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Yves Rocher Detangling Styling Water

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Spray

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2013 11:37
      Very helpful



      A very nice hair product from YR but a bit pricey for general use

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**
      I adore beauty products, well anything in the line of toiletries as I don't really wear make up. Because of this shall we say 'obsession' I'm continuously topping up my rather large hoard of products and in particular have a penchant for anything from the french beauty company Yves Rocher.

      Yves Rocher aren't the cheapest out there but as their products are natural and plant based they do agree with my skin and so I order from the company every few months, approximately 4 times a year and take advantage of any 2 for 1 or BOGOF deals they may have on at the time. A few months ago I ordered a shampoo from the Botanical range and when my order was sent they apologised saying the item was out of stock and not only reimbursed me but sent an alternative as a 'sorry'. The product they sent is from the same Botanical range but is a 'water detangling spray' for the hair and after using the entire contents of the bottle up my review will now discuss my thoughts on the product.

      'Detangling Styling Spray' by Yves Rocher..

      **What Yves Rocher have to say**
      "..An extra-mild styling water with a captivating floral scent that transforms hair to the touch: thicker, more supple, hair is well-groomed and easy-to-style.."

      **Price, packaging & availability**
      I wasn't sure how much this was as it was sent as a replacement 'sorry' item so I was quite surprised to see it retails at £10.50 on the Yves Rocher website, which is far more expensive than the shampoo I originally ordered was so I was really quite pleased at being sent a more expensive substitute even if I couldn't wash my hair with it!

      The product is available in one size only which is 200ml and as mentioned is part of the Botanical hair care range by Yves Rocher.

      The spray is housed in a grassy green coloured plastic bottle which is still transparent enough to see the liquid inside, and is accessible via a plastic pump spray with an easy to press nozzle which is situated on top of the bottle. Apart from a large sticker which is wrapped completely around the cylindrical shaped bottle there is little in the way of decoration as the sticker is predominantly creamy/ white with a clear logo and a small floral image. I like the packaging for this product (and the range in general) as it has a very 'clean and natural' look being quite basic and simple and isn't too overly complicated design wise.

      Availability wise this item can be purchased by either ordering from Yves Rocher's website @www.yves-rocher.co.uk, by phoning their customer care/ order line on 0870 049 22 22 or by ordering via post through their mailing leaflets - but there is normally a delivery charge with these options unless you spend over a certain amount so this is worth bearing in mind.

      Alternatively they have shops dotted around Europe as well as selected YR products being available in certain large department stores and if all else fails there is always sites such as eBay where I've found many bargains myself in the past.

      **My thoughts on using the product**
      When I received this spray in my parcel I have to admit I was quite disappointed for two reasons, firstly that it was aimed at 'long hair' and as my hair is now only shoulder length I wondered if it would be any good for my hair. The second reason being I have used so called detangling waters in the past and found them to have the opposite effect leaving my hair feeling more sticky and matted and I did debate putting this up for sale on eBay for a day or two.

      After deciding to keep it I popped it in my cupboard and promptly forgot about it for a few weeks, until remembering I had a smoothing balm in my 'stock' as my hair was feeling particularly tangled one day. I spotted this spray first and decided to give it a go and applied according to the directions which were to spray on freshly washed hair so proceeded to do so.

      The clear plastic lid that sits neatly on top of the bottle is quite tight fitting but isn't too difficult to remove and also stays in place once replaced. The brown coloured nozzle is quite large and easy to press whilst there are several tiny holes the size of pinpricks concealed in a circular opening.

      Once the nozzle is pressed the formula emits rapidly and though the product is a 'water' it's actually slightly thicker and heavier than I expected. Don't get me wrong it's still a light and watery consistency but I think I expected a more mist like product than a watery one and so once spritzed it falls quickly so needs to be aimed directly at whichever part of the hair it's being applied to.

      The 'water' is quite translucent with a subtle pinky/ beige hue to it, and has a beautiful accompanying floral fragrance which smells fresh and not remotely synthetic and once sprayed there is a delicate leafy aroma that lingers for quite a while after applying.

      I applied several spritzes of this product to my freshly washed/ conditioned towel dried hair and then proceeded to comb through with a large toothed comb to help disperse the product thoroughly. The spray felt very light on my hair and did make combing an easier job, despite my hair still being wet at the time.

      I found my hair felt softer and was definitely easier to comb whilst wet but worried it would make it feel too sticky once dried and also would it weigh it down too much? I have quite fine hair but a lot of it and if I use the wrong product it can just make my hair seem lifeless and flat which is why as a rule I tend to avoid these types of products.

      Once I started to dry my hair I could tell it felt softer and separated much easier than normal whilst the heat from my hairdryer caused the beautiful floral fragrance to intensify and my hair emitted a wonderful aroma. My hair definitely seemed softer and was certainly tangle free after using and after trial and error I've found that just a few spritzes seems to suffice my shoulder length hair rather than coating it all over.

      This detangling water has left my hair feeling very soft as well as giving it a nice sheen and as for the beautiful fragrance, well it scores top marks with me.

      The only off putting thing is of course the price as at £10.50 it's quite expensive for what it is. Having said that I've used this almost every day for several weeks - sometimes just spritzing on to my hair to refresh it - and as only a small amount has been used on each occasion then I suppose it does work out economical. If you have longer air though and use much more per application then it wont last as long obviously.

      I'd be definitely tempted to buy this in the future though only if on offer as I think it's current price is too expensive and for this reason I'm deducting a star. Performance wise on my hair and ease of use though it gets top marks from me and worth trying if you can get it cheaper.

      Tested under dermatological supervision
      Paraben-free formula.



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