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Babyliss 5137U Eco Dryer

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4 Reviews

Brand: Babyliss / Hair Care Type: Hairdryers

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    4 Reviews
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      02.03.2012 12:41



      Weak power - Average results

      I bought this "eco" hairdryer purely because it was said to save energy. I also thought that it looked quite cool. The hairdryer came boxed and it was packaged well. The hairdryer has just half the energy of average hairdryers with it's 1000W "power" and eco air system. Is it any good though?

      I have used this hairdryer with and without the concentrator nozzle. Unfortunately the hairdryer doesn't really do much without the nozzle so I have the nozzle fitted at all times. The hairdryer has a great design and it's easy to use. It's a reliable product and mine hasn't broke or bailed out on me in the six months that I have had it. Unfortunately you can tell instantly that it doesn't have much power. The air coming out of the dryer is quite cold and it doesn't have much warmth. This means that you have to spend a great deal longer drying your hair which doesn't really go with the "eco friendly" message does it? How can you possibly save energy when this takes DOUBLE the amount of time to dry your hair compared to a "normal" hairdryer?

      The hairdryer is gentle though, due to it's weak power, so it would be ideal to use on dry and/ or damaged hair. Also, the hairdryer has ionic conditioning which means that it reduces frizz and static. I can't say that i've seen much of a difference with this "Ionic Conditioning" and my hair still needs straightening after using this hairdryer.

      Average - It doesn't save you energy in the long run!


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      27.04.2011 21:56
      Very helpful



      A nice small hairdryer, though it's a shame I got a faulty one!

      I bought the Babyliss Eco Dry partly for the looks, and partly because it's advertised as being eco friendly. It's an attractive design compared to most hairdryers, which often look industrial and are usually dark in colour, and Babyliss's claim that using it for 10 minutes will save enough energy to make 7 cups of tea intrigued me (I really like cups of tea). At £14.99 with free delivery from John Lewis, it was also very reasonably priced.

      My first experience of using it was very disappointing. There was a loud crack, a burning smell, then nothing. I emailed John Lewis who posted a new one out to me straight away, which made me wonder whether this was a known problem, but perhaps it was just extremely good customer service.

      Since then, however, I've had no real problems. Babyliss claims that it dries your hair just as quickly as 2000W driers using only half the energy, which I'm not sure about, I think it takes a little bit longer. The air it blasts out is noticeably cooler than a normal hairdryer's, making it less pleasant to use on a cold morning, but if it saves on electricity that's worth it.

      It's as small as a travelling hairdryer, though lacking the folding handle, and lightweight, so I've used it when travelling within the UK, which is handy. It also comes with a concentrator nozzle, which I've never used, and has ionic conditioning, which I've never noticed!

      I noticed today that the filter was looking a bit clogged with hair, and realised that there's no way to get to it, which is irritating as I don't think this is standard on hairdryers. If not being able to clean the filter causes the hairdyer to malfunction and I have to buy a new one, surely any eco benefits are lost.


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      19.06.2009 19:57
      Very helpful



      A decent hairdryer at a good price.

      I don't blow dry my hair often, but after years of borrowing Mum's hairdryer I decided to get my own. As I don't use one often I didn't want to spend a great deal of cash, so that was one factor in my decision. Another factor was that a friend had been given this hairdryer for Christmas and she heartily recommended it.

      So I went out and bought the BaByliss 5137U Eco Dryer from Argos for £18.59.

      What the box says...

      1/2 the energy - dries as fast as 2000W dryers with only half the energy.

      Ionic conditioning for no frizz smoothness.

      2 heat/speed settings.

      Cool Shot to set your style.

      Lightweight for ease of use.

      Slim concentrator nozzle.

      3 year guarantee.

      What I say...

      To be honest, I haven't a clue if this hairdryer really does use half the energy, but it certainly dries my hair. My hair likes to hold moisture, so can sometimes take a while to dry. However, this hairdryer does a good job and it doesn't take me any longer to dry my hair with this dryer than it does with any other.

      My hair can get a bit frizzy (naturally), but I haven't noticed any extra frizzing when using this hairdryer (as some dryers can cause frizziness due to the heat), so I guess it does it's job with the "ionic conditioning" (whatever that is!).

      Regarding the 2 heat/speed settings - I only use the one and that's the 1st one, I find it hot and fast enough. When I first turned on the hairdryer, I thought the heat was too hot on the 1st setting, however it settled down pretty quickly.

      I haven't really got a need for the "Cool Shot" function as my hair generally gets tied up for most of the day, but I have tried it and the hairdryer certainly does blow out cool air quite quickly.

