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Andrew Collinge 14465 Ceramic Ionic Shine Hairdryer

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4 Reviews

Brand: Andrew Collinge / Type: Hair Dryer

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    4 Reviews
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      30.06.2012 22:29
      Very helpful
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      enables you to dry your hair quickly

      I bought this hairdryer from Boots about 3 years ago. My last hairdryer had broken and I made a quick purchase to replace it. I bought it for between £25-£30. I no longer have kept the packaging and there is no details on the actual hairdryer apart from the brand name (Andrew Collinge) so excuse the lack of packaging details. However, I will focus on what it is like to use and my experience with it.

      When deciding to purchase this hairdryer I have to admit I did not spend much time looking at the other options nor know what brand etc I was after. All I wanted was a hairdryer that was not too expensive and had a cold air option.. and this hairdryer met my criteria.

      The hairdryer stated that it was ionic (something I did not really know of before) but that it was designed to reduce the risk of damaging your hair from having too much heat on it whilst drying and that it also supposedly prevents frizzyness.

      Now I do not really have a problem with frizzy hair unless I have been out in the rain so I can't really comment on its ability to combat frizzyness as it is not something I have noticed.. but I do feel that it would not damage my hair whilst drying it as the heat does not feel too strong or hot on my head, yet works well that I do not find it lacking of heat or that it slows down the process of drying my hair. It is still a fast hair dryer that is also quite powerful and so I find that hair is dried quite easily.

      I also like that the hairdryer is not too noisy and loud when in use, I think it's just like the standard noise level for hairdryers and not unreasonably noisy. It also has a long power cord which is good as it allows me to dry my hair on the other side of my room, rather than having to stay right beside the plug socket.

      The hairdryer came with a removeable nozzle that I hardly use, I always seem to take mine off and hardly replace it as I feel it dries quicker without it on, but if blow-drying and styling your hair then the nozzle would be best.

      The two-speed heat setting is also handy as it allows you to choose the speed on the dryer. I always use the second speed setting for a faster and quicker dry. The cold air button is also just above the two-speed setting and you just need to keep your finger placed onto the button for the cold air to come out.

      Overall I do think the hairdryer is good and have given it 4/5 stars as I do like it and feel it is a powerful hairdryer. However it loses a star as I have two of these hairdryers, and one stopped working after a few months - smoke had started coming out of it and it produced a burning smell.. I had lost the receipt and so had kept it and went to look for a different hairdryer. But I did not realise I came home purchasing the exact same one!.. Although the second hair dryer is still working fine 3 years later.. I do feel that there are other, better hairdryers out on the market, and if this one breaks or starts producing a burning smell.. I will make sure I come home with a completly different one next time. On another note.. it has so far lasted 3 years, and is not an expensive hairdryer... so it has done well! I may have just been unlucky with the first one.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        30.09.2010 17:32



        worth buying for everyday use

        After using many Andrew Collinge products, I decided to try out the hairdryer too. I have curly hair that gets frizzy quite easily so I was specifically looking for a hairdryer that would minimize frizz. I do like this hairdryer a lot, as it does seem to make my hair less frizzy, and my hair does not seem to be as damaged as it has done with other hair dryers.

        My hair dryer is blue/grey although I think the black one is more popular, and can be bought for around £25-35. I think this hair dryer is worth the price as it is very reliable. I have had mine for more than five months and have never had any problems.
        I do usually use smaller hair dryers, so for size I think this one is quite big. I also think it is quite heavy, which I suppose is the only downfall I can think of, as if you use the hair dryer a lot it can be a nuisance holding for a long time.

        The hair dryer has a cold air option and a hot air option, and a medium temp option. I personally prefer the cold option, as I feel less damage is being done to my hair, and sometimes the hot option can get too hot and burn my scalp.
        There is also an option to decide the strength of the dryer. If you like a big blast then you can have it high, or if you just want a small blast to make sure your hair is definitely dry you can have it on low.

        For everyday use, I think this is a decent hair dryer. If you are looking for something for travelling or just once in a while use, I think it would be better getting a smaller and cheaper hair dryer.


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        23.09.2010 08:50
        Very helpful



        A very good hairdryer that makes my hair look great.

        I have had the Andrew Collinge 14465 200w iconic shine hairdryer for 3 months now after one I was using previously stopped working properly. I bought this dryer because not only does it have the multiple speeds and cold shot feature that was present on my old hairdryer, but it also features a ceramic grill (the same material as my straighteners) and a novel sounding ionic function which is designed to reduce the damage done to your hair whilst drying and prevent frizziness.

        I paid about £25 for this dryer from Sainsburys and for the amount of features it has I think that's a great price - you get a lot more for your money with this, I think, than with items of a similar price.

        This 2200 watt hairdryer, with it's new fangled features is designed to dry your hair quicker and ultimately cause less damage to it during the heating process. Apparently the ceramic grill helps to maintain an 'even heat distribution', and the ionic output (I have no idea how that works by the way) work together to stop the dehydration of your hair and promote soft and shiny locks.

