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Babyliss 5560DU Elegance

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7 Reviews

Brand: Babyliss / Power: 2100W / Type: Hair Dryer / Features: 3 heat and 2 speed settings

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    7 Reviews
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      04.08.2013 17:53
      Very helpful
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      A great retro looking hairdryer that dries my hair quickly and easily

      I had this Babyliss Elegance 5560DU as a Christmas present three years ago from my husband and have used it ever since. I wash my hair every other day so I have certainly had a lot of use out of the dryer and my children also use it when they come to stay.

      The dryer itself is a dark purple colour and has a shiny plastic cover, I would say that it looks a bit retro and seventies looking which is a look that I love. There are the words Babyliss Elegance on the side in silver and it has a silver trim around the nozzle, the switches and a flash going round the sides and rear of the dryer. There are two switches, the top one is for heat and has three settings, cool, medium and hot. The lower switch is the power button and also the power settings and has two settings, medium and fast. Maybe I am a creature of habit but I have never used anything other than the medium power setting and the medium heat. My hair is quite short so it does dry very quickly. It is very rare that I will use a brush and simply use my left hand to dry my hair, pulling it up to get the heat to the roots. I suppose I am lucky that my hair has quite a bit of body and is very easy to style in this way.

      The cord is fitted into a casing and a sort of ball and socket at the bottom of the dryer which makes it easy to twist round and use at all angles without the cord becoming tangled or twisted. I would say that the cord is about 2 metres which is plenty long enough for me as I use it in the spare bedroom where the plug is underneath the mirror. There is also a cool shot button at the front of the dryer but I have never used this. I would say that the dryer is medium in size and weight and is easy and comfortable to hold.

      It has 2100 watts of power and does feel quite powerful and it certainly dries my hair quickly. There is a nozzle which attaches to the front which gives you a more directed heat but I have never used this and it is still in the plastic packet in my drawer. To me it isn't particularly noisy and is a similar volume to other hairdryers I have had.

      STOP PRESS: As with previous items I have reviewed I have just found out something else new while I am looking closely at the item I am reviewing! At the back on the top of the dryer is a button which you press and the back hinges open. When I opened it I found a copious amount of fluff which has obviously been building up for some time and I brushed it off with an old make up brush. I had not been having any trouble with the dryer but maybe if I had let it continue to build up I may have had problems.

      I have made a mental note to myself to read the instructions when I buy something new and don't just stick them in a basket in the utility room as I am obviously missing details about the products that I own, although too much technical information to me is just 'white noise' and I don't understand and am not really interested, but I maybe need to start to read basic instructions!

      This dryer has a 3 year guarantee and Ionic technology enhances hair condition and eliminates frizz for glossy shine which doesn't mean that much to me. All I know is that it dries my hair quickly and efficiently and has never let me down and I am sure still has a good many years use out of it.

      I have asked my husband how much he paid and he seems to think it was about £35. I have looked online and Amazon are currently selling it for £28.99.


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        03.01.2012 12:51
        Very helpful
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        A fantastic hairdryer that is as good as it looks

        When my last hairdryer started struggling to output any air and smelled of smoke when you turned it on, I figured it was time to invest in a new one. There were lots of electrical beauty offers on before xmas but I came across this one at a bargain price; not only does it work well, but it also looks stunning and doesn't smell like a bonfire when you turn it on!

        The Babyliss Elegance is a newer hairdryer to the market, as far as I'm aware, and offers a high quality product at a reasonable price. Two things caught my attention when I came across this. The first was the price, because I found it on sale for a bargain £12 on Amazon. The second was how pretty it was. It comes in different colours (perhaps blue) but I bought the dark purple one. It looks quite compact, though not to the extent of it being a mini travel hairdryer. It has a sleek design and although it's plastic, it doesn't feel too plastic-y. Luckily, the purple is quite dark but it has a shine to it when it catches the light, so this helps make it look more 'elegant' and sophisticated rather than tacky.

        This is described as being a '2100W salon quality hair dryer with high torque motor for 2x the air pressure' and specially designed 'ionic technology enhances hair condition and eliminates frizz for glossy shine'. The 'slim style concentrator nozzle' can be detatched, but it does help to focus the heat and air pressure to creature your style, I just find hairdryers easier to use without them because I've got little arms and like to be able to hold the hairdryer at a safe distance from my head! Just the little blurb makes it sound quite professional and good quality, which is what I'd like to expect from a respectable and popular brand like Babyliss.

