evokes all the richness of oats."

      - About the product

      The shampoo comes in a 200ml or 6.7fl oz bottle which is green in colour. This product is specifically aimed at individuals with dry hair which is what I have due to colourings. The main natural ingredient in this product is oat milk.

      - Using the product and results

      Firstly, the scent, the scent of this product is sooo nice! The scent reminds me of old fashioned 'lips' sweets from an old sweet shop so they did not contain gelatine so they did smell a bit like sweet soap or sweet talcum powder! The scent is really nice overall and the product itself has a really nice smooth texture and thick(ish) consistency. The shampoo smell gorgeous and when lathered up it smells even nicer and stronger. While I am using the product I can sometimes experience a little bit of irritation but nowhere near enough to make me stop using the product. The shampoo is really easy to wash out and it makes my hair feel smooth, clean and fairly detangled. When my hair is dry however, the scalp become really irritated, dry, tight and very flaky because of this product - when I stop using this product the horrible effect stop immediately. The shampoo is really nice apart from the irritation and flakiness it causes.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this shampoo full price (but it was buy one get one free at the time so it was a pretty good deal). This product is currently priced at £2 in the sale on the Yves Rocher UK website. The full price is £6 which I think is very overpriced especially considering the negative effects I experienced while using this product.



      - scent
      - packaging and some natural ingredients
      - lathers very well and makes my hair feel clean and smooth


      - availability and full price
      - leaves my scalp irritated, dry, tight and very flaky (this effect stops when I stop using this shampoo)

      Thank you for reading my review


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        18.02.2011 18:44
        Very helpful



        A lovely shampoo for thirsty hair

        My last 'bulk buy' order from my beloved Yves Rocher saw me trying out one of their new shampoos and conditioners (separate review to follow) so here is my review of YR Nourishing Shampoo from their Botanical Hair Range:

        I have used products from YR for over 20 years now as before I started buying my own items my mum was a customer so there was always YR products in our bathroom. I have tried many different ranges and have nearly always been pleased with the effects on my skin, but I have only used their shampoo once in the past and wasn't overly fond of how it left my hair feeling. As this was many years ago I decided to give this newest shampoo a try as it states it's suitable for nourishing dry hair without weighing it down - sounds perfect on paper doesn't it?

        The shampoo itself comes housed in a simplistic looking plastic bottle. The shape is tall, slim and cylindrical whilst the colouring is a very 'natural' dark green, but because the bottle has a slight transparency to it the appearance is a much lighter colour due to the contents being visible. There is nothing very fancy but it does have a certain appeal and if I saw it in a shop I would be tempted to pick up the bottle and at least have a look.

        This comes in one size at present which is 200 ml's and the current cost is £6. As anyone who reads my reviews will know I never pay full price with YR products as I could not afford to, and to be honest they are not worth their full RRP in my view. This is currently on a 2 for 1 offer but if interested do look on Ebay or you can order online at www.yves-rocher.co.uk.

        So what makes it so special and is it worth it's hefty price tag? According to YR this is a nourishing shampoo and is made with oats. Whilst this may not excite you as it sounds like you should be eating it instead of washing your hair with it let me assure you it's made with oat milk renowned for it's moisturising properties (in case you had visions of a lumpy porridge style shampoo this is not the case!). The shampoo itself is a thick and creamy affair that is a slightly off white in colour. The texture has a slight iridescent appearance to it and the look of it reminds me of most Pantene shampoos to be honest.
        The fragrance is very inviting to use as the sound of 'oat milk' may not sound enticing, the actual scent is a very sweet almost almond based and does smell very clean and again 'natural'.

        My experience of using the shampoo~
        This is the first time I have used this particular shampoo so was slightly hesitant as past experience with this brand of shampoos/conditioners hasn't resulted in any positive way. What attracted me to this shampoo the most was the fact the word 'nourishing' was constantly used when reading information on this and as I have hair that tends to be more on the dry side (due to colouring and heat appliances over the years) then this sounded exactly what I was looking after.

        To access the shampoo there is a flip top lid placed directly on top of the bottle. I would like to say this is an easy process to open and close but I would be sadly lying. As with most YR products they seem to make lids that are not exactly user friendly and will cause severe nail/skin damage whilst trying to open each time. Once you have managed to pries the lid open the scent of the oat milk is very noticeable; despite the hole being tiny and the shampoo still being hidden in the bottle it certainly smells very 'oaty'.

        The shampoo as mentioned reminds me of Pantene as it has the same thickness and consistency so I certainly had high expectations. I have found that a 10p sized blob seems enough to suffice to cleanse my hair and scalp on each application. I have longish hair that is way past shoulder length but find that one 'blob' of this covers my entire hair and scalp with creamy bubbles.

        The shampoo itself foams up into a mass of bubbles when introduced with water, and whilst massaging into the scalp it doesn't leave hair feeling tangled like some shampoos can so this scores points with me. Even when wet, my hair has felt moisturised and to use the words of YR it has indeed felt like it was being *nourished*.
        The shampoo rinses away with ease, and there are no bubbles left after a minute or two - again this scores highly with me as I hate rinsing my hair for ages to look down in the shower and see a mass of bubbles still flowing downwards.

        This has been used in conjunction with the matching conditioner on the majority of times I have used it, but my review is of the shampoo so I will give my opinion of how my hair felt before using the conditioner as well as after.
        On rinsing my hair before applying the matching conditioner my hair felt amazingly tangle free which is a rarity when just shampooing as far as my hair is concerned. Though the hair was still damp it felt as if it had more volume though it doesn't state that this is a 'volume shampoo'.

        After applying the conditioner as well my hair felt very soft (see separate review) and drying my hair was a very easy process. My hair felt softer and lighter, yet at the same time really did seem to have far more volume than usual and this was noticeable as though I have long hair there are a lot of shorter layers cut in which weren't 'weighed down'. I have been pleasantly surprised by how good this shampoo actually leaves my hair feeling and will definitely buy this product again - especially when offer!

        Despite the hefty price tag this shampoo really does what it promises - moisturises hair, smells great and leaves it feeling radiant so it is highly recommended by me.


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