      The BaByliss Eco Dryer is lightweight, certainly compared to Mum's old hairdryer, and is easy to hold up for long enough to dry my hair (as my arms can tire quickly).

      I find the slim concentrator nozzle useful. I keep it attached to the hairdryer and find it directs the air to exactly where I want it to go.. and that's on my hair!

      Apparently, by using the BaByliss Eco Dryer you can save enough energy everyday to make 7 cups of tea or 11 slices of toast. I don't drink tea or eat much toast, or use my hairdryer every day... So I guess I won't be doing a lot of energy saving with this! Still, it's a good way to sell something these days. However, despite this being an "Eco" hairdryer, the packaging leaves something to be desired... They've gone with the natural look, which is fine with me, it's just a cardboard box with a label stuck around it. But when you open the box and look inside you find that the hairdryer and it's bits & bobs are wrapped in plastic. Why? Why can't they just be put in the cardboard box?!

      So would I recommend the BaByliss 5137U Eco Dryer? Definitely, yes! It's an affordable hairdryer with aims of energy saving and it does it's job.

      As I said earlier, I bought mine from Argos for £18.59, but it can be found in Boots and on Amazon for a similar price, as well as other shops.


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        30.12.2008 11:33
        Very helpful



        A good basic hairdryer that will hopefully prove its green credentials.

        For Christmas this year I asked my husband to buy me a new hairdryer. Well after all he did use my last one to defrost the freezer and blew up the motor. Basically I searched for a dryer found it in the Argos catalogue gave him the details and sent him to buy it. When it comes to hairstyling I have very basic requirements, my hair is cut in a bob shape and needs very little actual styling. However I have very thick hair that retains the water when I wash it so I need a decent hairdryer with a good strong blow.

        My previous dryer was a 1200w dryer so I was looking for something similar or perhaps a bit stronger. I looked through various Internet sites, read some reviews on Dooyoo and finally settled on a BaByliss Eco Dryer, powerful but yet green.

        What's different about this dryer?
        Well basically it claims to be "greener" by giving the equivalent of 2000w but from a 1000w dryer, a bit like the low energy bulbs. The blurb states:

        "Incredibly light and powerful
        Eco-AirTM technology encompasses an advanced heater and fan design that rebalances the heat and airflow, producing a drying rate as fast as the top 2000W hairdryers but with only half the energy consumption
        Ionic conditioning for frizz-free shine
        Two heat / speed settings plus cool shot
        Slim concentrator nozzle for straight smooth drying
        Eco-friendly packaging"

        The performance
        Well as stated in the blurb it does come in eco-packaging, and I am glad to say just the right amount basically a box that the dryer fits in, not too large a box that it requires lots of polystyrene inserts to keep it in place, it is held in a plastic bag but again not a really large one just big enough, there is one information leaflet contained and the dryer and nozzle, that's all. The dryer itself is very basic, it has 2 speed settings and a button to press for a blast of cooler air. There is an attachable nozzle to help direct the airflow, not a very large nozzle but functional. I have found that the dryer itself does give a good strong blast of hot air, not sure what the ionic conditioning is but my hair did not feel overly dry or frizzy after drying. I have used the dryer a few times with no problems and consistent results. My hair has dried in the style that I want it and is manageable after drying. I do use the nozzle and it does help direct the air onto the hair for straight styling.

        The dryer itself is quite pretty, it is white with green trims, it is quite a small dryer reminds me a bit of a travel hairdryer, except the handle doesn't fold down. It is fairly lightweight, so your wrist doesn't get really sore when using it. The product claims to use less energy than a 2000w dryer but still give the same performance, for me anything that helps keep my electricity bills down is a good thing. So far I have not had any of the burning hair smell that you sometimes get with dryers, it does not get too hot when holding it. It does take quite a while to dry my hair and so far it has not got too hot when I have used it. Obviously time will tell as to whether or not it lasts well but so far I am hopeful.

        Even though this was a present it cost £19.54 in Argos and is available from other stores such as Boots and Amazon. More information on the product and other BaByliss products can be found at www.babyliss.co.uk

        This is a dryer I would definitely recommend, it seems to do what it says, although I can't prove the lower energy claims but as a dryer it works well and is reasonably priced.

        I have only given 4 stars because time will tell on reliability.


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      • Product Details

        By using the unique eco-air system, the Babyliss Eco Dry hair dryer is capable of drying hair as fast as today's 2000w dryers with only half the energy consuption. The advanced heater and airflow design make this dryer the most efficient to date and independent laboratory tests show drying is equal to or better than the well known 2000w dryers used in testing. As well as this, the ionic technology used leaves your hair smooth & conditioned!

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