        This has 3 heat settings so you can vary how much heat you want to expose you hair to, along with two speed settings so you can decide if you want a gentle breeze or gale force winds through your locks. It also has a cool shot function to set style (though I never seem to use this button and wonder if it actually works...). There are smooth airflow vents and an easy-to-open filter at the back for ease of cleaning, which also means I haven't noticed it get too hot.

        I find this hairdryer really easy to use because it's quite compact, yet the directed stream of heat/air is powerful enough to add some oomph to your hair. The settings are easy to change on the handle and the hairdryer is easy to hold, with a twistable cord to make manoeuvring it whilst style your hair that bit easier. I can't really comment on whether or not the 'ion' technology works, but my hair does seem to dry really well with this, resulting in smoother hair that does appear a little bit shinier and less frizzy. I won't say it's a miracle worker, but it definitely does something good to some extent, and definitely nothing negative, to my hair.

        This comes with an instruction guide and also a 3 year guarantee, which is always good to have 'just in case'. So far I've only been using this for just over a month but so far, so good. It works well, seems reliable and robust enough despite it's pretty appearance. The only downside I have found with this is that it has quite a short cable, which is unfortunate when your plug socket isn't close enough to the mirror and you need more cable! However, I find this to be a very minor thing, but I thought I'd mention it any way as it did surprise me a little at first.

        Overall, it's a gorgeous little hairdryer that both looks and performs professionally and effectively.

        RRP £28, currently selling on Amazon for £23.75


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          02.01.2012 13:45
          Very helpful



          A great hairdryer that I am really glad I own!

          Usually when it comes to Christmas shopping I do my shopping on the high street. However this year it was rather different for me. Suffering with M.E for a good couple of months before Christmas it left me exhausted and worried about making it around the shops and no matter of my good intentions of doing it all and promising myself that I'd be well enough to do it tomorow..... tomorrow never came!

          Then suddenly I was struck down with a virus which my mate gave to me which meant I had flu like symptoms and pains all over my body. I was constantly sick and full of migraine and with only a few days till Christmas day and knowing that I also had to go to my parents which is well over 180 miles away (luckily I was being picked up!) I had to get a wriggle on or be empty handed which would never do!

          In the end Amazon and catalogue shopping was my saviour and although I felt that a lot of my gifts lacked the more personal touch that I gave to them usually it did mean I got better quality presents with me thinking more about my purchases for a change.

          This I ordered from my Freemans catalogue when I was placing an order for a few bits and pieces for my parents. It was on special offer and one I was offered after placing my normal order with the option of taking a look at it and sending it back if I didn't want it. Well put on the spot I ordered it and thought it would make an ideal present for my best mate as only £22.00 as that seemed a good deal to me for a Babyliss hairdryer even though I hadn't seen it. That night I questioned my mate discreetly about whether she needed a new hairdryer and to my dismay she didn't so in my mind it was going back!

          However when it arrived and I looked at the box I really liked the sleek look of it and the colour and although I also didn't need a new hairdryer as I have a rather brilliant Tony & Guy one I decided that now it was here I couldn't be bothered to send it back and besides a back up wasn't a bad idea anyway!

          The Packaging:

          The hairdryer came in a nice large white box with photographs of the hairdryer all over it and the spec and contact details for Babyliss clearly stated on it. Inside the box you get the hairdryer with the plug on wrapped in clear plastic which is easy to pull off and discard and then the attachment nozzle is separately wrapped and you get a white pamphlet telling us a bit about the product and how to use it etc.

          The Hairdryer itself:

          Well the hairdryer itself is a very nice bit of kit indeed and very easy on the eyes and this is the main reason when I saw the photographs on the box that I kept it to be honest! Its purple in colour and plastic and shiny with a silver finish in places and on one side of it we are told in nice writing that it is indeed Babyliss Elegance.

          The hairdryer is surprisingly light to hold, the handle has a cool shot setting you can keep your finger on and then on the other side of the handle there is small and easy to use control panel which is still purple in colour with a classy marble effect to it and two black slider switchers, the top one giving us thee heat settings and the off to the centre of it and below that the two power settings with the off to the middle of that as well.

          This can be used with or without the styling nozzle which is plastic and is meant to help get smoother and sleeker styles though without the nozzle on you can dry hair faster as the air from the hairdryer pushes out further sort of thing though I do find that I get a messier finish to my hair lol.

          Now this has a 2100W motor to it which is apparently 'High torque' for 2x the air pressure and has
          Ionic technology which is meant to enhance hair condition and eliminates frizz for glossy shine but does it?

          Well I know nothing about motors but I do know that this is a mighty fine hairdryer which looks amazing too! However this isn't all about appearances, I mean who wants a crap but nice looking hairdryer when we come to think about it girls? lol.

