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Zero Frizz Anti Frizz Defining Touch

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Brand: Zero Frizz / Type: Molding Products

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    1 Review
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      30.03.2008 19:39
      Very helpful



      Goes a little way to calming my frizz at times!

      - Price -

      Yet another one of my bargain hunting products from 'Home Bargains', priced at £1.99 for a 50ml tub. There was a label next to the product stating that the RRP is £3.99, who knows!!

      - Packaging -

      This comes in a transparent plastic box, inside of which is a tub with a screw top lid. Instantly, that was a hit for me in terms of a tub rather than a tube - less waste!

      - What does it promise? -

      ~ Perfect finishing touch to a frizz-free look.
      ~ Light, non-greasy pomade.
      ~ Allows you to sculpt your hair in any way you choose.
      ~ Instantly transforms dry, frizzy hair in to a smooth, shiny surface.
      ~ Gives maximum manageability.
      ~ Protects from styling stress.

      - What is a pomade?-

      I didn't have a clue as to what a pomade is until I looked in to it.
      A pomade is a waxy or greasy hair product which is often associated wit men's hairstyles of the 1950s.
      Pomades are usually thick and often have a greasy texture, making hair look slick and shiny!

      Sound awful, don't they but it was the idea of finally getting slick and shiny looking hair that was just too much temptation!!

      - How to use it -

      The directions are quite simple: rub a small amount in to the palm of your hands and work through damp hair from the roots to the end then comb through.

      - My experience -

      Given the frizzy nature of my hair I always look forward to trying new products that promise a frizz free look!

      ~ The smell
      I really like the smell of this, it's fresh and clean and the smell lingers on your hair for some time after using it.

      ~ The pomade
      This is a white cream which as the manufacturer's state is quite light in texture as long as you don't heap too much of it on your hand!
      I can't agree with their statement of it being non-greasy as it does definitely have a light greasy texture to it but not so much that your hair looks as if you have had it in the deep fat fryer! It does however leave your hands feeling slightly sticky after applying it to your hair.

      ~ How much to use?
      This took quite a few experimental attempts to get it just right. Initially I used too much and my hair looked quite flat, lank and needed washing the next day.
      I have eventually got the right amount for my shoulder length hair, probably about the size of a 5p coin but not heaped up.

      ~ The effectiveness of this?
      This is a hard one to comment on as I have found that it can be very hit and miss with my hair.
      Sometimes it looks as if I haven't applied any zero-frizz pomade and after blow-drying, I still look like the wild witch of the west with unruly, coarse hair.
      However, the times that it works then my hair is certainly a lot more manageable and calmer and doesn't need as much use of the straighteners. I wouldn't go so far to say that I have 'zero-frizz' but I definitely get 'reduced frizz'!
      It's strange how it is inconsistent in it's effectiveness but I would say that it makes my hair calmer and more less frizzy about 80% of the time.

      - Other Zero Frizz products -

      I haven't seen this brand in any other shops but some are available from www.folica.com
      ~ Extra strength hair serum
      ~ Quick fix instant glistening mist
      ~ Straighten out smoothing crème

      - My Verdict -

      Given that this didn't cost a great deal in comparison to some products on the market that promise frizz-free hair etc, then I am generally quite happy with this, despite the fact that it sometimes doesn't work as effectively as other times.

      Certainly not a 'zero-frizz' product but definitely calms my hair more than other more costly products that I have tried over the years!


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