        The hairdryer feels very large and sturdy in my hands and is attractive, being all black apart from a silver bit at the end of the nozzle. Onto this bit you can attach a small nozzle attachment which is good for giving a concentrated stream of air I've found. I tend to always use the dryer with this nozzle on. Because of the weight of the dryer (0.65kg) I can't recommend it for taking on holiday with you, as I think it's far too heavy for that, but as a household dryer it's great.

        The hairdryer has 2 speed settings and 4 different heat settings which you can adjust to give you a flexible and controlling experience. The cool shot button when pushed gives a blast of cold air and this is good for setting styles in the hair (I have used this setting on my daughter's hair after we've been playing with the curling tongs to help set the curls). The ionic feature can also be turned on or off too.

        I've found the overall results from using this to be very good, my hair feels sleek, and looks shiny, and there is definitely less frizz going on than from before I starting using this hairdryer. I can really recommend it!


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        13.09.2010 16:23
        Very helpful



        Great somewhat weighty dryer that dries quickly and frizz free

        Andrew Collinge 14465 2200w Ceramic Ionic Shine Hairdryer

        One sad day a few weeks ago my hair dryer which I had had for about ten years decided to give up blowing out hot air. Cold air just doesn't seem to have the same result in hair styling so I had a look on Amazon to see what was on offer as I had a lot of gift credit saved up from rewards earned on various survey sites that I belong to.

        I decided on this Andrew Collinge 14465 200w iconic one as the price was reasonable and it seemed to have good reviews too.

        Main features: of the dryer:
        * 2200 w hairdryer
        * Ionic function to reduce damage and prevent frizziness
        * Ceramic grill to promote shine & softness
        * 2 speed and 3 heat settings including cold shot
        * Slim concentrator for precision styling

        When the parcel arrived from Amazon I opened it with anticipation and inside the box I found, the Andrew Collinge 2200 w Ceramic Ionic Shine hairdryer, a guarantee card and the instruction booklet.

        Well what is this new hair dryer like?
        I have heard a lot about this new ionic drying as it is supposed to dry your hair more smoothly if you have a tendency to frizzy hair. My daughter bought one a couple of years ago and swears it is wonderful so I was really looking forward to testing this out.

        How does this help your hair?
        The special ceramic grill is designed to maintain an even heat distribution to avoid damage to the hair caused by too much heat. This ceramic grill combined with the ionic technology which means that the dryer sends out a continuous ionic output. This speeds up the hair drying process and so avoids the really damaging dehydration which you get when you dry your hair quickly with a hot dryer. These two elements of the ceramic grill and the ionic output combine to help prevent frizziness while also making your hair shiny and soft.

        The dryer:
        The dryer is quite heavy and comes with a plastic nozzle which is removable if you choose. It is black and quite sleek looking with a silver section at the nozzle end just before the black concentrator nozzle. I find it quite large so not really one I would choose to take on holiday but that is me, my daughter probably would. When I have been using it for a while I find my arm aches. This is particularly when drying my own hair as I hold my hands up. If drying someone else's hair this would not be as bad as I tend to do this when the other person's head is at my waist height or a bit higher.

        The dryer weighs 0.652kg and it is 27.8cm long so you can see it is quite heavy and large as I said. The electric lead is a really long 1.8m so you can almost dry your hair on the opposite side of the room.

        My smart new dryer has 4 heat settings and 2 speed settings. These give a lot more control when drying and while styling. There is also a button that gives a cool shot to help set your style in place. I do like the fact that you can select cool and lots of air or hot and lots or little air flow as it gives me a lot more choice and allows me to choose different heats and speeds depending on how dry my hair is and how I want to style it.

        The concentrator nozzle I find really handy as it directs the airflow onto a small area of the hair for fast easy styling. I find that I get the best results if I do my drying like the professionals do and rough dry my hair first. I give it a good blast dry until it is only dampish. I then get my styling brush and style my hair as I like it. This gives my hair a bit of lift and body while at the same time smoothing it and allowing me to shape it into the style I like.

        There is a button that you cab press to put the ionic output on or switch it off. There is a really bright, almost dazzling blue LED light when the ionic shine feature is on so you are very aware of when it is on or off.

        How do you find this hairdryer?
        My previous dryer was standard dryer and I was quite happy with it until it died. However I do really like the effect that this new ionic output tourmaline ceramic grilled dryer gives my hair. My hair is definitely less frizzy and stays in the style I put it in but with a lightness and softness that my previous dryer did not. It is not too noisy considering how powerful it is and it does dry my hair really quickly and leaves it undamaged and frizz free.

        I bought mine from Amazon at £27.91 but I have since seen it on the Sainsbury website for £24.50.I didn't really look around as I had so many Amazon vouchers I wanted to choose one from there as for me it was free using my vouchers.

        I am not sure how this compares with other ionic hairdryers with tourmaline-ceramic grill as I have really only used this one. I have however noticed that it does leave my hair much smoother and with a bit of body but no frizz. My hair is usually quite frizzy and has considerable curl and is quite course so anything that helps to make it softer and smoother gets my vote.

        I've taken one star off for the weight of the dryer as i do find it heavy
        Thanks for reading and hope this has been of some interest/help. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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