          This is not a too noisy a hairdryer, the cool shot button gives us almost a true cool shot (a slight warmness does come out of this but not too much to be fair to it), the three heat settings really do go from cool to hot at the slide of the button, its easy to handle and even has a hinged filter to the back of it which is easy to open, clean and replace with no messing about at all. Whats even better is that you do get a three year guarantee with this item and lets face it they wouldn't give us this if they wasn't confident we'd love it!

          All in all although I didn't 'need' this hairdryer but I am really glad I kept it. Its a pleasure to use, functional and because its lightweight I can be bothered to style my hair with a brush and it does give my hair a silky and shiny and less frizzy appearance. For someone like me with a lack of upper body strength from my M.E this is a time and energy saver and means I can use it with ease and so Babyliss you get top marks and me from me!

          Widely available. google if interested this is available on Amazon.

          This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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            10.11.2011 20:38
            Very helpful



            It might be elegant but it takes up too much time.

            I picked up this hairdryer around about a year ago now from my local boots store. I had been using a pretty basic hairdryer before this that I was happy with but unfortunately one day it decided it didn't want to work anymore. As I scanned the hairdryer brands and styles on offer this one stood out to me for no other reason than its colour. Purple being my favourite colour, I instantly loved the design and as the name suggests it did look very elegant (not that this is really important when it comes to a hairdryer but you know us girls!). I took a bit of time to read the back of the box which told me about the features and decided that this was the one.

            -- 2100W salon quality hair dryer with high torque motor for 2x air pressure.
            -- Ionic technology designed to enhance hair condition and eliminate frizz for glossy shine.
            -- 3 heat and 2 speed settings plus cool shot to set your style.
            -- Slim salon style concentrator nozzle with smooth airflow vents.

            These features sound fantastic, but i'm afraid for me they didn't present themselves in reality. I have rather thick hair so when buying a hairdryer I specifically look for a higher wattage. I thought that with 2100W this hairdryer would be powerful enough to dry my hair in a reasonable amount of time. I was left dissapointed when I found that it seemed to take me longer to dry my hair with this hairdryer than it did with my basic hairdryer of the same watts. When I first put the hairdryer on it didn't sound very fast and worryingly this was on the highest speed. As for the Ionic technology, it didn't seem to do anything different to my hair that the basic hairdryer didnt. I saw no difference in the condition of my hair or a glossy shine. Dissapointing to say the least. I'm not a fan of the thin nozzle, it only resulted in taking even longer to dry my hair.

            I think this hairdryer is a no no for people like myself with thick hair, however if you have thinner hair you might find it works fine for you.

            This hairdryer has an RRP of £28 which personally I don't feel its worth. However it is currently on offer for £17.29 on Amazon.


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              06.07.2011 15:26
              Very helpful



              A great hairdryer - worth every penny!

              I tend not to review 'technical' things, although I do like a challenge, and so today I will be reviewing something quite technical! Today, I will be reviewing my hairdryer.

              To look at the hairdryer is very attractive and I think that it looks very professional. It is purple in colour and quite chunky looking. I love the design of this hairdryer, it's very girlie and professional looking.

              ~ * Features * ~

              * 2100W
              * High torque motor for 2x the air pressure
              * Ionic technology for condition and shine
              * Heat-balancing ceramic technology
              * 3 heat / 2 speed settings plus cool shot
              * Hinged rear filter for easy cleaning
              * Slim concentrator nozzle with smooth airflow vents
              * No tangle swivel cord
              * 3 year guarantee

              I received this hairdryer for Christmas last year. The funny thing is, is that I received two; one off my mum and one from another relative (who obviously didn't know what the other was buying!) So it is obviously a popular choice.

              Now when I receive something 'technical', I'm someone who is quite impatient when it comes to reading instructions. So once I had washed my hair, I got this hairdryer out of the box and began using it without looking at the instructions (and so I didn't know anything about the hairdryer itself).

              After drying my hair, I was really impressed by how well my hair looked. It looked really shiny and had some volume. My hair is how I would describe as a bit 'unmanegable' as it does like to do its own thing. Yet this hairdryer gave my hair some 'oomph', yet rather than make my uncontrollable hair worse it actually gave it 'ooomph', yet managed to tidy it up at the same time without making my hair frizzy. It also made my hair feel really really soft; so soft that I kept wanting to touch my hair all the time. I was impressed! This is one hairdryer I thought to myself.

              It wasn't until a couple of days later when I was throwing out the box that I noticed all the information about it on the box. It features a range of 'handy' things although what stood out the most for me was the 'ionic technology for condition and shine'; which basically makes your hair look good yet it doesn't burn your hair either like a lot of hairdryers - good news for someone who likes to use their straighteners a lot!

              I have been using this hairdryer ever since, and come to think of it, I am impressed that it has lasted so long (around seven months). Normally I am lucky to get a hairdryer that lasts about six months, as I use it daily, and my mum also uses this hairdryer too; so it does have a lot of use. It must be a good hairdryer though to come with a 3 year guarantee.

              Whilst the hairdryer looks quite chunky and expensive, it is actually very light despite it being quite 'big'. It dries my hair in around 8-10 minutes (I don't like to towel-dry my hair first as recommended as I find it makes my hair soo much more frizzy and makes my split ends worse), and so I think that this is a good amount of time.

              I like the fact that there are three temperatures on here. In the information booklet that came with the hairdryer it says that the heat settings are for styling as well as drying. Although, I don't really do much styling with my hair (only straightening it and that is it really). Although, I like to use the different settings as so: for example, in the winter when it is freezing cold and you have just got out of the bath, it is nice to have the hairdryer on the highest heat. In the summer or when you are hot after getting out of the bath, it is nice to have the cooler settings.

              I also like the different speed settings. There are two options 'high' and 'low'. I always use the 'high' one for drying my hair, although the 'low' one is handy when I want to dry my nails after painting them. The hairdryer is quite powerful and certainly has plenty of 'oomph' in it which is good.

              The 'cool shot button' is also very handy as you don't have to look where it is, you can just press it when you need a blast of cold air. Although if you want to change the actual settings, you have to find the right button on the settings, and so it is easier just to press this cool shot button.

              The hairdryer also comes with a 'nozzle' although I never use this. To be honest I don't really know how to use it properly and so I just don't use it.

              All in all, I find the hairdryer to be fantastic and it is so easy to use! I would definetely recommend this hairdryer! It has a nice comfortable handle

              I usually sit by my dressing table when I dry my hair (which has a plug by it) and so I think that the lead is long enough - plenty of room to move it this way and that way. Although, if you are not really close to the plug the lead is quite short and doesn't allow you to move around so much (if that makes sense). So I would say that you would have to be right by a plug to find the lead to be 'long enough'.

              Whats great is that whilst it obviously makes some noise, it isn't as noisy as other hairdryers I have used; put it this way, I can still hear the television when I'm using this hairdryer.

              This hairdryer is currently selling for £19.00 at Amazon which I would consider to good value for money. I have seen it selling for around £35 in Boots though which I do consider to be very expensive for a hairdryer. Although as I have tried it without buying it myself, I would say that it is a fantastic hairdryer and well worth every penny!

              Thanks for reading!
              June 2011
              xd-o-n-z-x (also posted under xdonzx on ciao)


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              01.03.2011 18:08
              Very helpful



              If you don't want anything too elegant, buy it

              In November, my old hairdrier decided to die on me. I hinted to everyone left, right and center to buy me a new one for Xmas. My mum must have taken the hint, because on Xmas morning I unwrapped this Babyliss Elegance hairdrier.

              The Babyliss Elegance hairdrier comes in a square cardboard box. The box is black with a picture of the hairdrier on the front. Inside the box is the hairdrier and a little manual on how to use it.

              This hairdrier is an 'ion' drier, which means that the air that blows out of it doesn't damage your hair as much as a normal hairdrier, it keeps it smooth.
              It is dark purple in colour and mainly made of a strong plastic. The lead is quite long, with the ability to twist around at the top to prevent tangling.
              There is a removable head at the front, and the ability to remove the back of the hairdrier also.

              There are 3 heat settings - Cool, Medium, Hot, and 3 speed settings - Off, Medium, Fast. There is also a seperate button underneath the nozzle which blasts out cold air when you hold your finger on it. People usually use this button at the end of drying their hair, to fix the style. It is quite noisy when switched on, but pleasantly lightweight to hold.

              My hair is thin and it dried at the same amount of time as any other normal hairdrier. I do not notice any change or improvement in the condition of my hair after using this.

              The Babyliss Elegance is approx £29.00 in all good Boots stores. I would always recommend doing a quick search on the internet for possible discounts/ lower prices.


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              23.01.2011 19:10
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A good dryer from Babyliss - but test run it first if you are left handed

              Hairdryers are things I have long taken for granted. I don't blow dry my hair every time I wash it, and my daughter still prefers to dry her hair naturally and then straighten it, so they don't get used heavily in my house, but I couldn't imagine not having one to deal with having to get ready in a hurry or to style my hair.

              I have for a long time favoured the Babyliss brand for hairdryers. I think part of this is due to the fact my sister owns a Babyliss and it's still going strong 25 years after she bought it - and she uses her hairdryer on an almost daily basis.

              I decided recently to buy a new dryer as I wanted to get an ionic one as I really noticed the difference when my hairdresser used one to dry my hair. It wasn't one of those "must buys" however - well not until I was in Boots just before Christmas and saw the Babyliss 5560DU Elegance dryer on offer for £18.65 - and I had just enough points on my Advantage card to get it for nothing.

              ~~The Look~~

              I must be completely frank here - apart from the fact this dryer is ionic, what I love most about it is the way it looks.

              The design is very retro in style - in fact I get the impression that the designer saw a 1950s Cadillac driving past and was influenced enough by the lines on the car to add some of those sleek lines to the design for the dryer - throwing in just a touch of the "oversized" too.

              The dryer is purple - another great plus for me as I love the colour - and has a metallic trim around the nozzle and at the rear. There is an animal print inset at the rear too, which put me briefly in mind of the Corioliss straighteners my hairdresser has been raving about recently.

              The dryer is made from semi transparent plastic and I have to say that's probably the only thing I dislike about the appearance of the dryer - from a distance it looks really cool but up close and it looks a bit cheap due to the plastic. The fact Babyliss call the colour "metallic purple" is a bit of a fib - "plastic purple" would have been a bit closer to the mark.

              ~~Using the Dryer~~

              This is a fairly straightforward hairdryer to use, and certainly the controls are no different to my old Babyliss dryer.

              There are two control buttons - one for heat and one for speed. Each of these buttons has three settings - the heat setting has cool, medium and hot and the speed button also acts as the power on switch so you have off, medium or fast.

              There is also a "cool shot" button which is recommended for styling hair as it apparently helps hold a style but confusingly you have to ensure this isn't pressed in to work but pressed out.

              Although I have complained about the plastic outer of this dryer, it does at least mean it's not a particularly heavy dryer, coming at just 800 grams, making this an easy dryer to use if it's going to take a while to style your hair.

              ~~My Thoughts~~

              What I like best about this dryer is the combination of stylish appearance and the fact it actually cuts the mustard drying my hair.

              Compared to my last Babyliss, this drys my hair without making my fine, flyaway hair look frizzed and unruly - the ions really do help dry my hair smooth. The nozzle is excellent for ensuring airflow is targeted at a specific area when blow drying. Unfortunately the nozzle is a bit stiff to get on and off but at least that stops it falling off inadvertently.

              The controls for the dryer are located on the left hand side of the handle, which I find easy enough to use. Unfortunately my daughter is left handed and when I asked her to try using it she complained that it wasn't very easy for her to switch on and off. This is a bit of a design flaw in my opinion - it would have been more sensible to have the control switches on the inside of the handle which would have made it far easier for anyone to use - not just right handers.

              Compared to my old Babyliss this one is much noisier. This is probably down to the fact this is a more powerful dryer, with 2100 watts of power emanating from it to be precise. Now a noisy dryer doesn't really bother me but unfortunately my daughter has a pathological dislike of hairdryer noise which makes it even more difficult for me to get her near this dryer if her hair is wet.

              The dryer also has a ball holder at the bottom of the dryer for the cable, enabling you to move the dryer about without the cable becoming tangled. The dryer doesn't have the longest cable I have ever seen - it's 2 metres - but that's been perfectly adequate for me.

              My hair is quite fine so I haven't had to use this on the highest setting much at all, although I have tried it to help hurry along drying my daughter's thick hair to great effect - despite her protests about the noise.

              One innovation I particularly like about this dryer is the hinged rear filter cover. For years I have found cleaning a hairdryer an irritating chore but it's a piece of cake to clean this one - just unplug from the mains, open the filter cover and remove dirt and debris for easy maintenance.

              ~~In Conclusion~~

              Overall I have been very impressed with the Babyliss Elegance 5560DU dryer - in spite of the flaws. It looks good and works well - particularly in producing smoother hair thanks to the ions. It is easy to use because it is light and easy to maintain too.

              The dryer also looks really good, although I am dubious about how strong the plastic casing would be if the dryer were to be dropped on to a hard floor. There is no denying that the dryer looks better from a distance than up close and personal but then again that's the pay off I suppose for a lightweight dryer. There is no denying this is a noisy dryer too.

              So if you are looking for a new hairdryer which looks good and offers good results the Babyliss Elegance 5560DU could be the one for you - although if you are left handed I would suggest a trial run with it first.


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